Monday, August 31, 2015

If you remember years ago, back in 2012. I made a blog post. 'I Will Never Buy A Call Of Duty Game Again I Think' . Reading back on that post, I was so mad. I touched on the topic that has hunted COD for years. Camping and bullshit. The bullets following you around the corner and the hit markers. So many hit markers. The game was getting bad and the players was getting worst. Sniping is at the start of what I thought was the highest of it back in 2012. I took a break (Black ops 2 was the last I played). I took a really long break. I had been playing COD since the first one. 

Back when you had to plug in your ethernet cable and pray that somebody was online too. The lobbies when be popping when COD 2 rolled around. Everybody would run free. It wasn't a K.D. Stats didn't save. Nobody cared about that jazz. 

Around the start of this year I came back. I missed the Zombies. My brother was still a player of COD so I used to just buy it for him. So this year I sat down and played again. I as you know, from this post, played Ghost.  That game was bullshit. Bullshit with the bold B.. 

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I gave COD another try, Ghost had problems that went beyond the players. Big ass maps. That makes the camping just spaced out. I played Advance Wafare. I liked it. I kinda liked it. It had one problem. It was too fast. I felt like I was Usain Bolt with a gun in my hand. I believe that Usain also can fly too. 

That was the only thing to me really. 

Now for why you here. 

 Call Of Duty needed this beta. For years people have been complaining about the game and stopped buying it in the huge amounts we used too. I know people (Counting myself) that has been playing Black Ops 2 and Black Ops for the last 5 years (BO) and BO2 for 3 years. Cause they hated the new ones. You know how many times that is of looking at the same thing? I know all of Black Ops maps like the back of my hands. Even after the around 3 year break. 

Call OF Duty had to give this to us. They had to show us that things are better this year and that Battle Field is fighting in the same ring now. That's the best way to bring change in business. The little game becomes an bigger game and the biggest game steps it up. 

Black Ops 3 did just that. They open the beta to the public and the public went wild. I have yet to see anybody hating hard on the game. It's smooth. The friend I was playing it with, Quit COD years ago. After playing this beta for close to two days non-stop. He per-ordered Black Ops 3. Call Of Duty is slowly getting the people back into it.

This game plays like Black Ops 2 and I rule just like it is too. I love the little top scorers at the end of the game they show. Pretty cool. I found myself filling up the Xbox social feed with me taking screen shoot after shoot. Sorry everybody.   My first person blood is back flowing and I'm ready to keep it. 

I was not ready for the running on the walls and I had the mind to hate it. I didn't really like Halo for the reason that the flying was too much. COD has the flying just right and the wall riding is beauty. I spent some time trying to get clips of me killing and wall running.  Either I'm not good at it or you can't do it. Killing another person while you both wall riding ends in you dying too. Seeing that you fall. Happen to me a couple times. I got this one by mistake while trying to get my own.

I'm enjoying this beta. I played for eight hours non-stop yesterday. I pulled away and pulled back in.  I forgot to eat all day. It was that good. 


Friday, August 28, 2015


 If you remember earlier this week., Burger King issued a offer for peace. Peace for one day in the way of a super burger. This had the internet going crazy for the possible idea that this might actually happen. I know everybody have been thinking about putting the two together for years. I think I even seen this mention on ESPN. So it was about to be a pretty big moment in history. Something you would tell the grand kids about. I bet people would have traveled to Atlanta for this. 

In comes Mc Donald's. They said no. Steve the C.E.O said no. Now Mickey D's can say no if they wanted. I mean it is what it is. The way they said it was what got the internet hot. They wrote this so high and mighty no that you would think that Burger King said 'Fuck yo Momma and everybody that loves you".

It's not that deep man. They just want to make a burger with you. You said no and toss that "Can do something bigger to make a difference". It wasn't about making a different. It's just about a burger. 

What's that line from Power. The one that Ghost said "We aint making rockets, we slanging dope".  That's Burger King and Mickey D's. Y'all are slanging burgers . Average at best. You thinking too hard, Steve. You replied like Burger King killed your cousin in 94'.

To go even go more into this. You selling dollar burgers. You not using grade A meat and cheese. With the finest bread that is made fresh each morning. You know, the 10 dollar burgers from the fancy places. 

