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 I have interview lots of people (Erykah Badu,Beyonce,Marc Jacobs,etc) but my greatest interview had to be the one I did with Jay Lawrence Friedheim ( Man on the right). 

 I actually never planned to interview him. I posted something about Huey in My Swag Magazine (09) and he reached out to me. Me, I was so in shock that somebody that got to meet the man and spend hours with the man reached out to me. That had to be the greatest day in history for me. Well, in the history of me living.
This is Jay's back story on the photo. This seems like a great way to end black history month. 
This picture I took in Huey’s bedroom by setting up the camera and having a timed flash. Huey’s home in the Oakland hills was given to him by the Actor Rod Steiger.
I was Bob Trivers assistant for a couple of years while I was working my way through college at University of California Santa Cruz studying Biology.
I worked extensively with Bob and Huey on the Deceit and Self Deception work. There were plans for a book. We used to get together and talk for hours on the subjects, plan areas of research and then I did a lot of library work as the world was not yet blessed with search engines. We also had a fondness for having really good times together.
Huey did the political analysis , Bob do the biological work and animal behaviors, cryptic coloration's and I gathered everything that was known to that time about deceit and self deception in human beings.

For example I gathered all the work on lie detection, ocular stability and the use of placebos in medicine.

I have become a lawyer and use what I learned with them in my practice all of the time as I am a trial lawyer and the determination of veracity and bringing out the truth is the basis of that work. l

I had become friends with Huey before Bob arrived at UCSC because we had of a couple of mutual friends of ours in common such as , Lucy Montgomery and Fred Hampton in Chicago.

I was very close with Lucy and she was a major figure in the political activities in Chicago of those days.
I would often be and her home when Jesse Jackson would drop buy for lunch or just to hang out.
I met Jane Fonda, Studs Turkel at her home and countless people in the acts and politics.

Here is a bit I found about that.$tapedetail?FREDHAMPTO

When I left Santa Cruz I went back to Chicago and became good friends with Del Close the then Director of Second City and the Acting coach for Saturday Night Live, who in his own way had the same kind of creative genius that Bob and Huey demonstrated in their own field. Bob and Del became good friend when he would come to Chicago and I was living with Del .

Here is a picture of Del and I and some friends in our apartment in Old Town in Chicago.

This was the night I introduced Tim Leary to Del because Tim was debating G. Gordon Liddy and Liddy was destroying him in stage.

Del got him up to speed in no time.

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I been trying to open up my timeline up on Twitter. Follow more people. I really have been. It's pretty hard since most of y'all. Nevermind. Anyways. Killer Mike was on The View last week. Like always, the hometown big brother was showcasing his knowledge about politics. So I'm watching and searching "The View" on Twitter seeing what other people are saying. Retweeting and all that good stuff. I have to say that the vast majority of people was enjoying Killer Mike. 

So in between the retweeting I was following people. Cause, hey if you like Killer Mike you the type of person I should follow. It's been a week and I haven't unfollowed anybody. I pick some good people, they haven't got on my nerves. 

It's this one person tweets that caught my eye. The business of the person. The Goode Style. Homemade greatness in the heart of Virginia. This is one brand that love the attention to the nuances. If the devil is in the details, as  the old saying goes, than this brand is dancing with the devil down by Rappahannock river on a cold Sunday. You can tell that each item in made with love. This is your Grandma sweating in the kitchen love. You know that heart is in the items.

When I first started following her, she had one item. It was the tassel keychain, I spend the next hour contemplating if I should buy some for the next SanQuon show. Actually I spent the hour thinking if they can be used as earrings. They would look excellent. Can you see our last look as the lights start to go down and the music slowly change and the smoke (yes, smoke) starts to fill the stage and a video plays. Boom, in walks the model and the model has the tassels as earrings? Let's all just go home. Shut it down. Game over. 

How did I get here? I'm sorry back to The Goode Style. 

