Thursday, January 4, 2018

Fast Ball Like Satchel #DressLikeJavaris

Um. don't know where to start with this post. I already know I'm about to do too much. I'm not here to tell you the history but the history of FUBU is incredible. As Combat Jack (R.I.P) like to say "Do your Googles". What I will do is at least share how LL Cool J got FUBU into the Gap commercial. Cause that, that I will never get sick of hearing. 

"In the Spring of '97, a commercial starts to air for the Gap, featuring a new kind of spokesperson for the mall-shopping standard of America: LL Cool J. In the spot, LL sports the Gap neck-to-toe. On his head, however, was a hat by a then little-known streetwear brand called FUBU, which stood for "For Us, By Us," given a shout by LL in the lyrics of his rap during the commercial, with those exact words.

Executives for The Gap were supposedly furious, once they actually realized what had happened. And here's what happened: FUBU's founder, Daymond John—an old friend of LL's from Hollis, Queens—kept pestering LL Cool J to wear his new clothing line, until LL actually a shoot for his big Gap commerical. Orders for the clothing line exploded, and FUBU became the original monolithic rapper-endorsed streetwear brand, with revenues totaling somewhere around the $300 million mark in 1998." - Complex (The 40 Biggest Hip-Hop Moments in Pop Culture History)

For us by us on the low. Talk about the full-time jack move. Then you throw in the "How easy is that". Gap still mad to this day. Took yo commercial. 

That's not even what this is even about. I just wanted to show off the stuff I just picked up in their store.  I knew this would toss me right off the track. Cause dammit I have more to say.

Jersey: FUBU 

One of the things I loved when growing up was watching the old Negro games. On the tape, I'm not that old. I have this huge love for the design of the uniforms. So much that even in High School when everybody was rolling their baseball pants legs down. I kept mine up. I swear I was Satchel Paige. Now if only I had the skills as him. 

The best thing about this jersey is that they use real 1950s-era wool blend baseball cloth. Never wanted to live in the 50's but I can feel like it. Without all the bad stuff, you know. 

 Pins: FUBU
I can't stop picking up habits. I don't know where I got this love for collecting things but add pins to the list. Getting ready to add three more to the collection.  It was a must for these to be picked up. 

Well, that's my short, long story of what I bought today in the FUBU store. 

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