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Put the money in the bag. Do it fast. Just don't break my nails.

You not thinking this but I'll put it on your mind. People don't give Nicey Nash enough credit out here in the streets. Maybe you didn't watch Reno 911. Or just remember her from the loud mouth roles. So let me use my loud mouth to say this. She still got it. That's some of that black that doesn't crack. Stacked like the brickest of houses. She also a pretty great actress. 

Anyways, Nicey is one of the people that pulls me into whatever role they are playing. Lead or not. I'm in. The list is not long in-case you wondering. It's something about her vibe. So when I saw the first talks about this, I was looking out for it. 

The pitch wasn't the greatest tho. I was listening to The Read and I think Kid Fury said something along the lines of "Um, so, yeah. Karrueche will be in a show with Nicey Nash about some nails. It's a drama on TNT". Something like that. It was in a happy tone though. They were mostly getting shoots off at Chris Brown.

You would think that given how happy I was about this show. I would actually watch it? Talk about forgetting the good stuff. I didn't watch. I can't lie. I kept forgetting. Just something about Sunday being so jammed that it just didn't happen. Good thing everybody else watched. I would have felt shitty to see it go. Especially after watching all seven episodes of this season. So I can be ready for Sunday. 

I'm hooked. They got me by the grip of their long claws. I can't break loose. I owe them my Sunday's. 

This show is pretty captivating. It takes this subject that's about the oldest of time. Selling drugs. We hate drugs in Merica but we love to watch people sell them. In high amounts. 
Claws give it a little twist. They focus on the cleaning. For the most part. 

Desna (Played by Nicey) lives with her brother and owns a nail salon with her 3 best friends. She and her crew are involved with the local drug gang by trafficking through the shop; Desi is also dating Roller who is one of the drug king pin's main dealers. Things get complicated when a new associate is introduced and Roller doesn't follow through on his deal with paying Desna for her help with the drug organization.

That new associate? That happens to be Virginia. Played by Karrueche Tran. She plays the fast little know it all on the show.  I didn't know anything about her (Besides the Chris Brown stuff) and barely knew what she looks like. So for the first four episodes, I didn't know that Virginia was her. I was watching and wondering when she would be on. Didn't know she played such a big role. So I say this without any pre judgment (knowledge) of her. Karrueche plays this role amazing. 

I won't say nothing more. Check out the show. Claws. Sundays. 9pm. TNT.


 Ewing Athletics’ latest Concept Hi pays tribute to a fellow ’90s Knicks star, Anthony Mason and the company has officially teamed up with Mason’s son, Anthony Mason Jr., to design the shoe. Features include the classic Knicks colorway, an embroidered “14″ to a winged heel and the same usage of Mason’s number underneath a halo, with both details paying respects to the late star and teammate of Patrick Ewing.

To celebrate the launch of the shoe, Ewing Athletics will be hosting an event on Saturday 29 from 4-6pm at Jimmy Jazz in Mason’s old neighborhood of Jamaica Queens. The shoe should be available in stores and on Ewing Athletics’ web store on the same day.

Jimmy Jazz
89-45 165th St.
NY 11432


Atlanta rapper 21 Savage recently dropped his debut album, Issa Album, with just a few weeks' notice. Coming off the breakout success of his Metro Boomin collaborative project Savage Mode, he’s looking to reach even greater heights with his proper solo debut. He linked up with Genius' own Rob Markman at Sword and the Stone in Los Angeles to talk about his relationship with Sonny Digital, his experiences growing up in Atlanta, and his opinions on what really constitutes trap music.

Read more on Genius:

Read all the lyrics to 'Issa Album' on Genius:

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on The Awkward Minority brand new site, Lady Godiva almost getting robbed, SZA, Kevin Hart book 'I Can't Make This Up', Gold Digging epic fail, Insecure, Awkward Mail. More Insecure talk and Karrueche (TNT Claws) and much more.