 The Goode Style currently has four items for you to start your new obsession. Two standouts. The vibrant colors of the 'Zipper Fold Over Clutch', as it mixes the loud of the neon with the black and white stripes. Wild style Zebra. While the 'Black & White Foldover Clutch' might be secretly the best. Featuring the faux leather black and white on the outside and a surprise flamboyant inside. The Zebra that likes to keep it's personality in the house.

Be sure to follow The Goode Style on Twitter, Instagram and the webstore

Also be sure to follow the creator on Twitter . 

Michael Kors has enough money, support small this weekend.

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You can tell the greatest of a song within the first 30 seconds of it playing. I heard B.o.B 'Nothing on you" months before the release. When I heard the hook start "Beautiful girls, all over the world" being sung by the at the time underground Bruno Mars, I knew this song would be a smash. Just something about the sweet melody. 

I got that same vibe from this new Netflix show 'Love'. It wasn't really a sweet melody or a melodic voice. It was the awkward sex from two different sides of the rainbow. One of the main characters Gus and his girlfriend are discussing Persian rugs in bed with they laptops. Welcome to 2016. Actually, 2016 would be matching IPads. So the scene cuts and now Gus and his girlfriend, who is the spokesmen for AT&T in the commercials (in real life not the show) are having boring sex. You know the type, the missionary style. In the middle of this boring sex, Gus lends in. He's been thinking. Thinking about rugs. Cause you know that's the thing that's on your mind while having sex. (To be clear, I'm loving this show. The awkward is what they aim for). So he lends in and says "Instead of getting the rug for my place, how about we get it for our place". She say is that him asking her to move in. He says yeah. 

Across town you have Mickey. Who is another main character. Is just trying to enjoy some sleep when her ex breaks into her room. In a drunk stupor. Begging her to come back to him. Did I mention that he broke into her house? She clams him down and tell him that she will fuck him but he has to leave after. Not going to lie, this dude sounds like a loser. So you know how Gus and his girlfriend has boring sex, well not Mickey and her ex (?). They were having sex everywhere. I mean everywhere. Kitchen table, floor, the one seat in the living room that everybody has that nobody ever sits in. Yeah, they was having sex in that as well. She owes him some Red Lobster. 

So she doesn't keep her promise and he stays over and they pick up where they left off.  In the middle a car is sounding the horn and he stops mid stroke. "Oh shit, it's my mom". Finish he tells her. That's not how girls body parts work, bruh. "We can finish together" he says. That's still not now girls body parts work, bruh. So he finish and leaves her hanging and runs out the door.  

His mom is taking him to the mom to buy with pants. He's about 35. 35 is being nice. This dude has to be 40. Why is your mom buying you pants. 

I'm only five minutes deep into the show but I'm loving it. "Love" streaming now on Netflix. 

 Love is an American comedy television series. The show is created by Judd Apatow, Paul Rust, and Lesley Arfin and stars Gillian Jacobs and Rust. The series is a "down-to-earth look at dating," exploring male and female perspectives on romantic relationships through the characters Mickey and Gus, played by Jacobs and Rust respectively.

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I hate when people start a post with "If You know me" or "Y'all know". With all that said, y'all know I collect bottles and cans. Speaking of that. I need to start posting more. I just got one of the Coca Cola "It's Mine" bottles. They're amazing. I'll post it. Anyways. I have slowly been working on the look of my office and my man cave (Two different places in the house)

I'm not one of the people that really feel like I need things in the area that I spend the most times in but I'm starting to fill it up. That was a fancy way of me saying I'm lazy. I started adding Sanquon Ad posters around the office and I added some of my art (J.Squire) in the man cave. Along with the previous mention bottles. 

I been looking for something to go along with it that. I didn't want to do anything too fancy and  nothing too pricey. Man cave as everyone knows is somewhere to get lost in, in your own house. I leave all the fancy stuff in the rest of the house. I need something chill. 