So chill out. You sound like an ass. This backfired  so fast for you. Look at the comments.  Hell, I always go to Mickey D's cause it's five minutes less of a drive from my house. I'm going to Burger King now. Cause lord y'all lame as hell. 

Again you can say no, just don't sound so high and mighty. 

Slanging burgers face ass.

When I was younger, I used to want a  87 cutlass. I feel like I need to go out and buy this car in order for me to play this song again. Cause this is some riding music. I'm feeling it like I have always been feeling the 3rd coast style. It's time for the Greatest Big Krit playlist. Y'all ready. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


In honor of Peace Day, September 21st, Burger King is calling for a ceasefire with McDonald’s. We’re inviting them to work with us to create the McWhopper, a combination of our respective signature sandwiches. If they say yes, this peace loving burger will be available for one day at a pop-up McWhopper shop in Atlanta, Georgia on Peace Day.

Visit to learn more about our proposal and about Peace One Day, an organization focused on campaigning to make Peace Day, an annual day of global unity. Get involved at

Big Mac is a registered trademark of McDonald’s Corporation, which has not authorized this usage nor accepted this proposal. All mentions of “McDonald’s” are references to McDonald’s Corporation. Whopper is a registered trademark of Burger King Corporation. All mentions of “Burger King” are references to Burger King Corporation. TM & © 2015 Burger King Corporation. All rights reserved.
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Thank you

Would it kill you to put on your happy face? Lord, he giving the camera the look that you give your mom at the cookout. He should have been giving that look to the last ones that was made.“This is the second shoe I’ve been able to wear with Boost and the comfort and energy you get back is crazy. I’m not going to wear another basketball shoe that doesn’t have Boost,” Rose said. “adidas also brought a lot of details about Chicago that I think my fans will love.” adidas have been making the push to me more of the go to sneaker for the youth and it's starting to take shape more and more. 

Equipped with full-length basketball-specific Boost, the D Rose 6 boasts a rugged FITFRAME heel cage and straps that deliver an adaptive fit that moves with the foot. Below, a herringbone traction pattern — inspired by woodgrain textures and design — offers optimum grip for drives to the bucket. As always, Rose’s kicks adopt a bevy of nods to his hometown, in thise case employing Chicago’s six-point star at the base of the laces as six reflective lines decorate the heel. Finally, the diamond-patterned upper and faceted eyelets recall the sharp, bold architectural tradition of the Windy City.

The D Rose 6 will debut October 15 in a white “Home” make-up before the predominately black “Road” edition and hits retailers November 5.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Kevin Durant stoped by the place that made him. His home town of Maryland. Taking the workout of Jerry Rice to Hunt's Hill. As he get ready for a season to silence the critics.   Now, after dropping a “Hunt’s Hill Sunrise” colorway of the KD 8 August 1, Nike Basketball has crafted a “Hunt’s Hill Night” take on Durant’s latest signature shoe. A nod to the countless nighttime hours KD spent running up and down the hill, the Flyweave-constructed kicks come decked out in grey as a translucent green takes care of the full-length articulated Zoom Air cushioning. Durant and Nike Basketball fans will be able to find the “Hunt’s Hill Night” release September 2 at select retailers.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Do people still use that word? Ratchet. Doesn't matter. This show has enough to keep the word flowing. We all seen an episode of some reality Tv show. So you know how it goes. Starts off nice and it's people working to get to some kind of goal. That's the first five minutes. The next 40 in spent fighting and yelling, Yelling while fighting. I think I seen a commercial where the women was fighting, yelling and fixing her hair. That's skill if I ever seen some. That's just too much for me. Everybody loves a fight. 45 minutes of it is too much. 

Which brings me to the show with just enough ratchet for me. Black Ink Crew. I started watching this show thinking it would be like the black version of La Ink. I loved that show, It was based around tattooing and the stories behind the tattoo that the person was getting.  As the last season started to roll around. It started to become so drama filled. I wasn't happy to see it go. I also don't miss it. 

 Black Ink rushed to the drama faster then La Ink. I think it started in the middle of the first season. I kinda enjoy it. It's like watching the news and hearing about somebody stupid. Only this is weekly and video. With tattoos tossed in here and there.

The new season starts tonight at 9pm on VH1. If you want to check it out.   
You ever wonder what the Grandparents do when the grand kids are not around? Party, duh!. I started watching this show on Netflix after seeing the official Netflix twitter post this photo. Everybody loves Willie and we're so glad he's free. Free to do 'other things'. 

