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It's that time again. The time of year where you wish you didn't eat so much food at that one party.  The time pf year the snow starts to fall and the leaves turn brown. It's the holidays. With holidays comes the time for giving. Gifts, that is. We put together a mega list of ideas to get you started. You can view it here

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Available 11.29.13.

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The Triscuit I had was 'Cracker Pepper' and 'Fire roasted Tomato' but this one in front looks pretty good as well. I call myself trying to eat a little heath. Just a little, not going over board with it. Now this is a little trick, if you love Hot Fires then you should  try the Fire Roasted Tomato. That's what they taste like. You know, the ones in the blue bag with the man in the man and black hat. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Now get you a box. 

Um, I always feel the need to remind y'all that I have a Tumblr. Had a Tumblr for years. Before it was cool :). Just saying I been on it. Sorry, been listening to that Ye interview, got me feeling myself. Anyways make sure you following me on there. You can also follow me at all the other places them big buttons lead you. I mean where else can I post a picture of me riding a pig? Okay, that's a lie, or is it?

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I'm not saying that Ye doesn't have a point, I'm just saying why is a sock on your damn head. 

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It's something about Ghadir lips that do something to me. They are heaven sent. They just so, ahhh. Nice and sexy. Naturally a juicy heart shape to them.  Hands down, she can kiss me with them any day of the week. Everyday of the week. each hour of the week. 24/7, 365. Maybe that would be to much? Nah...

Anyway if you haven't guessed, those are Ghadir lips. When I seen this photo I knew I had to create it into art. I say 'create' and not 'draw' or 'paint' cause I did a little of both in this one. Mixed media. 

Ghadir and I have this creative project in the works where she take a picture and I create it into mixed art and we share the tag  "G.J".  If you don't know, she takes amazing photos. We have already done a couple already and steady working on more. She took this one. 

For this one I wanted to paint it at first. That was the mood I was in and have been in. After I painted it I step back and it just didn't capture the focus point of the piece. That being the lips. It wasn't bad but with paint   it didn't do the lips justice. Wasn't smooth, took away from the lips. So I went back and basically to get to the point drew it and added the paint on the lips to make the juicy affect that Ghadir lips give off. 

After that I wasn't done. I know y'all about done reading, might not even be reading and just looking at Ghadir lips up there. Stop looking and read, I don't blame you tho. 

I went in and just smoked the photo out. I can't tell you what that mean, don't need you stealing my style :P. That gave it that laid back feel. Like the art you used to see in the 70's I want to say. Be the black women with the Afro and and the rest of they body fading in and out. Looking like it's made of sway. I did the digital version of that. Makes you want to touch it, huh? 

There are a lot of tongues speaking this phrase repeatedly: “I’m only human”!

  In a physical sense…Yes, we are human/ mortal/ temporary.

However, in a spiritual sense…No, we have a conscious choice to carry the “human” title or the “eternal life” title.
Being human isn’t a legitimate excuse to set ourselves up for our own destruction. We are fully capable of setting ourselves straight in this cold world.

 Society has blind- sided people for far too long! Take some time to reflect and find that inner strength that’s needed.
Retrain your 3rd eye to see things differently than what you’ve been programmed to visualize.

Don't forget she has a blog

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All my fellow Graceland fans, will find this great. Long wait till the summer. 

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It's something about Ghadir lips that do something to me. They are heaven sent. They just so, ahhh. Nice and sexy. Naturally a juicy heart shape to them.  Hands down, she can kiss me with them any day of the week. Everyday of the week. each hour of the week. 24/7, 365. Maybe that would be to much? Nah...

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Jeem started this game on Facebook. It's kinda like the numbers game. Only when somebody gives you a number, you list that amount of people that have affected your life and how they have affected it . The number Jeem gave me was 25. Here we go. 

Oh,Oh. Be sure to spread this game around Facebook. Remember that Ghadir Said (@arabicdream) started it. 

Okay, here we go foreal.
1. My Mother taught me that it's some answers I will never get. 

 2. My Father taught me what a good for nothing man is. Himself. 

3. My Aunt taught me how to be brave and fearless. Swing on any and everybody that makes you feel disrespect.  

4. My Uncle taught me how to be a gentlemen.(R.I.P)

5&6 Jacob and Janelle (Princess and Jae) taught me that you don't have to have kids to love two as if they was your own. I didn't bring two into the world, but I got two now.  

