Monday, January 8, 2018

We Accidentally Stumbled Upon The Sculpture Garden #PlacesWithJeem

This might just be the year. The year of remembering what I didn't post last year. I thought I did this already but I didn't.  I'm sorry. This was one of them things where it's so amazing that you forget to share with the world cause you so wrapped up in the moment. (Wow, talk about a mouth full). 

Sorry, I'm in book mode for some reason. Anyways. Back in June, Jeem and I went to D.C. I been to D.C. before when I was younger. Visting Howard University. I really didn't see much of the city. Parties and almost dying (Story later?) was the most I got out of that. I also sat in on some classes. Finding out that I knew more than the .... nevermind. I didn't end up going to that college.

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While we were at Einstein Bagels, Jeem and I were going over what we wanted to do that day. We were pretty free-flowing about everything but one thing reminded. She wanted to visit some sculpture garden. I was listening but I was over the hill hype about the Shakespeare museum we were just told about. 

 So as we went out for the day. Stopping by any and everything. So much we didn't get lost but we didn't have the whereabouts of where we were heading.

 One thing reminds the same. The sculpture garden. It had become the middle of the day and we didn't  have the slightest of clues what the maps were talking about. Which is funny cause we found everything while getting lost looking for this one thing.  Didn't get into the African American museum because of the wait if you didn't book tickets months in advance (no joke).

So as the clock was ticking down.  We had to find the place that Jeem had been talking about from the start of the day. So we went on reading the confusing signs that they had up. We didn't know the name of what we were looking for but something kept telling us to keep going the way we were heading. 

Now we didn't realize it at the time but we wandered into the garden. The front didn't look like much of anything. It has this outdoor dining area and behind it, was this beautiful water fountain. Again, we were still not realizing that we were in the garden. As we sat there enjoying the little water breeze that was given off by the fountain. We got up, ready to leave and again, something kept saying "Keep going". We walked around the fountain and there it was, the garden in its full glory.  I owe y'all on the next trip cause for the life of me, I can't seem to understand why I didn't bring my camera. So pardon the camera phone shots. 

  It's just something about sculpture art that I love. I will never have the patience to do any of this. I stick to the pencil and paper. So to see things like this be made is always something to be taken back by. 

 I wanted to climb this piece but I didn't know if that was allowed. Okay, I'm lying. I just didn't want somebody to snitch cause I'm pretty sure it's not allowed.

 Seeing all the things that the garden had was great.If you get a chance, you too should stumble upon this place as well.  Or you can go right to it. No need to be lost. I mean not lost walking without knowing.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  

7th Street SW and Independence Avenue, Washington, DC 20024

Psst. This is only part one. I loved the next spot even more. Yell at me on Twitter/ Instagram.
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