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The first trailer for Stranger Things 2 is here. It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

Season 2 premieres October 27, 2017.

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Sometimes in life, people lose their way. It just happens. It's nothing you can do. Just watch and hope. With that being said, Tyga has done some shit. I'm not here to tear him down, y'all do enough of that. 

I'm just here in hopes that the dude I first found out about in this video, still got it. Which is pretty funny, cause I still owe him a interview. He was supposed to be the first cover for 'My Swag Magazine' back in '08. We did link up in '10. So I guess we even. 

I say all that to say this, Tyga is coming back. This Friday is his chance to move like the Phoenix and rise. He's not one without an hit. He always keeps one of two. That's why I know he can get back on top of this hip hop flow and run the charts.

Imma just leave "Move To L.A." right here. We'll come back to this soon.  

Update: Friday

It's crazy what being in a different space can do for music. We all hear the opening track from Tyga new project. The top of this year. Didn't move. Last night it moved. Moved in a pretty big way. It sounds harder while having nothing different on the song.

Well, I think nothing is different.  This song set the tone for this mixtape.  "Niggas get so choked up I had to bring back the Spreewells". We got rapping ass Ye. 

He might go with Bel Air with Quavo as his next single. I suggest that he goes with 'Playboy' with Vince Staples. Both are great songs but that 'Playboy' goes. 

Pusha T lose his whole mind on Ski On The Slope. I'm pretty sure it's nothing that he haven't killed. Again, going back to the Kanye line about the Spreewells. Tyga kept this mixtape spinning. Utilizing each and every feature. Nobody was on the song to just be on the song for name only. They played they role. Even little King came in with that fire on "Flossin". He flossing y'all.

This has nothing to do with anything but Tyga has the song "Chandeliers" with surprise (?) ad-libs on it. 

He needs to shoot a video for Nann Nigga. The sight of Trick Daddy in a video just being Trick Daddy would be amazing. I heard he is going to be on Love And Hip Hop: Miami? I'll watch that. He too funny. This was one of the songs I was looking forward to. All because of Honey Cocaine. She been gone for awhile. Hope this her coming back track. She killed it. Like she always do. Her and Tyga makes great music together. This song might be in the top three for me so far. On the mixtape. I see you Young Thug on "Run It Back". That's just what I will do. Going back to the top. I think this is the chance for Tyga to get back.

You don't know nann nigga.He end this mixtape with 100's and this where I shall leave you. Counting 100's. 

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This is making me want one so bad.

They say that you nothing in basketball, till that foot touches the court at the rucker. 


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 This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on Lady Godiva new single 'Cold Front" available everywhere, SZA, 'The Defiant Ones', the upcoming season of ‘Insecure’, Jay-Z, 21 Savage and some other topics we didn't mean to talk about. Enjoy.

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 I think I have only said this on the podcast (The Awkward Minority) but I'll say it again,in-case I haven't before. I love 21 music. He's so savage. This shit he raps about, I really feel he will do to you. Be out here slapping niggas with that fire. Shooting up everybody house till somebody dies. That's pretty savage 21. 

You should have seen how fast I clicked when I saw that somebody mixed by favored 21 mixtapes with the Kanye album that birth the new rappers.  

 Atlanta producer Ducko Mcfli celebrates the one-year anniversary of 21 Savage’s Savage Mode by premiering his new remix project Issa808 exclusively on Genius. Mcfli mashes up beats from Kanye West’s 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak with vocals from Savage Mode, creating a unique project that blends the strengths of Kanye and 21 Savage together. He was inspired to create Issa808 after hearing a bad remix of 21 Savage’s “Ocean Drive.” - Chris Mench

 They also interviewed Ducko Mcfli about the project.  You should check that out. Normally things like this sound and feel like it's a joke. You get a song, change the beat to something nobody would think of. Everybody laughs for a couple days. Share meme's, whatever. Not this. 

