Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Stay With The Sling #PrivateLabelNYC

 The year just started and it's already on fire. Not taking too long for Private Label NYC to jump off to the races. Taking to social media to announce the upcoming release of unique sorts. Fanny packs. Now they have been gaining popularity for quite some time now. Seeing more in the past year. Me, I have never been that huge of a fan.  I hate shit around my waist (Hips). Even belts. With that being said, they have flipped it. See below. I would have never in a million years living would have thought this. See that's something I can get behind. Wearing it like a backpack. Looks big enough to fit my camera in. Couple more things too. This would be great for shoot days. Seeing that the Private Label duffle I already have is clutch.

Now it's that time that I hate. Picking a color. I can never pick one and I swear it took me the longest to even pick the duffle. This blue one looks like house money. Matching well with the blue camo that I already have. Have me walking around looking like I'm apart of something. Something cool, something cool. Not gang related at all (Yikes). Plus blue is my favorite color. 

BUT that green camo does look pretty nice. 

 This will be something to think about. The black is still in play too. Loving the details with the red trim. The great thing about this. I have until Friday (1/5/18) to think about this all. 

Depending on the price point, I might just get two.  


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