Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess

Six years, six years you have been on this earth. I didn't know you for all six. Wasn't there when you was you born. Didn't even know you exist for the first three. But when I met you, you changed my life. I knew on that day I would do anything to make sure you was happy in life. Your beautiful Mom used to always talk about you, you can just tell that her heart was shinning as she would speak about her daughter. 

Her heart is still smiling to this day.  Mine is too. You know how many people I have told about your art and awards and just overall how great you are? A lot of people. The world needs to know. You're amazing Princess and you owe me a fork fight. You got that right, I didn't forget. I was winning the last  one before the forks flew across the restaurant. 

It's this saying  that goes something along the lines of "The best thing you can give somebody in life is time". Princess I want to give you all the time you want with me. Anything you want to do. If I'm the Saint Joseph to Jacobs Jesus Christ, then I'm the Seal to your Leni Samuel. I'm tell you what that means when you get older. 

Happy Birthday Princess. Love You!!!
P.S. That was your Mom idea to punch you six times, hope she didn't do it to hard : )
P.P.S Okay, It was my idea to do it. Good luck punches.

I'm so happy that you six I can't stop writing.  

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