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adidas Originals has dropped four colorful new watches, its first designed and manufactured by Timex Group.

A mix of two digital and two analogue timepieces. Digital One GMT is a multifunction digital watch with GMT function and contrasting semi-transparent cases and straps while Digital Two is multifunction digital watch with a metal case in five colorways with a choice of either rubber straps or seven-link metal bracelets.

The two analogue pieces are both three-handers; Project One is solar-powered with Breguet hands, a bio-based resin strap and ocean recycled plastic case, while Project Two features an embossed adidas logo on the dial.

“The new collection is where design exploration and watch functionality converge,” says Giorgio Galli, Chief Executive Creative Director of Timex Group. “This collection tells a story of purpose and thought and lends itself to self-expression and self-awareness.”

The new range “blends the Timex Group watchmaking and design expertise and adidas Originals’ street culture inspiration” and is available now via Adidas, with prices starting at £49 GBP (approximately $60 USD).

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In case you didn't know, Kendrick Lamar is not your savior. The Atlanta Braves are also the 2021 World Series Champs. No takebacks, no do-overs. I would love to relive the moments. Those were magical times. Like always, you not reading this shit. 

This is what I wore to the game yesterday. I took Freckles to her first game and they won cause she was there. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'm not that big of a fan of white jerseys, but this gold outline was calling my name. I actually can't think of the last time I put on a white shirt and was happy with the choice.  This one is the first in a long time. 

Wear a red undershirt.


Versace Men's Tokyo R Silicone 

Color me fancy. I love the color block watches. They really are everything to me. 


Should I take these off my feet right now or what? The funny thing about these is that I picked these up for a grand total of 20 dollars. These are now worth close to 3K. I wouldn't mind seeing these make a comeback. I would love to get different colors. 

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Follow me on Tik Tok: In this episode of Vegans only eat carrots: I head to the heart of the city to see the women I love. Her name is Taco. Bar Taco:969 Marietta St NWAtlanta, GA 30318

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To love what you have done is to take the time to actually sit back and live in the beauty of the seeds that you planted. The landscape of society changes at such a rapid rate that you never know when the last will be just that. I want to make sure that we here at The Squire + Said co never find ourselves lost in the ever-fetching moment that is time. We are not defined by our goals as a company. That box can't confine our fluid nature. What we can control is the enjoyment we have along the way. Our first "Company Retreat" in Atlanta, Ga will bring all the amazing talent into one place to live in the moment as André (Leon Talley) would always yell at me to do.
The company has big plans for the future and that will be addressed but for now, let's champion the journey that we have taken to get this far.
The first retreat for the company is in honor of André Leon Talley & Virgil Abloh. I forever give you the flowers from the garden you help us grow.

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LEGO Creator is adding two new sets to its Botanical Collection, unveiling the “Orchid” and “Succulents” models.

The “Orchid” and the “Succulents” sets are comprised of 608 and 771 pieces, respectively, and follow the authentic look of the plants. The orchid build arrives with white petals, pink columns and green stems and rests in a blue LEGO pot, while the succulents are eight different types in black pots.

In January 2021, LEGO creator released the 10280 Flower Bouquet set as part of the larger Botanical Collection, which was comprised of a total of 756 pieces and featured pieces based on real flowers like roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters and daisies.

The LEGO Creator “Orchid” and “Succulents” models are expected to release on May 1 with a $49.99 USD price tag.



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