Wednesday, February 24, 2016

POP! Vinyl Are My New Addiction

I hate when people start a post with "If You know me" or "Y'all know". With all that said, y'all know I collect bottles and cans. Speaking of that. I need to start posting more. I just got one of the Coca Cola "It's Mine" bottles. They're amazing. I'll post it. Anyways. I have slowly been working on the look of my office and my man cave (Two different places in the house)

I'm not one of the people that really feel like I need things in the area that I spend the most times in but I'm starting to fill it up. That was a fancy way of me saying I'm lazy. I started adding Sanquon Ad posters around the office and I added some of my art (J.Squire) in the man cave. Along with the previous mention bottles. 

I been looking for something to go along with it that. I didn't want to do anything too fancy and  nothing too pricey. Man cave as everyone knows is somewhere to get lost in, in your own house. I leave all the fancy stuff in the rest of the house. I need something chill. 

In walks. POP!. You might have seen them around here and there but like me, didn't know the name or where to get you one. Well, I found them. By mistake. I was looking at/for Black Ops. The first one. Zombies been calling my name. I ran across these and I can't stop thinking about them. I love the design of boxes being a designer myself. So that's always a easy way to get me to buy something.

They are amazing and I have to have all the ones that are ever made. Well, the ones from the people that I know about. I already have a place in mind for at least three.

The question is which ones do I get first. I don't know and I'm over here acting like it's life or death. 

I know for sure that Batman, this Batman will be one of my first pick ups. I have to have this one. Growing up Batman was my favorite. Mighty Mouse too.  So he is coming with me, I also have the Dr. Pepper Batman LTD cans that I can display along side it.

 Maybe I should watch it again but the Captain America movie was boring to me. Loved him in The Avengers tho. That was awesomeImma post the rest of the ones I'm feeling so far. They make so many so I know it's about to be on. POP! Vinyl can be found at Wal-Mart. Click the banner below. 

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