Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well That Was Fun Last Night #‎HRDerby‬

Last night was the home run derby. The only thing in baseball I watch. I just think that baseball is boring to watch. It's fun to play but I just can't watch it. To slow for me. Plus when I do watch it, the Braves get fucked over. In ground fly in the outfield? What in the world. Let me chill out.

Anyway, last night was fun. Yoenis Cespedes was swinging for the highway. It was going back,back,back, GONE! He came out red hot. Hitting 12 in the first round. I didn't really have somebody that I wanted to win, seeing that the Braves didn't have anybody. After seeing Yoenis hit 12 in the first round, I took to him. Not on some bandwagon stuff, just cause it would suck to come out so hot and then just lose at the end of it all. We see it all the time. Ask the Spurs about it, they know. 

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