Monday, September 29, 2008


Geoff Rowley and Vans have come out with the Shambles Hi just in time for the new season. The Shambles features a smooth velvety upper and are available in a solid red or white, if you are not feeling the black. Watch out for the Vans Rowley Shambles Hi’s to release on October 1.

Info.Image: Complex

Saturday, September 27, 2008

                                                                                      Factory 413, the Supra/Kr3w flagship store in sunny southern California has just received these black beauties.  This Suprano Hi gets the thumbs up from Jim Greco, as it gets an all over mesh treatment.  Now this is a nice move by Supra, who as of late has been somewhat mediocre with the usual colors and materials.  Available now at Factory 413 for $150 usd.

Info.Image:  Factory 413

Monday, September 15, 2008


Seen here are a couple of spy shots of everyone’s favorite skate shoe turned basketball shoe, the SB P-Rod 2 Hi. This makeup goes the total opposite direction of colors past, as it is a bit lo key with the brown/black. In fact the only thing really “special” about this one is the gum sole. Nike thought it was good enough to be a Quickstrike, so if get on it, to grab em.

Info.Image: A-Front


The Official’s Snap Back release comes in the wake of what the company refers to as a huge gap in the quality and attention to detail being offered between adjustable and fitted hats. The Officials have subsequently made considerable efforts to bridge that gap, the results being this premium quality adjustable hat. Consumers can rest assured that this is a product with reliable shape and manufacturing. The hat is currently available at Official’s online store and through select retail outlets.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

As Winter begins to get on the minds of many(WINTER STUFF COMIN TO THE SITE), proper footwear to accommodate the elements will soon be necessary. Nike, always ahead of the pack has begun to churn out more product from the ACG line that does not disappoint. 2 models in particular, the Valenka and the Blazer get this unique treatment utilizing weatherproof materials. Pendleton lent a hand by crafting these sneakers’ colorful wool uppers. These are a nice change of pace for the changing seasons. Available soon.

Info.Image: Sneaker Freaker


Proper has released a jam-packed lineup of New Era caps. Proper has kept is simple with a solid base color and a contrast color used on the brim. Finished off with a “P” on the front panel, these fitted caps will team up with almost any outfit. The Proper New Era caps are available now in an array of color combinations. Go skim the line and take your pick.

In a clever move to reintroduce some of streetwear’s founding elite, Addict has put together this 5 shirt artist series. XLarge, FUCT, Freshjive, Erik Brunetti and Scarecrow all got the nod to put a classic twist on this new series. Great collaborative effort all around. Available now Addict and other Addict retailers.

Info.Image: Addict

Friday, September 5, 2008


Ever wonder what Yeezy’s doing when he isn’t crashing the stage at award shows, calling out the President on live television, or bringing home Olympic Gold?

With blogger biting at an all-time high, and Ye’s recent transition from pencils to Pentiums, Format figured grabbing Kanye’s Diary wouldn’t be too difficult. All it took was the old LV-luggage-on-a-fishing-rod trick to lure him away and voila – that baby was ours.

Take a moment to peruse the innermost thoughts and daily schedule of the world’s biggest megalomaniac. Hopefully it’ll be more interesting than the sappy Dr. Phil bullshit that comprised his first book.

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