Friday, January 5, 2018

Can I Measure Your Tree? (Atlanta FX)

You know, I didn't notice this but Atlanta has been gone for this whole year that was 2017. It seems like just yesterday they were saying that it will be gone for the year while Donald went off to shoot Star Wars. That year is up and they have now announced that it will be coming back for season two on March 1st. 10pm. I'm already ready. So much so that I have been watching season one. Let me stop lying. I have been watching season one. Since Amazon has the whole season for only ten dollars. Steal. 

While we here, we might as well talk about my favorite episodes.  Now if you don't know about Atlanta. Atlanta is an American comedy-drama television series created by and starring Donald Glover. The series is about two cousins navigating their way in the Atlanta rap scene in an effort to improve their lives and the lives of their families. 

 Now my favorite on the show has to be Darius. He knows everything and nothing at all. Low on energy and just too much ahead to break down the knowledge that he holds. On the other hand, he might just be so stupid that he just trying to hold it together. Two sides to all the coins. Best character on the show, Keeps you laughing. 


 B.A.N (S.1.E.7)
 This episode features Alfred in an interview on the talk show "Montague" on B.A.N. ("Black American Network, a parody of B.E.T)  with the host, Franklin Montague, and center of trans-American issues, Dr. Debra Holt as they talk about the media's indictment of Black Culture and it's interaction with transgender people. While in between the episode, fake commercials play throughout. 

 (Which are the best things ever) 

  • Dodge - The three commercials features a man driving a black Dodge Charger through Atlanta but once it gets to the third commercial, he stops at a gas station only to be seen with only a shirt on and it shows a mechanic telling a fellow mechanic the man's story as his name turns out to be "Victor Wallace" and how his wife left him for his brother and how he lost everything to his wife in a divorce settlement but the only thing he wanted was the Dodge Charger, also turns out he's been driving the neighborhood for a whole week.
  • Arizona - The commercial features a man buying an Arizona tea but when the cashier scans it, it comes out to $1.49 even though the price is 99 cents on the can as they both come to that realization.
  • Swisher Sweets - The commercial features a spokesperson and several other people cutting the cigar only to take out the tobacco and save the flavored paper part of the cigar.
  • 1-260-33Quest - The commercial features Ahmad White (the person that Earn interacted with on the bus from the first episode) telling people to call a number so they can get the answers that they need, with three people telling how he changed their life.
  • Coconut Crunch-O's - The commercial is a parody of the "Trix" commercials as instead of there being a rabbit, it's a wolf as he is seen being violently detained by a white police officer in front of 3 African-American children who witness the whole thing who even offer to give him the cereal themselves but he still arrests him.
  • Mickey's Malt Liquor - The commercial features a man trying to get a glass of malt liquor over to a woman while crossing through some people on his way over to here.

  Go For Broke (S.1.E.3)
 Earn tries to order a kid's meal, but failed because of his age. He later lied about getting a cup of water so he can get an orange soda. While meeting Paper Boi and Darius, they talked about the only ways of getting money. In his house, Earn and Van talked about the reasons he got locked up for a shooting. Earn apologized for being inconsiderate and asked her for dinner. She refused and he asked to watch her eat dinner. While Van is getting ready for sleep, Earn smells her armpits. When he wakes up, he figures that his bank account is at least $92. Swift later tell him to take Van out on a date. Earn agrees, went inside and puts a champagne in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, Paper Boi and Darius talked about their guns and what women called them. Darius later cuffed himself in the briefcase but forgot the key. Waiting at the gas station, some black truck tells them that the drug deal occurs in the forest. There, they meet the Migos (the fictionalized version of the rap group). But before it begins, Offset throws a guy out of an RV and kicks him. Quavo later throws the guy some clothes and tells him that he can let him go, in order to shoot him with a shotgun. At a seafood restaurant, Earn and Van ordered their food and he walked to a bartender who knew he was broke. They finished their dinner and Earn asked for a check, which has more than less. He later calls Alfred asking to add $20 to his account. Paper Boi, Darius, and the Migos settle the deal until Darius tells them that he was stuck to the briefcase. Later, Earn and Van returns from the date, with her being angry at him. Earn later gives Van some advice for which she thinks is "some dumbass shit". 

 Nobody Beats the Biebs (S.1.E.5)
Earn is mistaken for someone else named Alonso by a older woman and is then invited into a lounge for managers and agents who later accuses him for stealing her clients, while Alfred plays in a celebrity basketball tournament with singer Justin Bieber (who is actually African-American in this universe) and actually ends up getting into an altercation with him. Meanwhile, Darius accidentally starts a race war in a shooting range after people catch him practicing his shooting on a dog target.

It actually was hard to pick my favorite three. Atlanta didn't have one episode that I really even cared to skip. If your new to the series this should be enough to get you started. 

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