Before this post. I didn't really know the feel of the show. For some reason I thought this was more of a drama. I never watched the trailer. That's pretty lazy of me. I checked the show out and was hooked after the first bomb shell was dropped. Actually I think I was hooked after Lilly Tomlin character Frankie started the show off by yelling randomly into her phone camera. Vlog. Jane Fonda is also the co-star of the show. She plays Grace Hanson; a retired cosmetics mogul. Jane Fonda as in:

"So your girlfriend rolls a Honda.
Playin' workout tapes by Fonda.
But Fonda ain't got a motor in the back of her Honda"

Guess red beams and rice missed her. She was also famous for acting before she started making exercise videos. My favorite being the original 'Fun with Dick and Jane'.  I enjoyed the remake as well. 

Like always I don't want to give too much away about the show. Check out the trailer and give the season a watch on Netflix. 


We’re excited for the worldwide premiere of #Winning. NBA 2K16 hits the court with the most authentic and real gameplay a basketball simulation title has ever delivered. Look out for cover athletes Stephen Curry, James Harden & Anthony Davis along with a plethora of the top NBA talent. Watch it to the end and spread the word!

Watch till the end. 

Lunch is always best when spent with a friend. Have some Sanquon today.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

We’ve known for a while now that the black colorway of the Yeezy Boost 350 is launching August 22nd, but adidas has now made the date official. The Three Stripe brand has also unveiled the accompanying image, showcasing an engineered Primeknit upper resting atop a Boost-enhanced midsole. Heavy-duty rope laces and a pull loop affixed to the heel round out the details. It wouldn’t be a stretch to surmise these will be the most highly anticipated kicks in the waning days of summer, so you’ll want to devise a game plan if you want a pair. Stay tuned for more info.



It's crazy how everything that doesn't have to do with your music can fix people mind not to even listen. I think it was about a week or two ago that this one came out. When the sales numbers came out. The whole internet had to get a joke off. That's social media for you. I can't lie, it was funny. In his defense it was more then other rappers who "Has the streets on lock". So it's really nothing to hang your head about. It was a surprise, filling the goals of the label to be free album.

Steady mobbing on the low for the weekend. Now's that time to get that t-shirt you been looking at. It wants you, you wants it. What more do you need?

Friday, August 21, 2015


Often the subject of collaborative releases, Onitsuka Tiger’s Colorado Eighty-Five gets a clean in-line drop for Summer 2015 in the form of this new dark grey make-up from the brand. Simply decked out in grey, the design’s tonal execution allows the premium materials to shine through as perforated suede and smooth leather handle the silhouette’s construction. Rounding out the look are an off-white midsole and rugged rubber outsole. The dark grey version of the Colorado Eighty-Five is available now via Titolo.

After debuting in black, blue, and grey colorways, adidas’s Primeknit-constructed Tubular X has been given a predominately red make-up to fill out the range of drops. Decked out in red and pairing a monochromatic upper with a white version of the German sportswear giant’s modified Tubular sole unit, the design boasts comfy Primeknit construction along with seamless synthetic overlays, matching rope laces and X-shaped leather paneling. The red colorway of the Tubular X Primeknit can be picked up now from Louisiana-based Sneaker Politics for $120 USD per pair.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

 Named for the dashes of red that hit the pull tabs is the new “Tomato” pack from adidas Originals. Featuring blue and grey versions of the woven take on the original Tubular Runner, the two-pack adopts tonal uppers that see a woven bootie paired with leather overlays while the usual Tubular sole unit provides cushioning below. Finished with dual-colored rope laces, the “Tomato” Tubular Runner Weave duo is available now from Sneaker Politics for $120 USD per pair.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The USWNT team victory tour continues tonight. Don't forget to wear our "3 Stars" while watching. 🏆🏆🏆⚽⚽⚽

