Thursday, January 11, 2018

Soft As The Lacoste Team #DreamLikeJavaris

First off, let me thank my connect. The most important person with all due respect. Lacoste is having a sale. I suggest you get in your bag real quick and pick up some things. I sure have but that's another post. Let's match some stuff up from what I bought cause the next Lacoste about to just be random.

 Men's Buttoned Jersey T-shirt

Good Morning America said that it's 69 days until spring. It was 65 degrees today in Georgia. I guess mother nature didn't know.  She coming early? That's a first. (I did that on purpose). So since that the winter is going to the end I have to get this look off like it's the middle of the week in the snow. I switched out the long sleeve I had right here. Cause y'all can't buy it, it's sold out. 

Quilted Down Packable Vest 

 This happens to be my second look this week with a vest. I don't know what's going on with me. But I like it. 



 I don't wear cream enough. It's like butter on bread with how smooth it is.

Old Skool

I was thinking to do the whole bright green. That will be too much. This earth tone is enough for me.  Now, this look you can't wear too much. You only bring it out every now and then. Not cause it's so much fire. Because it's cream pants. People will remember that, Jack.




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