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Get ready for a different type of food show! In the first episode of "On the Run Eatin'," presented by First We Feast, our favorite rap gourmand (and Hot Ones legend) N.O.R.E. heads to Atlanta to feast on everything from ribs, to crab legs, to strip-club wings. The crew dine like kings with Outkast’s Big Boi, links up with CeeLo Green, and then hits the ATL mecca—Magic City—for a full serving of ass and wings. Binge-watch all 8 episodes of On the Run Eatin' NOW on First We Feast:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Remember when Coachella was just that line in Frank Ocean song? Let's go ever more backward. Remember when Eminem was on the Warped Tour? Dream big kids, never know what y'all events can become.  

Anyways, Tickets went on sale in January and sold out that same day. If you weren't lucky enough to get them then you can get them now. Right here. My friends over at Seat Geek keep a couple for everybody to be able to enjoy the fun. 

None of this is even what the meat and potatoes of the post are about.  It's time to start planning. I will try and shoot a couple ideas out leading to April. So you can have some options. Just don't wear them the same day as me. I'm joking, you should. With the crowd so big we won't see each other. If we do, that would make for some pretty great photos. 

Blue And Orange Floral Revere Shirt

I'm rolling up the selves with this one. It's gotta be hot. This gives you the feel of Versace but without the price tag so you can sweat in this without the guilt. It doesn't breathe as well as Versace but again, you can sweat in this. 

Pork Pie With Pinched Crown In Camel 

I can't even lie to you right now. Not gonna say I'm wearing this to block the sun cause I'm not. This gonna be in the middle of my head with the hair falling out the front. I'mma look dope. 

Gotta let the legs get some air. 

You might have noticed that I skipped over the shirt part. That's cause I won't be wearing one. Let the taco meat show (I don't have much tho). 

6-pack Bracelets 

Three for each side.  


Vans Gum Bumper Authentic -

Vans Gum Bumper Authentic - Gum Bumper Authentic
Vans Gum Bumper Authentic 
Now, this is not the smartest things to do but we shall do it anyway. Not only are we wearing white sneakers, but we will be wearing them on grass and dirt. Sending them on this mission they might not make it back from. I'm joking. It's Vans. You toss them in the washer and they're good as new. 

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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Welcome to the end of the Monday. I would make some joke about this day but it never really did anything to me. It gets such a bad rap.  Anyways. Today was too cold for what is suppose to be getting hotter weather. So I wanted to brighten the day with a shirt that replaces the sun. 

Why that sounds like some cheesy stuff a dude uses as a pick-up line? 

Beba means "Drink" by the way. Coca-Cola has to be the only brand of soda you will catch me wearing. Drinking too I guess. 
 Regular brown pants. Nothing fancy.

 Vans Golden Coast Authentic 
In a world where McDonald's didn't exist, I would say wear some red sneakers with this one. But it does and if you wear red sneakers with this one, well, you gonna look like Ronald McDonald. With just less big ass sneakers. Unless you Shaq. Shaq if you reading this, don't wear yellow shirts. You too big for that. 
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Cause we all need a food break sometimes.

Chocolatey coconut crunch in every bite? You gotta have them Crunchos.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

 Life is a, UH, depending how you dress her
So if the Devil wear Prada, Adam Eve wear nada
I'm in between but way more fresher
With way less effort, 'cause when you try hard
That's when you die hard
Your homies looking like why God
When they reminisce over you, my God- Kanye West
 Oh, you haven't heard the news? My childhood is slowing dying. Falling off the face of the map. Either sexual assaulting women or being racist. Everybody seems to be jumping off the edge. All their friends must be dead?  The latest seems to be Nautica. They selling it off.
What I'm about to say next is about to seem like the reason (might be). I didn't even know Nautica was still selling. Well not selling, clearly not the case but still being made. 

I kinda wanna buy the brand cause it seems like it's something there. In the meantime, I just bought some stuff from the website, before I buy the website. 

