Tuesday, June 29, 2021



The sneaker head Milwaukee Bucks small forward and the Italian luxury label have crafted two iterations of the lifestyle model, one of which is a bold “Sicilian Orange” makeup. Upper halves are completely built with a premium suede and come drenched in its nominal tone. Bright yellow accents follow suit by dropping onto the skate shoe-esque laces, the Dolce and Gabbana banner on the mid-foot and Tucker’s signature on the tongues and heels. Semi-chunky midsoles — that are reminiscent of Rihanna’s PUMA Creepers — are also painted in orange and come styled with ribbed textures at the heels and forefoot and a smooth block in the middle.

The second iteration in this pack falls on more neutral side of the color wheel. Most of the suede uppers are coated with a dusty brown tone at the mid-foot while various shades of beige overlays sit adjacent. Tucker’s signatures also land in the same spots but come stitched in white. Down below, the sole units keep the tonal motif going by also getting outfitted in beige.

“Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have always shown me nothing but love”, PJ Tucker says. “Their support of me and their trust in me throughout this process has been incredible. Collaborating on the design of this sneaker has been amazing and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.”

100 pairs signed by P. J. Tucker that are also paired to an exclusive NFT are available now on the Dolce and Gabbana site.



Monday, June 28, 2021



 Eye exams are funny. It's like the eye business teamed up with the people whose pockets get lined to make laws or something. Why you have to get an updated eye exam every two years to get more contracts? This is funny on my part, cause my eyes are the same as they have been. Every two years for the past six years. I think the doctor at this point probably thinks I will just be guessing right. Nope, the same level of the blind. 


All that ties into this post cause as I was sitting blind, waiting to see the doctor. This man kept bugging me about my outfit. I really mean bugging cause we were asking 10 million questions. I normally have no problem with this but I can't see to save my life without the help of my contracts so it's just this big distorted thing in my face with sounds going out of it. I answered as many as I should and told him this blog post would become. So here we go.  


 Classic Fit Striped Jersey Rugby Shirt 

it's the middle of the summer but I will always get my shit off. I knew that the Vision Works was in the mall and I haven't been to the mall in the longest but I knew a mall is never a place where it's gonna be hot. I swear they have to keep the smells down and cold does that trick and works for me, cause this shirt needs to be worn. 

 Camo Joggers. 

That link is not going to lead to the joggers I was wearing. Sorry. I have been testing the SanQuon ones out before I bring them to the store so for now you just have to love them on my ass. Speaking of ass, why nobody pant don't fit? You buy then pants and drop them low. I know you want the skinny jeans but one or two sizes higher wouldn't kill ya. I swear. Get out of the crack business for that love of God.


Adidas Yung 96 

This was the driving force behind all the talking. These are not that often seen and it's the eye-catching behind them. The orange and teal pop out. It gets the people going. They also give you the bang for your buck as these are going for like 40 dollars on Stock X. Have some fun, they all don't have to be big money. 


And that's what I was wearing the other day. I can see now so yeah, enjoy. 



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Saturday, June 26, 2021






Please note that this is a pre-order item. It is currently expected to be released December, 2021. Credit cards will be charged at the time your order is placed.
“Every kid has the same story. Wash up on shore. Enter the amusement park. Get superpowers. Why are you so different?” Join fan-favorite rapper Vince Staples, Bryan Edward Hill (Batman & the Outsiders; Titans), Chris Robinson (Children of the Atom), and Buster Moody (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) on an adventure into the mysterious Limbo Beach, an island theme park ruled by adolescents with unique abilities! Follow the newest member of the Wunderlosts, a band of misfit teenage raiders, on a journey to discover the truth about the park—and himself—in a tale that is equal parts Lord of the Flies and The Warriors.



