Monday, July 29, 2013

NCAA Football 14 x Sanquon "Hype Killers" #NCAA14

When I was younger my favorite part of the game was to create a team. That's all I would do sometime, create a team and play dynasty. The teams would normally be red and black. I was in love with that color match. I would sometime go outside the regular and make a team with pink and grey. Living wild, I know. As I got older I always got to thinking about how cool it would be to have a Sanquon Team in the game. With our Logo and all. 

I remember when I used to play Madden and they had the ECKO team. That team had it all. I think they even had a monkey and robots .From that day on it was my mission to be in a video game. Ecko was the bar. Was the best team in EA sports history, till now.  

My dream has come true. So true that I still can't believe it. First got a Sanquon team onto NCAA12 and it was rejected (Maybe I'll show images of the team later). The Hype Killers didn't tho. Wanted to have like a "Battle Of Power" type bowl between the two Sanquon teams. EA wasn't having that.  It's crazy to play a game and see your brand name across the chest of the players on the field. It's even more crazy to see your logo on the helmets. The first time I played with the team wasn't really that good. I spend the whole time jumping around and in joy. I was so happy. 

So what you waiting on? Download the best team in history today. Search "Hype Killers". 

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