Long Sleeve Button-Front Shawl-Collar Striped Cardigan

Fair Isle Mock Neck Zip Sweater

 Water Resistant Colorblock Logo Jacket

 Color Block Jacket

 Graphic Quarter Zip Pullover

 Classic Fit Allover Sailing Flag Short

 That's all I got this time around. I will be checking out some more. They seem to have a pretty deep collection. Let me know what you buying. Twitter / Instagram

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Who Lives In a Pineapple Under the Sea? (Yell His Name). Absorbent and yellow and porous is he (Nah, really yell his name). 

The lovable residents of Bikini Bottom are now encapsulated in the California-based lifestyle sneaker brand’s classic Vault by Vans silhouettes, with characters donning across Sk8-Hi, Authentic and Slip-On models for a total of six releases. Patrick and SpongeBob are featured most prominently across the uppers of the models while Plankton can be found carelessly smooshed on the bottom outsole for a hilarious effect. Design elements vary from all-over prints and checkerboard styling to fine details like custom tongue tags and co-branded insoles. 

The SpongeBob Squarepants by Vans collection will retail from $45 to $260 USD across all of its products and launch globally on February 24. Dover Street Market locations worldwide will host unique in-store displays on February 24 as well, with London on the 28. View the entire collection over at Vans. FREE Shipping on All Orders at!

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Creativity Owns The Night: "After Hours" 
Directed by Ghadir Said 
Starring: Trish Williams 
Cinematography: Javaris Squire 
Music: Noname "Diddy Bop" 
 SanQuon "Don't Hurt Yourself" collection out now:

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tonight is the night that we have all been waiting for. What a long wait it has been. I was going to write this whole thing about looking forward to tonight and seeing the Black Panther on the big screen and the lighting up of my face. All that, I was about to go deep. If you listened to The Awkward Minority Podcast lastest episode. You know all that would be a lie. 
I have already seen the movie twice now. This is about to be my third time and I can tell you. I enjoyed all of the minutes of the first two.  

This one will be different. I'm seeing it amongst the people. The others were on some fancy industry event type stuff. I love it. Don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is, I couldn't wear what I want. So I'mma wear it tonight. Well, I didn't wear the shirt I want.

I kept seeing people making jokes about what they will be wearing and I thought it was just that, jokes. Until this morning when my friend really texts me to see what I will be wearing. 

I wanna do a play off the movie while playing off of the Black Panther Party. Not one in the same but will be for me.  

Men's Black Panther Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Marvel) 

I know I hate to have something that the other people might have on as well. Not this shirt but still, Black Panthers will be all around the theater. I got to join in.  This is probably the only time you will see this happen. 

 Don't worry about where they from. 
keeping with the Black Panther Party theme. If I was around in the 60's I would have been the best dress panther. I would have been getting everybody right. 

Vans Authentic Skate

The red can bounce off of all of this since I went for the darker colors with this look. A red or blue would work for this but since we going to war, we wear the red for the blood of the fallen fuck bois that dare try to enter the kingdom. 

What will you be wearing? Let me know on Twitter / Instagram 

  Actor Michael B. Jordan invites Vogue into his home and answers 73 Questions. In this episode, presented by the Google Assistant, Michael talks about his role in Black Panther, working with Sylvester Stallone, and his love of Japanese culture.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Black Panther stars Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B. Jordan take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the Internet's most searched questions about Black Panther and themselves. Who is stronger, Black Panther or Captain America? Who would win in a fight, Black Panther or Wolverine? Does Chadwick Boseman do his own stunts? Does Michael B. Jordan play basketball? What languages does Lupita Nyong'o speak? The Black Panther cast answers all these and more!

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Monday, February 12, 2018


Deadpool. One name you just have to love. Or hate. Hate, if you just happen to be one of the people that dislike everything. Cause how can you not love Deadpool, he's so cute. Okay, he is an ugly muthafucker but he keeps the mask on. So all is fair in war, right?  

Anyways. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong (Which I'm sure you will) Deadpool has to have the most official Funko Pop variations.It seems like it if it's not. He has so many. The possibles are endless.  Which brings the question of which ones to get. With the upcoming release of the Contest of Champions-Venompool, I guess I'll tell you my favorites. With so many, this was hard to pick. 