7. Ghadir(Jeem) My teammate,other me, future front porch partner. Best friend.  taught me the meaning of love. Taught me that it's somebody in this world that loves me for me(Her), no if, and, or buts. Taught me a beautiful women can like a nice guy. Shows me daily how it feels to give support and get it right back. Taught me how to be open.  Taught me trust, 100% trust. Taught me that I'm never in this alone. 

8,9,10,11,12. Randy, Kevin,Tony, Jerrod, Dave taught me that no matter what you do for some people, they still turn against you in the end. Thank you for your shadiness. Your bullshit didn't kill me, it made me stronger.

13. Patrica taught me how to make Curry Chicken. God bless this women. I was like 16, I wanted to marry this 35 year old that day. 

14. Ms. Woods taught me graphic arts. I didn't want to take her class at all. I just wanted to go take art. I owe that graphic art 101 class everything. Wouldn't be a me here today if it what's for that. 

15. Mr. Park taught me that I can draw more then people, it's other things in this world. I remember before his summer program. I just drew people, that was it. No background to pictures or anything. I now draw mostly everything but people. Thank you Mr.Parks

16. My grandma taught me about the lord and a greater overstanding. 

17. Mr. Dayjarlay (idk how his name is spelled) taught me that teachers hate when you know more then them. 

18. Lindsay Taught me toughness. Lost both her parents and still going strong. SUPERHERO

19. Reggie taught me everything goes full circle. My friend since 8th grade. 

20. Marc Jacobs taught me the ins and out's of fashion and business. 

21. Andre Leon Tally taught  me that a person of color can be a fashion editor. 

22. Kayla taught me to not be afraid to me different, meant to stand out. She was the person that first played Chiodos for me in high school. Y'all know my love for  Chiodos. Chiodos had me hooked by the first, hook. 

23. Geno taught me to never share on social media what you can share on your blog. Bring the readers to you. 

24. Marke taught me that he a bum ass ego having fucker. People get big and forget about you. It's all good till your brand takes off and you don't need other people anymore. "Money doesn't change you, it makes you more of who you truly are"- Javaris Squire 

25. You and You and You .My readers taught me that great content is loved. In the internet full of (pardon my french) crap, you guys found your way to me and keep finding your way to my blog. I am truly thankful for the love you guys show my blog and also Ghadir's blog. Y'all are just great. We working on some stuff to thank y'all. I'm always telling her how much y'all love her. The support ya'll show, means a lot. We all know that Princess and Jae are the stars of the blogs tho. Y'all stay asking about them :)

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I wanted to make a Martin Scorsese joke but I won't/ I won't make it for the simple fact that I can't remember the joke.. He makes great movies, end of story. In The Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio would play Belfort, a Long Island penny stockbroker who served 20 months in prison for refusing to cooperate in a massive 1990s securities fraud case that involved widespread corruption on Wall Street and in the corporate banking world, including mob infiltration.


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I would take an eye for an I any day. Make sure eye see the naked truth for this I, to keep me sane.


What have we really missed?!
Meanwhile, the real “eye” is taking snapshots down our memory lane.
Trade your good in for their bad…half truth…. I’m telling you this is so sad!

Grow up! Then, Wake up!
Rewind… Vise Versa

Trade your bad in for their good….too late… by this time they have you hooked!

Survival tactics:

“Do not bite the hand that feeds you”.
   What if I told you that food they’re feedin you is pure poison!

“If you can’t beat them, then join them”.
   What if I told you their agenda is to get rid of you!

Take these words to the core of your soul and shield yourself!
Learn to eat healthy…no need to rely on meds!

Don’t be quick to follow any lead. Research every question or concern you may have!
The only I you need to watch out for is your own eye!
Everything you see isn’t what it seems. Illusions are pretty deceiving.
You see: I see…no really, EYE SEE!

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By now, you have seen the video above and everybody is talking about Jordan's five. My five would KILL his five. I put together a list of my five for a pick up game. We talking about the players in they prime and I can't pick anybody off his list. I also didn't use myself. That's just not fair, right? Check my list. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nike SB has given the Nike SB Dunk High a unique look with this neutral grey colorway. The high-tops feature patterned grey canvas uppers that give the shoes the appearance of being weathered. The unique yet understated design is kept simple with tonal nylon tongues, tonal leather Swooshes, and white midsoles and black outsoles. You can find these now at select stockists including Premier.

