Monday, July 29, 2013

My Favorite Things: NCIS(TV Show)

The first time I seen NCIS was by mistake. USA Network was showing marathons for the weekend, two House and one NCIS. It's kinda funny, I was mad they put the NCIS marathon in the middle day of the weekend, matter fact I was mad that they was even showing (at the time) some stupid ass show called NCIS, I wanted House....the show. The weekend came and the House day passed. Didn't really want to watch NCIS but it was nothing at all to do that day, nothing at all. So I flip to the channel and I can't recall which NCIS episode I seen first, it's between two. 

The one I think it was, was the one where the Weapons Dealer was being followed by a black van. So he drop into a alley. The vans cuts him off and he gets tossed into it, then the person takes off the black mask and it's a sexy beautiful women, that women being Ziva David and a man Tony Dinozzo, I went "WTF thought they were the cops they kidnapping people now ?" 

Wait It just hit me what the first one was cause that one was the second one, you know since I knew who Ziva and Tony was.

The first NCIS I seen opened up with a women watching a man from a car (Paula Casey). She following him with her eyes. You can tell that she think that he is up to something. You just don't know. She gets a call and it's the dude she been following. He says something and her team that also been watching him follows behind him into a store front and........ Watch NCIS to find out what happens next. 

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