Friday, February 16, 2018

Into The Heart Of The Jungle #DressLikeJavaris / #BlackPanther

Tonight is the night that we have all been waiting for. What a long wait it has been. I was going to write this whole thing about looking forward to tonight and seeing the Black Panther on the big screen and the lighting up of my face. All that, I was about to go deep. If you listened to The Awkward Minority Podcast lastest episode. You know all that would be a lie. 
I have already seen the movie twice now. This is about to be my third time and I can tell you. I enjoyed all of the minutes of the first two.  

This one will be different. I'm seeing it amongst the people. The others were on some fancy industry event type stuff. I love it. Don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is, I couldn't wear what I want. So I'mma wear it tonight. Well, I didn't wear the shirt I want.

I kept seeing people making jokes about what they will be wearing and I thought it was just that, jokes. Until this morning when my friend really texts me to see what I will be wearing. 

I wanna do a play off the movie while playing off of the Black Panther Party. Not one in the same but will be for me.  

Men's Black Panther Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Marvel) 

I know I hate to have something that the other people might have on as well. Not this shirt but still, Black Panthers will be all around the theater. I got to join in.  This is probably the only time you will see this happen. 

 Don't worry about where they from. 
keeping with the Black Panther Party theme. If I was around in the 60's I would have been the best dress panther. I would have been getting everybody right. 

Vans Authentic Skate

The red can bounce off of all of this since I went for the darker colors with this look. A red or blue would work for this but since we going to war, we wear the red for the blood of the fallen fuck bois that dare try to enter the kingdom. 

What will you be wearing? Let me know on Twitter / Instagram 

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