Friday, November 22, 2013

"MALAJA" (My Ardent Lips Await Javaris Arrival) by G.J

It's something about Ghadir lips that do something to me. They are heaven sent. They just so, ahhh. Nice and sexy. Naturally a juicy heart shape to them.  Hands down, she can kiss me with them any day of the week. Everyday of the week. each hour of the week. 24/7, 365. Maybe that would be to much? Nah...

Anyway if you haven't guessed, those are Ghadir lips. When I seen this photo I knew I had to create it into art. I say 'create' and not 'draw' or 'paint' cause I did a little of both in this one. Mixed media. 

Ghadir and I have this creative project in the works where she take a picture and I create it into mixed art and we share the tag  "G.J".  If you don't know, she takes amazing photos. We have already done a couple already and steady working on more. She took this one. 

For this one I wanted to paint it at first. That was the mood I was in and have been in. After I painted it I step back and it just didn't capture the focus point of the piece. That being the lips. It wasn't bad but with paint   it didn't do the lips justice. Wasn't smooth, took away from the lips. So I went back and basically to get to the point drew it and added the paint on the lips to make the juicy affect that Ghadir lips give off. 

After that I wasn't done. I know y'all about done reading, might not even be reading and just looking at Ghadir lips up there. Stop looking and read, I don't blame you tho. 

I went in and just smoked the photo out. I can't tell you what that mean, don't need you stealing my style :P. That gave it that laid back feel. Like the art you used to see in the 70's I want to say. Be the black women with the Afro and and the rest of they body fading in and out. Looking like it's made of sway. I did the digital version of that. Makes you want to touch it, huh? 

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