Funko Pop Deadpool The Duck 

  The cynical anthropomorphic duck Howard, and mercenary Deadpool are now featured as one. 


Funko Pop Rides: Deadpool's Chimichanga Truck 

We all love a good Chimichanga.  




Funko POP! Marvel Bath Time Deadpool 

Rub-a-dub-dub gets yo ass in the tub. 







Marvel-Contest of Champions-Venompool

Watch out for the tongue.  


Well, that's some of my favorites. Didn't wanna keep you too long. Be sure to let me know your favorites. I can always use another Deadpool. Twitter / Instagram.





Saturday, February 10, 2018

According to Yeezy Mafia, the silhouette is scheduled to drop at the adidas 747 Warehouse St. event taking place during NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles on February 16 and 17. The event already includes a heavy-hitting lineup of sneaker releases from the Three Stripes including the FUTURECRAFT 4D, BAPE x adidas Dame 4, Crazy BYWs, SPEEDFACTORY AM4s and a star-studded music lineup as well.

Additionally, the post claims the sneaker will have a wider release in March. For now, fans in the City of Angels that have gained access to the event can look for it to drop there.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sexy muthafucker. Looks like we finally have the date after all the playing they have been doing with us. They could have atleast took us out to dinner first. 

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 One of the most highly anticipated movies of the Year, Black Panther hits theaters February 16th. For some, this will be a moment they have waited for, for years. Going back to the days of sitting on the living room floor reading front to back of the comics. Trying to be like the lightning fast, cat-like reflect Black Panther. For many, this will be their first introduction to the Wakanda king. Welcome board. Let us be your guide into the universe of The Black Panther. Telling you about some of the most captivating moments, daring feats, and explaining to you just how the black panther came about.
Welcome to Wakanda. Enjoy your stay.

Black Panther x The Awkward Minority limited edition loot crate:

Via The Awkward Minority 

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Not even going to lie to you, I was the best dress at my niece birthday party a couple weeks ago. Actually, I take that back, my niece was the best dress and I was second. Her mother had to be third with her Goonies shirt.  It wasn't the Lootcrate one with the famous catchphrase "Goonies Never Say Die". Not that one, I got that. It was the snap chat one.  I love that movie too much. Was watching it the other day. 

 Anyways. Like I said, I was in the top two of best dressed at the party. I think my niece felt that and wanted to mess me up. So my shirt and sneakers I started with is not how it ended. So I guess we could do a two for one with this post.  

 French navy polka dots. Everything about it sounds fancy. Even the name alone. This was one of them crushing everybody today looks. In the mirror just looking at yourself. Can't get enough. 

 You already know what it is. Say less. 

 Vans Canvas Sk8-Hi "True White"  Shop the Vans Made for Makers Collection at! Shop Now and Receive Free Shipping With Your Order.

Now looking back at it. This is how I knew I fucked up.  It was in my face this whole time. I'm too old to not know this. Wearing white sneakers to kids parties is on the list of stupid things to do. Besides the wearing of white sneakers period. I had to get this look off.  First, my niece didn't wanna jump on the moon bounce with the other kids. She wasn't having all that.She wanted to play on the swing. Which is how we got these photos.  I don't know how the dirt got on my shirt but I'm not shocked by the sneakers. 

I also don't care too much. Vans clear up pretty easy. Still, I had to change. Couldn't be looking all crazy. 

 So I switched. I didn't die off the fancy. Putting on the Jamaica heather. These names I tell ya. Which is pretty funny cause Ralph has the polo's that run you about 300 dollars. Them names have to be even better right? I'm asking y'all cause that's something I can't bring myself to do.  If they wanna send one to me for the free, feel so to do that. Send ten. Nice even number. 

 I kept the same pants cause they were fine and switched into some sneakers that could take the beating the kids were sure to be giving out. Spoiler alert, no beating was taken. These are Tubular Radial if you wanted to know.  Another side of the note: Try some on in the store. They run big and your sizes might but even fit right. So make sure to try some. If you don't like swimming cause I have this one red pair that has me in the deep end. 

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