Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1980 Georgia Bulldogs National Championship Coke #UGA

 If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I took a trip to downtown in my city. I live about 10 mins away but haven't been there in years. Things haven't changed. Still looking like it's 1968 and I still love it. I always like the way it looked when I was in High School. 

Would go downtown and take lots of photos. Downtown is like a strip. Remember the Titans was filmed in my city and that scene where they are walking in the town, that's our downtown.  As I was there I was killing some time. As I was walking, I seen this Antiques shop. What made me want to walk in was the rusty sigh. looks like it been there since it open. 

What made me stay is the nice older lady. When I first walked in, it was a older man behind the desk, I said "Hello" and walked slowly in. I was walking slowly like the floor would break. I'm odd, I know. So as I'm looking at things this older women that works there walks up. I ask her about the bottles and she tells me that it's better ones at the other table. It's like she knew that I love rust. I love rust, hate bugs. So that was amazing that it was no bugs in the cans from 1950. Guess they use Ontario Exterior. Keep nice windows to keep bugs out.

What I found was so really rusty cans from when Coca Cola first started. Which is not that surprising seeing that I live in the state that Coke was started in. What was a surprise was the  UGA bottles. I mean who would think to save them in 1980. 1980 the year that UGA beat North Dame in the Sugar Bowl. I was so happy to find this. I went back and fourth on how many to get. Then the nice older lady says "How about you get a can(1950's?) a bottle and the UGA one" No need to have more then one of the same.  

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