Monday, August 17, 2015

Designer Stéphane Ashpool’s love of basketball has lead to a wide range of notable footwear and apparel releases. This time, the designer of Pigalle has collaborated with Nike to celebrate basketball culture in Shanghai and to commemorate this partnership, the Parisian designer has created his own iteration of the Nike LeBron 12 Elite silhouette. Sticking to a monochromatic color palette, shocks of metallic silver and speckle print appear through the upper and heel cage, inspired by the basketball shot clock. With Pigalle branding evidenced on the tongue and insole, it is balanced with the LeBron James crown logo on the heel pull-tab. The Pigalle x Nike LeBron 12 Elite is set to drop at exclusively at NikeLab X158 on August 18, and others will arrive at global NikeLab locations and in September.
This movie has been in the making since Ice Cube school bus got that inspirational speech. He just didn't know it yet. I just left the theater from watching the movie and it is a must see. Most of us know the story of the group and we know the end. It's things in the middle and the start that you will be finding so interesting. I don't do movie reviews but let's just say that a Felicia is in the movie.  This is the movie of the year.
Just in time for the colder months ahead, ASICS drops two new iterations of its iconic GEL-Lyte V silhouette in waterproof GORE-TEX materials. Both of the models feature a bolstered mesh and synthetic leather upper with vibrant side paneling, speckled midsoles, and subtle GORE-TEX branding on the heel tag. One colorway outfits the retro runner in a black upper with a contrasting aquamarine sidestripe and heel collar, with orange branding on the tongue, a light grey speckled midsole, matching grey rope laces, and a black midsole. The second colorway features a muted white upper with bright blue and purple accents as well as bright yellow detailing on the heel. Back in January ASICS released the GEL-Lyte V in GORE-TEX in collaboration with Packer Shoes that met much success. Stay tuned as we await more information on these new GEL-Lyte V GORE-TEX releases.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Celebrate the ‪#‎USWNT‬ World Cup victory with our limited edition '3 Stars' shirt. Get yours here --- >

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We have been waiting 8 months. Nothing more to say. It's go time.

It's that time of year again. The family and friends code is live and it's great. You get 30% off your order on adidas. Naturally I have to point out the five sneakers you should get. What kinda friend would I be if I didn't. FRIENDS30 is the code. You're welcome. Ladies I got one on the list for y'all too.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I have never been this hype watching a trailer for a video game. This is amazing. NBA Live is stepping it up. I hope 2K is watching. Matter fact I hope that 2K is reading this. This is what we have been wanting for years (Pro-Am). This is what you took from us years ago (NBA 24/7 & the old courts). Now Live is stepping up. I love what I see and I'm pump for this demo. After playing in the 2K park today. I can really say that if Live doesn't have the cheese. Then Live is where you will find me. I'm done giving 2K my money. Only to be playing against people that cheat the system and 2K just sits back doing nothing. Why can 7'2 people play PG? You know what. I'm done asking LIVE I'm ready. 

Jeem got the new cut and looking bomb as usually. That's all. Just pointing out the Queen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Summer is coming to an end and that only means one thing. Free to wear black again. I don't know about where you are. Here in Georgia it's hotter then the Devil's balls in the summer. So when Summer leaves it's always met with mix feels. Can't wait to stop cutting my grass in the heat that never gives up. Let's get a jump start on the Fall clothes.
Back on November 1 of 1994, the Chicago Bulls paid homage to Michael Jordan following his first retirement from the game by unveiling a statue of His Airness — dubbed The Spirit — outside of the United Center, where it stands to this day. Taking cues from the design, Jordan Brand has crafted a corresponding “Statue” edition of the Air Jordan 9 — the first Jordan signature to release during his time away from the hardwood and the same kicks laced up by the statue. Sporting a white leather upper and black accents, the kicks are marked by a bronze-esque “Militia Green” hue that decorates the likes of the lining, eyelets and speckled midsole. Capped off with celebratory November 1, 1994-embroidered hangtags, the “Statue” edition of the Air Jordan 9 drops August 22 in limited quantities for $190 USD.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm writing this right after seeing it. So that the feeling can be fresh. I really don't know what I just watched. I normally have a great title. That above is Crystal and myself face after waiting five years. You know the drill. If you haven't watched yet. This is where I leave you. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

You can watch him right here
Following suit with more “Cork” iterations, Vans drops the original Authentic silhouette in “Cork” with a Tan/True White colorway. Featuring a beige, allover cork-print canvas upper, white laces, metal eyelets, a white midsole, and a signature waffle outsole in white, this sneaker adopts the cork pattern without utilizing the actual material (also previously seen seen in Nike’s own versions). You can purchase the Vans Authentic “Cork” now from select Vans retailers as well as online for $55 USD.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

