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Meet Atlanta’s most unlikely heroes, the Boot Girls. Masked vigilantes by day, sugar babies by night, the Boot Girls zip around town armed with plastic ghost keys, taking parking boots off your car for a small fee. A welcome service for a parking enforcement industry that’s been described as “predatory” by residents, city officials, and even state senators. Here’s how it works: private companies patrol garages, booting cars for what—at times—seems like minor infractions. Parking anywhere can feel like a game of financial roulette, since boot companies charge $75 to unlock your car, and that doubles each subsequent day. In this VICE profile, we embed with the Boot Girls, documenting their rise from hustlers to patron saints of Atlanta's parking lots.

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Shoe Palace has partnered with New Balance for a fiery release that captures the essence of volcanoes through the iconic New Balance 2002R silhouette. This unique “Two Pack” collaboration is inspired by the destructive yet formative nature of volcanic eruptions while embodying lessons of adaptability, ingenuity, and sustainability within its designs.

The first pair, representing air and the ethereal aspects of an eruption, features a blue colorway. It utilizes a spaced-out open mesh, enhancing the theme of air and openness. This second silhouette draws inspiration from the solidification of lava into land and boasts fitting earthy brown hues with a tighter mesh structure that symbolizes stability and foundation.

Both pairs are constructed from luxurious materials including smooth cow suede and hairy suedes, ensuring comfort and durability. Reflective “N” logos add a touch of flair on both the medial and lateral sides, sitting atop Angora white midsoles that provide a clean contrast. Completing the thematic design, each pair includes extra laces and custom insoles that visually echo their volcanic inspirations.

This release will be available exclusively at Shoe Palace stores and on their website starting April 26, priced at $150 USD.

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In collaboration with Division Street, Nike whipped up an Air Max 1 “University of Oregon” PE to further encapsulate the spirit of Air Max Day. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the student-athletes of the University of Oregon.

Shelves both on and offline are currently flooded with new and old Air Max colorways and variations, but who’s to complain, when the iconic silhouette just does it. This current rendition gives off a slightly similar makeup to, the Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Safari,” originally released in 2002, which opted for a Mandarin duck palette.

Following the hues of a Mallard Drake, the upper shoe is constructed with earthy tones like that of duck feathers shaped in various materials from suede to perforated leather and canvas. To give it a more playful feel, animal patterns are stitched above the toe box, around the lace eyelets and capping off the heel. The main and mini Swooshes are done up in sleek Navy complementing the iridescent olive green details. Completing the design are the words “Once a duck, always a duck” embroidered on the mid-heel. A pair comes with three laces in off-white, green, and yellow neatly packaged in a neon green box.

The Nike Air Max 1 “University of Oregon” PE is exclusively available on GOAT.

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This started as a post to help you match your fresh with Unc. It really was. Guess I will save that for the next post. I went to Polo and fell in love with some pieces so let's look at them. Trust and believe you will be getting the mid-40s look from me soon. Yes, he was fresh. 

Classic Fit Mesh Graphic Polo Shirt

When you talk about love, this is what it looks like. I pulled out my card so fast when I saw this. I forgot why I was even there after seeing this. 

Classic Fit Terry Graphic Polo Shirt

These polos really remind me of the ones I would make in High School. I would get some fabric paint and go crazy. The only problem with the ones I made was they were heavy. Really heavy. Due to the heaviness, it did make for a great hang on the clothes. 

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Now I don't think too much about the groundhog and how they know what he sees but what I do know is this. Spring is about to slide in and that means the stores need to slide these jackets out. So this is the time that I love. Sales. I grabbed three today. 

Men's Hybrid Down Jacket from Polo

I love jackets that make it look like it's so cold outside but really I just live in Georgia and I'm just being extra. 

I can never have too many blue jackets. It's my favorite color and it opens the door for so many things to be done with the pants and shoes. Take the blue jeans and bring them higher on the color template.  

Men's Logo-Badge Quilted Bomber Jacket from Hugo Boss

Is it me or is the jacket in the photo looking a little used? Like they had been using it then remembered that they had to do a shoot for the jacket. Brought this off the look of the model's jacket.

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All I wanted to do for my birthday was visit this museum. I was blown away by what I saw inside.  

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Who’s Vince Staples? Well, that’s a tricky question. He’s kind of famous, but he’s not. He’s kind of rich, but he’s not. He’s also kind of a criminal. But he’s…not? Follow him on his daily adventures, where anything that can go wrong usually does. The Vince Staples Show debuts on February 15 on Netflix.

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Beyoncé Official Renaissance World Tour Merch Disco Cowboy Hat T-Shirt

Welcome to 2024. I hope you enjoy your stay. I spend the evening before the ball drops falling in and out of sleep. It was a long day for me. I saw that ball drop. I didn't get to see Megan tho. The clock hit 12 and I hit the bed by 12:03. 

I was writing down things I want to do this year and I'm sure (not) buying clothes was not on that list I wrote. If it was, oops. 

Not really sure about the reason why Beyonce dropped the prices but all the merch from the tour is half off. Go get some. 

This is all I got cause I hate the big picture on the back style. Die, I say, die. Let's style this now. 

No matter the ear of fashion. Cargo pants are meant to be baggy. Pockets on the side of your pants. You gotta let them things hang. 

Trust me, I'm going somewhere with this orange. Trust me. 

adidas Crazy 8's 
Like, I said, trust me. 

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