The darkest of the lyrics mixed with the darkest moments of heartbreak from Kanye is beautifully savage. It takes some of the pain that 21 displays on songs like "See You On Ocean Drive" and it lifts it above the level of what it was once on. Something about the strings from Ye brings that pureness of the records out. Stripping it down to its core so you hear the words in the open, not submerged behind the booming bass from Metro.  You can dance to the OG, you think to the remix. 

I enjoy both, Metro & 21. Stay booming.


Shameless plug:

Join us this Sunday. We will be live tweeting (Insecure) from BOTH sides of the field.
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We been promoting this all over Twitter, so you know the deadline is getting close. Don't miss out. This is shaping up to be the best crate of all time. ---->
The homepage of streaming services really helps get artist out there. I find some pretty great music off random playlist. Just hit play and let it ride. Be open to something new. You only end up losing about three minutes if something sucks. That brings me to this, this right here. This is the anthem for some of y'all. If it's one thing you see on Twitter,daily. Besides the pictures of Beyoncé and quotes, is somebody talking about they ain't shit boyfriend. The Twitter streets is wild. 

It's like the wild wild west out there.  I'm not here to talk about y'all life tho, I'm just sharing some bust that window music. 

Bonus song below, for when you over the nigga.

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I was just on Twitter. I can't lie, I didn't know the car and bike show was today. I might have to show up. If only just to support DTLR. They're amazing and their booth is one in the same. Money machine, Selfie station, and giveaways, You can also meet the kids from the 'Rap Game'. I know y'all just wanna take them selfies tho. Get them shoots off. 

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On the lastest epiode of the podcast, I talked about my love for Lil Kim when I was younger. It was fun times. YOu catch check out the clip above and listen to the full epiode below. 



99.8% of the wings we ate in the house was lemon pepper growing up. Enough Said.

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva pay homage to Lil Kim, talks about puberty, Faith Evans, HBO documentary 'The Defiant Ones', Snoop Dog looting, 90's wild times, Bob's Burgers and much more. Enjoy.

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Lady Godiva

Jesus Shuttlesworth
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You know, it's something about this summer weather. This Sunday summer weather. Seems like when it's Sunday and the wind is blowing and mother nature is being beautiful and letting that hot be just right. That hot like in the microwave. Hot enough to get the party started but not hot enough to burn yo hands. 

So it's only right that when the weather is feeling like this, you bless mother nature back by getting fancy. This that Tommy No Hilfiger.  

The Sweater  
The best way to stand out is to not look like you standing out at all. This why I love this sweater. You stand out without even trying. The soft gray with the cream, sliding down into the red and the blue. This would have been perfect for 4th of July. If you celebrate that. This something that Tommy should have made. Something I should have made. Yikes!

 I know that all I wear mostly now is the H&M joggers (Shoutout to them). Topman has been coming in with the pants that fit us, short people, too. Pants, not the jeans. 

One of my favorite numbers is 33. Don't know why but I just love the look of it. Maybe I'm secretly the biggest Larry Bird fan and I don't know. Could be Patrick Ewing, since it's his sneakers? I normally wear the Hi-tops but the low's seem to be more of the chill look for this one. Less bulky.  

Sweater and Pants (Click banner below)

 Topman - Dress to Impress  

Sneakers: Jimmy Jazz

If you like this one, be sure to check out other "Dress Like Javaris". 

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I have been waiting for this to come out and I'm four episodes deep into this and loving every minute of it.It started with the beat deal and Tyrese spilling the beans. It's the funniest story ever. After that, it brings it to the start of how Jimmy and Dre got there music starts. Dre and Jimmy have to be some of the most creative people to walk this earth. If you love music, you will love this cause lord. Interscope was at the heart of all the drama in the 90's.The 90's drama is only a little bit of it all. So many amazing layers. Give it a watch when you get some time.

Streaming on HBO now.

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Just a playlist for any cookout you go to. Grab that AUX cord and never let go. 


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If you been asking. This should answer the questions. 

Coming soon. 

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