Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Fancy Buttercream With Diamonds #DressLikeJavaris

Buttercream, the word rolls so smooth off the tongue. Whenever it's said, I always think about cupcakes.The fancy kind. The one you can only buy one at a time. Today I felt like looking like one short cupcake. I have this social event I have to go to and I might as well look nice for it.

Normally starting at the top but staring at the bottom with this one. I got these a while back and until this day, they were not something I was wearing.  I don't want to say this was an impulse buy but yeah, it might have been but whatever. I'm trying to get around to wearing all the sneakers I buy at least once.  They are actually on sale right now. 

Guess I'll keep it going in this order. This look is about to be all the stuff I really don't wear too much. I got these cause I'm a man-child. Not really, that sentence was just flowing so well that I just left it in.  I really never have had the chance to wear these. Something about the color and my color. It's some every now and then pants.

When we went to D.C. I brought about three pairs of shades. Cause I knew the sun would be beaming and I didn't want to deal. I bet you can guess how many of the glasses that I wore. Zero. I forgot the glasses in the Hotel room.You can buy some too just don't forget.  Sunglasses here.
Out of everything that's on this list, I wear this one often. Not the silver pieces but the brown and tan all at once cause that's what the real ones do. 

I need to get some kids so I can go to like a PSA meeting or something. This look starting to be like something for the 40-year-old me. I like it. I guess the mixer I have to go to tonight, I will be the best-looking person there.

Tan Faux Shearling Borg Jacket  

I'm still out here trying to beat all the jackets outta my closet before the winter ends. Which could be any day now or in the next year. Dealing with this Georgia weather. 

 The jacket is from Top Man and you should enjoy the sale. Click the link below.

Save an extra 20% off sale items with code EXTRAEXTRA, valid 01/31-02/05 only!  

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