In walks. POP!. You might have seen them around here and there but like me, didn't know the name or where to get you one. Well, I found them. By mistake. I was looking at/for Black Ops. The first one. Zombies been calling my name. I ran across these and I can't stop thinking about them. I love the design of boxes being a designer myself. So that's always a easy way to get me to buy something.

They are amazing and I have to have all the ones that are ever made. Well, the ones from the people that I know about. I already have a place in mind for at least three.

The question is which ones do I get first. I don't know and I'm over here acting like it's life or death. 

I know for sure that Batman, this Batman will be one of my first pick ups. I have to have this one. Growing up Batman was my favorite. Mighty Mouse too.  So he is coming with me, I also have the Dr. Pepper Batman LTD cans that I can display along side it.

 Maybe I should watch it again but the Captain America movie was boring to me. Loved him in The Avengers tho. That was awesomeImma post the rest of the ones I'm feeling so far. They make so many so I know it's about to be on. POP! Vinyl can be found at Wal-Mart. Click the banner below. 

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Vans meets a modernized perforation that adds both style and functionality for the spring. A low top Authentic and high-top Sk8-Hi sees the welcomed addition of tiny perforated stars all over its upper. Choose between a clean white or even-more-subtle black for the ultimate flexibility for any outfit, while the stars also act as ventilation for when the weather eventually gets warmer.

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Football season is over. It's gone and if you like me, your team didn't even make the playoffs. So you already been over all this already. With football being gone, it leaves such a big space in the weekend.. Now it's nothing to do. Like at all. Too cold to leave the house and you can only take so many of the TV movies. I say this as I'm fully engaged in a Real Housewives Of Atlanta reruns. So Yeah, I need to head to Netflix myself. 

I put together five masterpieces that you need to watch. This is not so much of the ones that everybody knows (House Of Cards, Narcos, Breaking Bad, etc). This is more of something you might have seen and wasn't to sure about. I'm here to let you know they're great and you  should check them out. 

 Master Of None (TV Series) Trailer
 Master of None is an American comedy-drama television series, which was released for streaming on November 6, 2015 on Netflix. The series was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, and stars Ansari in the lead role of Dev, a 30-year-old actor who attempts to make his way through life in New York City. The first season consists of 10 episodes. The show's title alludes to the figure of speech, "Jack of all trades, master of none"  and was originally suggested by Ansari. The series later incorporated a song of the same name by Beach House. Ansari says it took months to come up with the show's title and he and Yang did not ultimately agree on it until all of the episodes were completed. 

The fact that it took him months to come up with the title, matches his character in the show perfect. It's this one scene (No Spoilerwhere he (Dev) asks his friend Brian if he wants to get some tacos. His friend agrees and Dev takes to his phone to find the best place to get tacos. Hours later and several reviews later, they find a place. Only to reach the place and have it be closed. 

DOPE (Movie) Trailer
  DOPE does the story just right.  The movies protagonist is Malcolm Adekanbi. Malcolm  is a high school senior obsessed with 90's hip hop,  Even if he kinda has the culture of the 90's mixed up with the 80's.  He's a geek that's constantly pushed around by bigger kids at school. Malcolm and his friends all live in a part of Inglewood, California called "The Bottoms." Malcolm's ultimate dream is to go to Harvard but in a meeting with his counselor, Mr. Bailey, his dreams are dismissed. He really shits all over the kid. Fuck him for having a goal, huh?  Mr. Bailey calls Malcolm's desire to attend Harvard an arrogant one, and that his straight A's don't mean a thing.  You can read my full review of this one here, I told y'all about this one before it was on Netfilx. 

 Nurse Jackie (TV Show) Trailer 

I caught  this one after the show ended. This comes as a recommendation from Blaze.  The show starred Edie Falco as the title character Jackie Peyton, an emergency department nurse at All Saints' Hospital in New York City. For Jackie, "every day is a high wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses, and her own indiscretions."