For this year’s summer season, Nike has unveiled a highly breathable silhouette that calls on a variety of functional necessities to ensure the redesign aligns itself with the requirements of a hotter climate. Modeled around the base of a timeless Air Max 90 design, the Ultra Breeze Plus QS calls on a full-mesh upper that is completely open throughout the toe box and side panelling while overlaying the shoe’s supportive toe and heel counter. The blue rendition features contrasting rubber components around the lace column, heel tab and the sole’s Air Max unit and is accented by a bright red insole that can be seen through the semi-transparent toe box when unworn. The Air Max 90 Ultra Breeze Plus QS Racer Blue/Dar Grey/Black/White is now available to purchase from Nike for $140 USD.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Growing up my favorite song was Contagious by Mr. Biggs. That was middle school AAU basketball team on the bus. We all used to sing that at the most random times. All one person had to do was go "What the hell is going on, between the sheets in my home". After that, it was on. Cheerleaders got the women parts, we got Mr.Biggs and R. Kelly. I personally took a liking to "Oh, this about to be some shit". We were about 13, cussing wasn't common for kids at the time.  We use to also do that one part of Project Pat 'Chicken Head'. You know the part. 

I didn't really know this as a child but R.Kelly and Mr. Biggs had beef way before he was in his home. I really didn't pay too much attention to lyrics back then. Which would explain why I loved the Kilo Ali 'White Horse' song. I used to love that hook. Didn't know nothing about the lyrics. Should have seen my face the other day when I looked this song up again and listen to it. Welp. Ain't no way that was what I heard on the radio. 

Back to the Kellz/Biggs saga. 


Friday, August 7, 2015

I got a email this morning. "Summer is almost over and we haven't got a tv list from you. WTF?" You know he meant that, when you put the 'WTF' in it. He's right, I totally forgot about it. I have been so caught up in watching that I didn't remember. This summer have been bringing the heat and then you have that one show that was dropping the ball.  

Take Pretty Little Liars. They have spent the whole summer bullshitting us. All the episodes have just been filling space. Haven't anything even happen in any of them. They say that the finale will give us answers. Yeah, okay

With all that being said, here we go.Keep in mind, I try to keep them all spoiler free as possible. No point in you watching, if I have already told you what happen. 

We have been waiting for this one longer then the next carter. 15 years it has been coming and the name changed but it's here. Here's what I think about it. 

'One shot, one kill' is beatifically nasty. Song makes me wanna lift weights and punch people at the same time. Snoop Dogg is rapping on this. Like 93' Doggystyle Snoop. Great job Dr Dre .

Click the banner below and download this banger off Itunes. 

After dropping OG white and black versions of the silhouette, as well as a patriotic “USA” rendition of the 1994 release, Nike Sportswear has released a “Cool Grey” version of the Round Mound of Rebound’s Air Max2 CB ’94. Here the straightjacket-inspired upper comes decked out in grey and white while Midnight Navy and Total Orange accents make this an apt nod to Barkley’s alma mater. Complete with the usual tech elements like a neoprene bootie, gusseted tongue, full-length PU midsole and visible Max Air cushioning, the “Cool Grey” rendition of the Air Max2 CB ’94 is now available via for $140 USD.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another year, another milestone to add to the goals for Jeem. Congrats on another year. YOU'RE AMAZING. Here's to another 10+ years of killing it.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the original Air Tech Challenge, Andre Agassi’s Nike Air Tech Challenge III has made a return in its OG “Radiant Emerald” colorway. Debuted on the court by the tennis star back in the 1990s, the design opts for a combination of both smooth and perforated leather, pairing a predominately white aesthetic with a neoprene collar, Volt accents and hits of the Radiant Emerald” hue throughout. Retailing for $120 USD, the retro kicks can be picked up now via

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This one is sure not for the kids. Lots of blood, I seen some sex and jokes. DeadPool is a fan of the bad words.  If I ever was to become a Super Hero. This would be me. Only better looking.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


You think I'm crazy?


Meek might as well throw in the damn towel at this point.You just can't hang.

Monday, August 3, 2015


When this first leak, I was hoping that the robot sounding voice was just a layover for when somebody does the real voice over. Needless to say, I hate that voice thing. Good God. That's not so hot right now.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I'm liking this Roy guy.

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