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The R.Kelly & Mr.Biggs Saga Is The Greatest Beef Ever

Growing up my favorite song was Contagious by Mr. Biggs. That was middle school AAU basketball team on the bus. We all used to sing that at the most random times. All one person had to do was go "What the hell is going on, between the sheets in my home". After that, it was on. Cheerleaders got the women parts, we got Mr.Biggs and R. Kelly. I personally took a liking to "Oh, this about to be some shit". We were about 13, cussing wasn't common for kids at the time.  We use to also do that one part of Project Pat 'Chicken Head'. You know the part. 

I didn't really know this as a child but R.Kelly and Mr. Biggs had beef way before he was in his home. I really didn't pay too much attention to lyrics back then. Which would explain why I loved the Kilo Ali 'White Horse' song. I used to love that hook. Didn't know nothing about the lyrics. Should have seen my face the other day when I looked this song up again and listen to it. Welp. Ain't no way that was what I heard on the radio. 

Back to the Kellz/Biggs saga. 

R.Kelly – Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) 1995

 The start of it all. Kelly is second in command for mobster Mr. Biggs. Kelly is instructed to look after Mr. Biggs’ woman. He is given strict instructions that he is never to touch her. Kelly and the woman end up making love while Mr. Biggs is out of town. Mr. Biggs finds out and has his goons to beat Kelly in the desert and leave him to die. Once Kelly is brought to a hospital and stabilized he finds that the woman is also in the hospital and in critical condition. She eventually succumbs to her injuries.

First off, you shouldn't be letting a dude handle something like this. I'm guessing that this woman is pulled to you because of the power you have, Not cause she really loves you. I mean, come on. You fall in love with the old guy? The drug dealer old guy? Okay, let's say this is true. You still have don't have another dude take your women out. What kinda shit is that. 

Next, after this is found out. You have to place law 15 in the 48 Laws of Power into effect. Which is, Crush Your Enemy Totally.  All great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely. (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.) If one member is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out. More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation: The enemy will recover and will seek revenge. Crush him, not only in body but in spirit.

So when Mr.Biggs took him to that desert, his ass should have been left a cactus. I don't believe in all the laws of power. But dammit this one is the trust. 

R.Kelly – Down Low (Remix) 1995
 R.Kelly takes a closer look at the makeup of the relationship that he and Mr. Biggs’ woman had and how there were many times that he wanted to end their secret affair.
Look at you now Mr.Biggs, you didn't take the 15th law in action and know he out telling everybody about how he had your girls 'titties in the air'. He also told people how they were in the back of your car. Your car man. He called you a suck. You should/got to handle that. 

Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine: 1998
 At this point, Mr. Biggs has all but forgotten his betrayal at the hands of his employee and has replaced the woman he lost, but he receives a distress call from his god-daughter Kelly Price. She tells him how her best friend has taken her husband. She sobs as Mr. Biggs becomes so enraged that he demands that Kelly call her husband on three-way. Unknowingly her husband is none other than Kelly, Biggs’ old lieutenant. It was remarkably unknown to the two that they were former adversaries as they melodically traded barbs.
So, you didn't go to your God-daughter wedding?  See what you have done Mr. Biggs. You didn't meet her boyfriend before he becomes her husband now she sticks in this mess. You would have been able to tell her that he a suck.  Matter fact, if you would have done what needs to be done long ago, this wouldn't happen. Now she out here randomly riding around to nowhere crying. Bet that was one hell of a taxi fare. 

Ronald Isley – Contagious/ Secret Lovers: 2001
Six years after their initial encounter. Mr. Biggs is now in a new relationship but is untrusting of the new lady in his life. He suspects she is cheating on him so he decides to set a trap for her. He tells her that he is leaving town to lure her to bring her cheating into their home. He walks in on them right before they have sex and he recognizes Kelly….well sorta.

 How many people have you beat up that at this point you can't recognize somebody of this magnitude. Also there you go again. Not killing people. You on a boat. Dump the bodies. This time it didn't back fire. Kinda.

Ronald Isley – What would you do?/ Busted: 2003
Two years later and Mr.Biggs women are still getting over on him. With you guessed it, Kellz. For him to be feeling so sorry about cheating with Mr.Biggs girls, he sure keep doing it. It's kinda like he wants to die but Mr. Biggs doesn't want to give it to him. I mean how many of your women do he need to take before you ready to do something about it. 

Ron Isley – Showdown Vol. 1: 2003  
 Now furious at getting screwed over countless times Mr. Biggs is now ready to confront Kelly after his latest woman, Asia, has been swept up by his former employee. He puts his new assistant “T.J.” on the trail on finding this guy and his lady.

About time you want to kick some ass. It has taken you way too long. He done took about 80 of your women and now you mad.

R.Kelly – Showdown: Part 2: 2003 
 A lengthy end to an epic saga the appropriately titled “Showdown” part 2 is the final meeting between Kelly and Mr. Biggs. In this installment Mr. Biggs tracks down Kelly and they have make reference to their previous encounters and R.Kelly even explains why he targets Mr. Biggs’ women. They have a “Wild Wild West” showdown. Guns are drawn it’s unclear who actually comes out on top.

There you have it. The greatest beef ever. What was your favorite song? 

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