F is For Family (TV Series) Trailer  

"Remember if anything bad happens to your sister just call me at work, then I will come home and put you through that fucking wall...have a good day princess" One of the on going things in the show is walls. Putting the kids (The boys) through them. I love. It was one time when the older one thought he had an answer to the notion that he could be put through a wall. Since they were outside "But dad there aren't any walls outside". He just knew he had him. Shook. "I will build a wall just so I can put you through it". Well, that rounds goes to the dad. Like all of the rounds I heard.

The Wood (Movie) Trailer 

This takes me back, way back, back into time. That was a Black Street reference btw. This was the movie when I was younger. I still watch it now. Never like my brother did. He had to be about 13 when he was hooked on it. Watched it about 100 times and that's not even exaggerating. He had it in a rotation with 'Friday' and 'Next Friday'.  I know that VHS is somewhere in the basement happy that DvD's and streaming is a thing now. 

Be sure to follow me on Twitter/ Instagram and let me know which ones you end up watching.  

This is the video that has been sweeping the internet this week. More like over the weekend. Damn Daniel. You can't go anywhere on the social media without seeing the reference. I was really confused as to it. After each kill in Black Ops, it was somebody yelling "Damn Daniel". I had to go to the internet to see what this was about. Man, I'm getting old. Never hip to the new trends. I just said 'Hip'.  Anyways, I found the video. Daniel out here killing it with the sneakers."Back at it again with the white Vans". I'm sure they're just being funny but let's give you three Vans to help you get the Damn Daniel look. 

 Vans truth Kevin Lyons Authentic
The truth/Kevin Lyons Authentic combines the original and now iconic Vans low top style with custom graphics designed by artist Kevin Lyons, sturdy canvas uppers, metal eyelets, and signature rubber waffle outsoles.
 Vans Bandana Stitch SK8-Hi Reissue                                                                                  Vans The Bandana Stitch Sk8-Hi Reissue, the legendary Vans high top reissued with a vintage sensibility, features sturdy canvas and suede uppers with a bandana pattern chain stitched on the center panel, re-enforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear, signature rubber waffle outsoles, and padded collars for support and flexibility. - 


 Vans Snake Leather Sk8-Hi Reissue - 

 Vans The Snake Leather Sk8-Hi Reissue, the legendary Vans high top reissued with a vintage sensibility, features leather and textured leather uppers, re-enforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear, padded collars for support and flexibility, and signature rubber waffle outsoles.
Vans The Snake Leather Sk8-Hi Reissue, the legendary Vans high top reissued with a vintage sensibility, features leather and textured leather uppers, re-enforced toecaps to withstand repeated wear, padded collars for support and flexibility, and signature rubber waffle outsoles. -

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Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First TimeWe had Stone Cold Steve Austin try fancy cocktails because we figured he might be sick of beer (spoiler alert: he's definitely not sick of beer)
Posted by BuzzFeed Celeb on Friday, February 19, 2016

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Killer Mike Responds to Outrage Over Hillary Clinton Comments | The View

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Was I not just saying that we need to make the Vans with the zippers? In celebration of the Sk8-Hi silhouette’s 50th birthday, Vans recently dropped 50 colorways of the iconic sneaker to commemorate this special occasion. Now the timeless model is revamped in a plush leather which replaces the standard canvas construction, while a heel zip closure provides a bit of extra flair. The spring 2016 design is finished off in a tonal white colorway and a black waffle outsole. Pick up a pair at select accounts including KITH for $80 USD now.

 Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on the David Bowie tribute at the Grammys, The Eagles, The passing of Denise Matthews, The rapidly decline in salt prices thanks to Beyoncé causing a surplus, The Black Panther Party, The international revolutionary proletarian struggle of Fred Hampton.

