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With no due respect, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike launches January 18 on Netflix. “‘Trigger Warning’ is about examining cultural taboos and giving viewers the space to examine the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ that limit how some people move and operate in the world,” said Michael Render, pka Killer Mike. “In six episodes, we explore the human condition using nontraditional approaches. Not everyone will agree with my methods (and some of what we’re putting out is fucking crazy), but this show is about embracing your freedom to challenge societal expectations and conformity. This show is if an anarchist determined the status quo.”

With the Chinese Lunar New Year right around the corner, Vans has partnered up with Chinese brand Purlicue to celebrate the Year of the Pig with a lineup of exclusive footwear.

Donning four shoes in total, the collection wields two unique colorways each of Vans’ signature Era and Sk8-Hi models. The “Year of the Pig” collection ironically emphasizes a “Laid Back, Not Lazy” motto, adding the traditional Chinese greeting “The Fat Year” on the shoes vulcanized waffle outsoles.

The Era models feature canvas and suede uppers with a pink iteration paired with bold black outsoles, and a white version with vibrant red outsoles. The Sk8-Hi models utilize a similar canvas and suede upper, with the color scheme from the Era being reversed. The Sk8-His are also paired with a magnified, interchangeable side stripe. All shoes come with wide cotton laces in tonal colors and an exaggerated “Off The Wall” heel tab.

The Purlicue x Vans “Year of the Pig” collection will be arriving at select Vans and partner stores around the globe beginning this January. Be sure to be on the lookout for more information. 

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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Where did the month go? It took me and toss me out of it. That's not too nice at all. We gonna have to fight about this. That had to be the quickest November ever. I guess I'll take it tho. Faster to the new year. New year new you? Nah, y'all perfect. Stay the same.  

We won't have another month like that again. Of you knew around here, you have no clue what I'm talking about. That's a good thing. 


  Each and every month I will bring you the five post that everybody has been loving the most from my blog. Love the five? Well, enjoy the dailies as well as Planet Of The Sanquon. Hit the home button. 

Time For Some New New (Shows I Been Watching) 

It's been a minute since I did this. I don't know why. Sidenote: this photo above creeps you out? Me too. Anyways, The winter is here and it's about time to stay in the house. Look at me lying, I live in the house. Just will be living in more. I need a new bed cover for all this TV watching I'm about to be doing.  (Full post here) 

Nicki Minaj x Lil Wayne "Good Form" 

Eat the cookie (Video Here) 


96 Rock N' Jock Headass #DressLikeJavaris 

We getting old. I can't fight it and you can't either. It's happening. Every day when you wake up. You age. Facts. Anyways, I know I'm getting old when MTV stop showing things I used to love. It actually hasn't been on for years. Since 2001.

The date 2001 makes me think of "Alley Cats Strike". I think I saw that movie around 60 million times. God, I miss Disney Channel movies. Can we please get a streaming site already? (Full Post Here


Vans x Barneys "Vanosaur" Pack 

After launching its “Space Voyager” pack with NASA, Vans‘ next collaboration is a link up with department store Barneys. Titled “Vanosaur,” the pack features four silhouettes, each with an all-over embroidered pattern of skateboarding dinosaurs wearing sunglasses, referencing a print used by Vans in the 1980s. (Full post here)

 Brian Tyree Henry Breaks Down Atlanta's Biggest Moments | GQ 

Brian Tyree Henry AKA Paper Boi breaks down Atlanta's biggest moments, including the Migos' cameo, Black American Network, Montague, Antoine Smalls, Zan and more. (Video Here)


Random song for the month:

Anderson .Paak x Rapsody "Without You" 

| Enjoy Three Free Months Of Apple Music

Random Want Of The Month: 

Ice Cream Truck

  That's the five for this month. Did your favorite make the list? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't mean to write Facebook but yeah that too. I meant Instagram.

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We stan a true Queen.

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High fashion for 1/10 the price. BUY NOW on for as low as $19.99!
 They would have kicked me out cause them sneakers ugly. The high heels and stuff looks like the high price ones so yeah, y'all should stock up. 

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I ran across this in the middle of the night yesterday. Trying to eat my chicken sandwich while looking at thumbnails on Youtube. You know how that goes. Have to find the right video to watch while eating.  

Anyways. If you old enough (Damn, we eating old) you remember J-Kwon and you were in the house parties yelling about getting tipsy. This is worth the watch. 

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We getting old. I can't fight it and you can't either. It's happening. Every day when you wake up. You age. Facts. Anyways, I know I'm getting old when MTV stop showing things I used to love. It actually hasn't been on for years. Since 2001. 

The date 2001 makes me think of "Alley Cats Strike". I think I saw that movie around 60 million times. God, I miss Disney Channel movies. Can we please get a streaming site already? 