  • Softcover graphic novel



  • Hardcover graphic novel



  • Oversized Hardcover Deluxe Edition graphic novel
  • Graphic Novel Slipcase
  • Exclusive Music Component TBA (only available from Z2 Comics)
  • (3) Exclusive Art Prints



  • Oversized Hardcover Deluxe Edition graphic novel (signed)
  • Graphic Novel Slipcase
  • Exclusive Music Component TBA (only available from Z2 Comics)
  • (3) Exclusive Art Prints




WRITERS: Vince Staples, Bryan Edward Hill & Chris Robinson


EDITOR: Chris Robinson

PRINT ARTISTS: Felipe Sobreiro; Nathan Stockman; Derick Jones

DESIGNER: Tyler Boss


Items bundled with the Graphic Novel are subject to change or cancellation at any time by Z2 Comics.  In the event that a bundled item is changed or cancelled, Z2 Comics will notify you of the change, and allow you the opportunity to cancel your order.  Purchaser assumes the risk of any such change or cancellation.


Thursday, June 24, 2021




I like dat.



The summer is coming or is the summer here? Not quite too sure, I don't love them all the same. Anyways my girlfriend loves the pool so that means these thighs need to be out. So the swim trunks' hail begins. Maybe this the year that I find out if I can swim. That's a joke. Or is it? 

SSLR Mens Swim Trunks 

I saw these trunks and knew they were the ones from the moment I saw them. I love the boldness of them. The subtle colors pop with the pink and that smokey black and white. Gives me the feels of those old-school tattoo design shirts.



Maamgic Mens 

Now the tiger is my favorite animal but one of the least known animals that I love to the core and the low-key wish I owned was a Flamingo. They are so cute and those long legs I just can't get enough of them. 




  Tommy Hilfiger Men's 7" Swim Trunks 

It had to end this way. It was always going to be something like this that had to end the party. You already know what this is. 


 Well, three is a good start to my swim collection. The homies like to swim so I know I will need more.


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Sunday, June 13, 2021




PUMA x RUGRATS Court Rider


It happens so much. I go for one thing and find another. It never seems to fail. It's the hook. Kinda like how Costco has the really cheap chicken, but you have to walk all the way to the back of the store. So you end up buying another thing along the way. That's this for me. I went for the shirt below and scored the sneakers above. Silly games we play. I love these sneakers. I love when the brands don't do too much and keep it simple. Toss that Rugrats logo on the back and the colors. NO more no less. I'm sold. I do feel like they should have done a Tommy Pickles ionic blue shirt tho. That would have been hitting. What you buy this weekend?



PUMA x RUGRATS Long Sleeve Men's Basketball Tee

You ever notice that when Angelica was doing all the stuff she was bossing around the babies and being big and bad, she never tried that shit with Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael. She knew better, that mouth wasn't as slick as she acted like it was. Plus Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael is played by the amazing Cree Summer. Double the win.

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Friday, June 11, 2021



Nike builds on its “First Use” pack as it adds in an Air Max 97 along with the latest Nike Dunk High in Nike builds on its “First Use” pack as it adds in an Air Max 97 along with the latest Nike Dunk High in “University Red” and Air Force 1 silhouette.

The collection pays tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Swoosh origin, where each selected sneaker signifies a certain date and year that the company started using the Swoosh logo.

The Air Max 97 version is trademarked with the date “June 18, 1971” sealed on the inner lateral with Nike’s 1972 retro logo lacing around the top of the shoe in red and blue. The Nike branding continues onto the tongue tag, outer lateral, insoles and the gold Swoosh lace lock with a simulation diamond. The shoe also features a white and blue double lace over cream leather and stone suede with red Air cushioning sandwiched between a white mid and outsole.

The Nike Air Max 97 “First Use” is set to retail for $170 USD on Nike’s official website and select retailers.  “University Red” and Air Force 1 silhouette.

Thursday, June 10, 2021




This June, Nike has further made strides to act on this notion with its newest Shek Lei Grind court — a refurbished community basketball court that’s located out in Hong Kong.

The hoops grounds is established in the Kwai Chung residential neighborhood, and its surface is made entirely from NikeGrind materials that were pulled from up to 20,000 pairs of used sneakers — further aligning with Nike‘s Move to Zero initiatives. This particular destination was chosen as is located in close proximity to 14 primary and secondary schools. Laid out across the entire court are whimsical cartoon figures that were designed by British artist James Jarvis along with Nike’s retro pinwheel logo that is placed at half court.

In an effort to boost youth programming in the area, Nike has joining forces with InspiringHK — a local nonprofit organization that is designed to promote social mobility and inclusivity through active participation in sport. 


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