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An Evening With Justin Bieber - Hotline BlingJustin Bieber performed an acoustic cover of Drake's “Hotline Bling” @ Danforth Music Hall, Toronto this morning. The show was live-streamed here: the song here:
Posted by Power Hits on Monday, December 7, 2015

The older I get, the more Justin Bieber gets older too. What I mean is that Justin is starting to make the kind of music I can stand behind. I met him when he first came out. Well before he came out. He was still trying to get a deal. So I been keeping up with his career. I would say that he has been growing. Growing a lot lately.  I had already been looking at guitars and thinking about replacing my old one. This makes me want to go ahead and do it. This sounds amazing and is a sound that can't be remade in the studio. I have had my eye on the Taylor dn3It gives off that old school sitting in the yard feel. I need to get it. I love it.

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva are joined by special guest, Candice Davis of the Little Miss Ent podcast. We talk with her about her young dreams of being a chef while cooking on her parents red velvet couch, the Serena Williams effect, her college radio days of being like Charlamagne, the golden age of hip hop, American emphasis on money over happiness, the power of women and much more. This episode is dedicated to Maxie Cleveland Robinson.

You can catch the highlights from the show below. You can also list on ITunes, Stitcher, Audio Mack and SoundCloud. All the link will be posted at the end. 

Audio Mack:



Thank you, Kobe.

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I seen this on Netflix before I started to jump in happiness about Dope being on Netflix. Dope was one of the best movies of 2015. You should check that out. Back to this. This trailer got me so hype that I added it to my must watch list mid trailer. Only to find out at the end that we have to wait till the 19th. Lets be real about something tho, nobody throwing out a box of DVD's blue rays. I'm not sure, that one girl is from the AT&T commercials. 

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I went into this with a open mind. Open as far as I can have it open. I prayed to God the night before for Ye to not ruin Black History Month with his clothes. Well, the show cam and went and I have to say, it wasn't that bad. I won't be buying any. Too high and not loving the fit for the men. This was the standout look for me. The one that made me see that maybe he is going to be okay in a couple seasons. The changing of the black leggings to black would make this the biggest hit. Maybe I'm over typing at this point. Maybe he needs to drop 'The Life Of Pablo". I mean he needs to drop it. We been waiting and it sounds great, put it out already.

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The next time someone tell you the Black Panther Party was racist, just post this video. I have actually had this clip for awhile. Needed the right time to put it out. Was waiting till Black History Month with bated breath. Who knew the topic of conversation would come from Beyonce and the Super Bowl. Now we are here. Everybody got something to say about a piece of history they don't know about. I said I would check y'all. I told y'all this. Well, I'll let Fred tell ya about the Black Panthers.
I'll save the rest for what I got to say for the podcast. Yeezy season three going on right now. bye.

 Fred Hampton (August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969) was an African-American activist and revolutionary, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP), and deputy chairman of the national BPP.

Sometimes you see the right thing at the right time. As we all watched the Super Bowl with bated breath, waiting for the outcome. We lived for the commercials in between the action.  Most, was soon to be forgot, while other. Others were amazing. Yes, I'm talking about the recreation of The Jungle Book

Seeing that commercial made me remember the cake that I seen on Myka page about a month ago. They go hand in hand. Even if unintentional. I don't know who will be making the cakes for the release party (The Jungle Book) but fire them. Send the pink slip today. They can freeze they cake mix. Y'all won't be needing it. You have found somebody better and that person is Myka's Meltables. Great tasting cakes to match the bare necessities, the good ole bare necessities

That's a Jungle Book line. Y'all check out her website and buy some tasty treats.

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva are joined by special guest, Candice Davis of the Little Miss Ent podcast. We talk with her about her young dreams of being a chef while cooking on her parents red velvet couch, the Serena Williams effect, her college radio days of being like Charlamagne, the golden age of hip hop, American emphasis on money over happiness, the power of women and much more. This episode is dedicated to Maxie Cleveland Robinson.

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I have finally remember to open the store. You can click the banner above or this link. Each art series comes with it own set of items. Each one will not be the same but all will have art prints. Featured in this one is pictured below : EvE Collection

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