Sunday, February 4, 2018

Did We Just Find The Best Art Exhibit Ever?

Before I start this one. You have to read this one to fully understand it all. I want you to read both so you can see God at work. Cause if this wasn't her then tell me who it is.  Anyway's this all happen after we got to the Sculpture Garden.(Again, read part one) As we were walking out of it. We saw this huge building. It was like we were in the Rome times. Without a couple things. Less dust. The building looked like where the gladiators fought the lions. Surrounded for some reason around sand that turned quickly into a grass field. Now I can't remember if this was also what she (Jeem) was looking for or not. I just remember us being in agreement that we should check this out and the food trucks after. 

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As you can see from the picture above, you can't really tell what this is when walking up to it.It was the look that pulled us. So we again didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into.Looking around as we stepped into the circle. Thinking the cops about to walk us out because this is not what we believe it to be.

But it was what we think it was as we were getting to the nearest door and seeing a sign. "Go Around". I don't actually think it said "Go Around" but it had something like that. Said, in the nicest way. We went around and was greeted by the art you see above. I call it the "World Stage". The two people on the outside control the three in the middle while they watch.

I didn't catch the name of this one so I can't look it up to see if I'm right, I'm right (in my mind). 

As we kept turning the circle to get to the front door we were hit by this. This rock just felt outta nowhere. I don't know who car this is but I feel for the person. Took it all the way out.
It was a nice car before the rock hit it and all. Yikes. 

Finally making it to the door of the museum after fighting the rock and the plotting of war.We enter the museum.  

 I do what I normally do which is grab a program and start to read it. The inside of this one didn't really have too much. Just some information about the garden we already walk through.  As I was finishing up the reading. I got to the back.  

As I'm reading the back, I see this and I freak out. For about two minutes I just looked at the name in shock. Barbara Kruger. One of my favorite artist of all time. She is a conceptual artist and collagist.  Much of her work consists of black-and-white photographs overlaid with declarative captions—in white-on-red Futura Bold Oblique or Helvetica Ultra Condensed. If you're still lost: Her work is what the Supreme logo that people go crazy over is based on.

I saw this and after hugging the hell outta Jeem, I flew down the stairs. 

I didn't care who thought I was crazy I had to enjoy this moment. I leap down and the surprise was so welcoming. All four walls and the floor, covered in her work. Not one spot left blank. Even the escalator.

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Enjoying that not too many people are in the space since it has been up since 2012. Hating the fact that I lost most of the photos I took with my phone. Camera around my neck but shooting with my phone. That was stupid. The camera had a couple still. 

 Most of her work, all of her work. Is commentary on society. Things like "Money Makes Money" wrote across the escalator. Had to break that one down for a couple teenagers but I'll let you think about that one for yourself.

I have to say that this is one of the best days of my life and it will always be with me. I plan on going again. I gotta get some more shots off since I was stupid with most of the ones the first time.  The best thing about the whole thing is that Jeem didn't know any of this would be there. This was God's plan. 

Now on the way out, I had to get something. They didn't have that much when it came to the section for me. I'm not paying 80 dollars for nobody book. Not gonna wear a t-shirt so I got something I can look at every day. Posters. Nothing says love like the art you keep on your wall. It sets the mood when you wake up. 

Me being the collector of money had to pick up the Smithsonian coin. 

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