Friday, February 5, 2016

The Kids Love Vans Too

The running saying is "If you get yourself one of something, get the kids two". I believe that's something that everybody could do. I mean unless you got some bad ass kids. Don't buy they ass anything. You buy them some timeout time. 

Anyways. Nobody seem to be talking about the greatest that is the Vans for kids.Kids love sneakers too. They also love to mess over sneakers. So finding a pair that doesn't hurt the pockets is always key. I remember my brother played outside with some brand new Jordans. I was hot. Mad as ever. So not only are Vans a great price, they also look good  great. Keeping in the spirit of the two, this ones for the Jae and Princess. 

 Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Vans Twill & Gingham SK8-Hi Reissue (Pictured Above)
Jae loves his Tim's (Timerland). You would think he lives in the heart of New York City or something. Never takes them off. Like ever. So to get him to break free of them, Vans that gives off the same feel is needed. I think this is the one and the lumber jack pattern in the inside is the magic touch.

 Vans Late Night Authentic 
One of the many things that Jae and I have in common is our love for food. Always eating. Always. So this would be the great sneaker for him. They also come in my favorite, Tacos. So to keep us from looking like we wearing a uniform. Jae getting the burgers. They also have the fires. Maybe do a matching set. 

Vans Kids Bananas Authentic 
This gives a new meaning to "Don't run in the house, will trip on a banana". Oh, nobody ever said that before? Well, I will when I buy them for Princess. 
  Vans Kids SK8-Hi Zip 
I am jealous of Princess I can tell you that. Have you seen this sneaker. It's better then the ones I have. I don't have a zipper in the back. I want a zipper in the back. That's just a thing of beauty. Reminds me of the Payton Nike's. The zipper was in the front and back be great open and closed.

 What will you be giving the little ones in your life? Leave the answer in the comments and be sure to click the banner below to start shopping for some Vans. 

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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