Nike continues to pay homage to the Chinese zodiac and the year of the snake with an apropos snake-accented edition of the Nike SB Zoom Bruin. Pairing a suede upper with leather applications, white rubber foxing, and a gum rubber outsole, the Black/Metallic Gold low-top features faux snakeskin detailing along the heel, Swoosh and tongue branding tab. Retailing for $70 USD, the “Snake” take on the Zoom-cushioned Bruin is now available directly from Nike.

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Drake ~ Worst Behavior from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Having recently concluded his 16-year tenure as Louis Vuitton‘s creative director, last week Marc Jacobs announced a new contract with the LVMH brand in which they hope to prepare his eponymous brand for a lucrative public offering. Though everyone agrees there is a lot of work that needs to be done before an IPO becomes a reality, the American designer is ready for the challenge, assuring the integrity of his brand will never be compromised. Fresh off his last LV showing and focused on the future of his namesake line, Marc Jacobs sits down with WWD to further discuss his current undertakings as well as his plans for the next few years. Read an excerpt of the interview below and click here for the full article.

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I was leaving a food market one night; I happened to walk by this tree. To most, this tree is no different than any other tree. At that very moment, the light shining above it gave the tree its own spotlight. That shot can be used as an analogy.  Even through dark times, if we have unconditional love shining over us, we are alive in spirit. Thus, the spotlight in us comes out.  

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This was pretty great, I don't know why I was cheesing so hard while watching this. How many did you guys get right? I

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I have a lot of nicknames for Ghadir. Champ, Jeem, Brown Eyez, Queen, G-Unit, Thuggie G, Teammate,Goddess, Big Booty Cutie (#ChampionBody) and a host of others. The nickname she had before me, has always been "Lady Godiva".  She told me that people used to always ask if she was a DJ so she put Lady in front of Godiva. 

I have never goggled her nickname before. I know what her real names means, it means sound of the stream that leads to a river.(Ghadir). Which is beautiful by the way.  

I was trying to go to her Facebook Fan page earlier and this women came up. I was kinda puzzled and mad that somebody was trying to be like Jeem. Upon reading I see that this woman is from the 11th century. THIS IS GHADIR FROM THE PAST,

Follow me now. About to get on high nerd levels. 

Lady Godiva's name occurs in charters and the Domesday survey, though the spelling varies. The Old English name Godgifu or Godgyfu meant "gift of God". 

Ghadir is a gift to the world from God and you can enjoy her gifts thru her thoughts on her blog. 

Godiva (/ɡəˈdaɪvə/; Old English: Godgifu), known as Lady Godiva, was an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to a legend dating back at least to the 13th century, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants.

If you like to read the whole legend, you can read it here, It's a great read. 


 I was meaning to post this one on Sunday. It seem like the best time to do it. Seeing that it was Sunday and the Falcons was playing the Panthers that day. Too bad the Falcons didn't get the win. *Sigh* Go Falcons. Any Given Sunday you can lose, this Sunday will wishing for the win. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ewing  Athletics introduces a retro redressed in a full purple suede fit for royalty. The iconic Ewing Athletics 33 Hi silhouette famed for outfitting Patrick Ewing in the ’90s still makes a strong statement more than two decades later. The basketball hi-top features clean purple suede uppers with a matching tonal midsole and sole and classic reversible ankle straps. These are available now at select retailers and stockists including Sneaker Politics for $110 USD.

Inspired by the the modularity of traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls while incorporating a distinct toughness as a nod to that of arctic bears, Nike Sportswear‘s LunarTerra Arktos delivers the best of two different worlds: the lightweight comfort of your favorite sneakers with the rugged, insulating protection of a heavy-duty boot. Following the release of the blacked-out and Volt/Black-Khaki-Mortar colorways, NSW presents a “Bamboo” edition of the technologically advanced footwear. Featuring bamboo-colored Hyperfuse construction with a darker brown Vac Tech molding throughout the tongue, toe and mudguard, the shoe incorporates plush Lunarlon cushioning as a sticky gum rubber outsole combats winter’s slippery conditions for superior traction. Finally, a removable sock-like bootie, Stetson leather, a bonded medial zipper, gusseted tongue, and flatlocked seams make the design completely waterproof. The Bamboo/Black-Newsprint-Team Red edition of the Nike LunarTerra Arktos is now available via Titolo while additional insights into the shoe’s design can be gathered from our interview with senior designer Nathan VanHook in the “Process” issue of HYPEBEAST Magazine, now available via the HYPEBEAST Store.

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