Anyways, what I was talking about to start with. MTV Rock N' Jock. MTV Rock N' Jock was a television series on MTV featuring actors, musicians, and other entertainers playing sports with professional athletes. The original episode was called The MTV Rock N' Jock Diamond Derby and was changed to MTV's Rock N' Jock Softball Challenge, in year 2. The concept expanded to include basketball in 1991, football in 1997  and bowling in 1999 The game was an annual feature. 

When I tell you that Nelly used to show his ass in the games, I mean he used to show his whole ass. That man can play some sports. I say "Sports" cause he played them all. (Video here) 

You know what, I'll save all that for another post. This is not even about any of this. This was, is an outfit of the day post. Sorry.  

1996 MTV Rock N Jock Aaliyah #19 

I buy lots of things off of eBay before Amazon was the thing. I can't stay away from the free two-day shipping. I had to go back to my stomping grounds to get this one. Pretty cheap too. I spent about 16 dollars and the shipping was free. It's also stitched. Shocked me too. They really put some detail into these 16 dollar jerseys.  

Sidenote: Honor Aaliyah and wear the jersey 3 sizes too big. 

Teal Hoodie 
It is the winter and I'm not too fly to stay warm. 


Slim Low Joggers

They skinny jeans, don't get it confused. They will look well with the oversize jersey  




Vans Chukka Low -
Vans Chukka Low -

Vans Chukka Low -

Vans Chukka Low

At first, I was going to go with an all black boot. That was the plan. I got lazy. I can't even flex. I didn't feel like putting on boots so the sneakers it is. The gum brings in the nicer touch then the boots would have anyways. Don't wear color shoes with this. You will be over doing it.

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Nobody ever says this but it's true. I know we all have seen it and nobody wants to point it out. Y'all gotta make me say it huh? Really? I have to be the jackass that points this out? Okay, fine. Mickey Mouse has had plastic surgery done. He done become a bad bitch. He been out here in the streets since 1928. He gotta keep up. 

 Vans Disney x Vans Authentic
We can start with the sneakers I guess. We (Vans) hooked up with Disney to pay homage to the bad bitch  Mickey Mouse. I love that the history of the Mickey is mapped out across the sneakers. Every time you wear them, you wearing history.

SweatshirtI said this in my last post and I'll say it again. I live in Georgia and it never gets that cold. So you know this style is about to be just that, style. I might actually be too hot wearing this. 

I'm keeping the hoodie nice and simple because of the shoes being the fine detail that they are. I always have this fear of over doing when the graphic is heavy. 

Pile-lined Denim Jacket
You ever been watching TV and see somebody wearing something that you have on? Jughead just walked in the frame wearing this jacket too.  Great taste that kid.

Cotton twill joggers

I almost forgot to add the pants I was wearing. Guess cause I don't have any on, it slipped my mind. Silly me. 

Anyways let me know on Instagram/ Twitter what you wearing today.

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We heard y'all like deals & stuff?

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Do I talk about my love for the winter in all my last post or am I just thinking I did? Feel like I started them all with this sharing of the love of the cold from Mother Nature. Well till Springs gets to calling then I hate Winter and wish she would leave. You know how that goes.

Each winter it's always something that I must have. I'm like a spoiled kid. I can't have what I had last year. Just something about the winter gives me the feeling of wanting new. Like I guess I wear the stuff a lot. Which the 70 (???) jackets I have would laugh at. Let's get to the must-haves.

Knit hats.  
Men's Atlanta Falcons New Era Red 2018 NFL Sideline Cold Weather Official Sport Knit Hat

Speaking of kids. When I was young you couldn't pay me enough to wear any hat. At all. I had to have my head naked. Like my head was too much for any hat to handle. Which is funny cause my head might actually be too much to handle. It's big y'all. Not too big for Knit caps it seems. I didn't catch on to this till I was older.
I'm lying.  I used to wear them trash ass skull caps that had that bid in front. To death. What the hell wrong with me.
I Bullshit you not. I just seem somebody with one on. Yo nuts looking.
Imma upgrade my hat this year and get a Falcons one. I really shouldn't after what the freaking Browns did to them. Lord. That was last week. We on this week now. 

SanQuon 'Creative As Fuck' crewneck 
I think this goes without saying. Don't let the women in yo life steal your shit. You know they will try. Stay strong and hide your stuff.  They can't steal what they can't find, right?
We (SanQuon) have a nice selection of hoodies for you this year. Lightweight and heavy.  We even have logo ones for everybody that has been asking. Sometimes you wanna be simple. I ain't even mad at you. 

The section that Macy's have right now
I will be the first to admit it gets cold in the south but never cold enough that I think I need to wear some boots. Like deadass. Also, what's up to everybody in New York? Remember when y'all laughed at us in the south for the snow. What happened? I thought y'all knew what to do? Yeah, okay. Y'all showed us. 

I wear the Tim's like everybody else I guess. I mostly run with the polo boots and some others boots I wanna show y'all. If I ever get them from Jeem house. 

What are some of the things you must have this winter? This is really just the things I brought this week to be real. Talk to me in the comments. 

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