Monday, November 21, 2022

Wednesday, November 2, 2022



No shade to mother nature but it rained on my birthday. Like rain down on me, SWV type shit. It still ended up being a great birthday in the end. Freckles rented out a whole theater for us to watch the new Thor. Anyways, her birthday is coming up and I know mother nature is not going to do her as she did me. Well, she better not cause I plan on looking great. I laugh as I say that cause this shit is not about me, I just need to look just as good as her. I already got the look picked out so saw get into it. 

Funny enough I nonetheless have something else that I would wear but we stick with this.


So, we're going to Ruth Chris. The place you have heard in a million rap songs. They seem to love this place. I  have never been but looking at the website, I love the story of the place

I need to get out and buy more pants this winter and we start with these. I got one to test it out and I like the cut so we shall buy more. 

VERSACE 43MM Stainless Steel & Silicone Watch

Went with this watch cause maybe the gold would be too much with these pants. The red brings in another color element that gets the point across. 

Air Max 95 Essential

Look at me, wearing white shoes. I still hate them but it has to be done with this look. It makes the look go, you know. 

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