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Alice in Wonderland. Based on the beloved novel by Lewis Carroll, the offering incorporates psychedelic designs featuring our favorite Wonderland characters: White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and of course, Cheshire Cat. The Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue is available in adult sizing, while the Vans Classic Slip-On can be found in women, kid and toddler sizes. Cheshire Cat stars in the Vans Authentic with an allover print made exclusively for kids and toddlers. The apparel pieces in the Alice in Wonderland collection includes both men’s and women’s items such as tees, pullovers, and accessories.  And of course, key men’s apparel pieces featuring Cheshire Cat are glow-in-the-dark. Very trippy.

The Young at Heart Collection releases on Friday, October 9, in the US and arrives at international retailers throughout the month. You can get them here. (Click the banner)

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.
 More than 15 years after its initial debut, the Laney-inspired low-top take on the Air Jordan 14 is finally set for a return over the weekend. A nod to Michael Jordan’s high school years, the kicks harken back to the first Jordan Brand release following MJ’s 1999 retirement and pair Ferrari 550M design cues with royal blue nubuck, black mesh and a combination of white and yellow accents throughout. Look for these to hit spots like Atlanta’s Wish this Saturday, October 3.

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I started playing Fantasy Football a couple years ago. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. In the span of the two years (not counting this year) I have played, I have won 3 rings. From around 6 leagues and made the Championship game 4 times. I'm pretty lucky I would say. 

That's all this is really. Being lucky or not. Take this week for example. 

I'm the first team (Jason Missing Finger). As you can see, I won this week and it was as hell filled as you can think. If you follow the times in which the teams played, you can see that I was blowing this dude out with the earlier games.  Thought I had this game in the bag. I just knew that Larry Fitzgerald was not going to go off again. It's no way he has two good games in a row. Shit, even one season. 

Larry went off. Larry went off to the tune of 34 points.  I guess he heard me talking and now heading into the night I am sweating like I'm a pig in the back of a truck. 

Went from being up 40 to the damn game being tied with one player each left to play. So I watched the Denver game and hoped that Emmanuel Sanders would be somebody that would be forgot about. You ever play Fantasy and think about how the game will go. Like you know the players won't be getting zero (Unless your Roddy White two fucking weeks in a row). SO I hoped for something that can be beat by one. I was hoping for six. Six was the magic number. well it was six. Till Emmanuel took that INT and made it into a catch. Hell of a catch. I looked on in amazement and turned to lay my head as my chance to win just might have left. 

I know as you read the lineup, you thinking "You have Jamal Charles, that's money".  Shit, it would be if he had a quarterback and Oline. Alex Smith, man. That muthafucker is the worst. Watching that game last night had me ready to knock somebody out. I need to hug a Chief fans if I ever see any of them. They have it bad.

The first drive was bad and the next three after it was worst. They can't buy a first down and my nerves are shot and I can't turn away from watching and I didn't wanna watch anymore. Jamal had 3 yards and the way the line was looking. I would be happy if he got 3 more. As the half started to break down. Jamal started to get loose, boom TD. With a couple yards out to match. I went into the half with him having 10 points and needing 3 more. Good lord, I'm praying for Alex Smith to throw the ball to somebody. Really anybody that wasn't the other team or the ground. 

The second half started and it all became one big blurry moment.  Jamal got me two points. TWO. Tied the game. Fuck that, I need to win. What is this shit. Alex I fucking swear.  Thank god for the Packers lack of caring anymore. Jamal got me my one point and added more to bring this to 30 points. 30. He must of felt me ready to just die from the bullshit. Three touchdowns and only 11 rushes. The fuck is Andy Reid doing? Stop being cute. Run the ball. I don't need this stress again. I mean I'll take 30 again, cool.Just get the points early in the game. My heart can't take this. 

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As you know, the new 2K16 is coming out tomorrow. For some of us we got the game last Friday. So it has been four days I have been able to play this game, That really is around three days. As I write this I haven't played today (Monday).

As you know. I have been equally hype about the release of NBA Live 16. 

NBA Live
How long has this demo been out again? I think about two weeks. This is so good that I forgot to write a review about it. This was pretty amazing for the people that has been failing over the years. The disconnect that comes with Live is that the youth never played it. Like at all. To some it's a game that started in 14 (Started in 89). SO to have this disconnect comes problems. I give you that 2K is the better game over the years. I switched to 2K in 2000. Left Live completely in 2004. (God buying two basketball games yearly was stupid. Parents money tho). Live is behind the 8Ball this year. They can't get from behind it.  At least not this year. People hate new and while you are the older of the two. You have to win the war by keep trying.

 I had loads of fun while playing Summer League. It was fun and hard at the same time. You had to work as a team and only as a team if you were  to win against the stars of the NBA. 

They have 7 courts and plan to add more as the year goes on. This is something that 2K should do. I miss the old days of playing on different courts on the blacktop. 

This is not the reason that Live lost this year but it bugs me. I hate the way the t-shirts hang on this game. They look so odd. The tanks, as you can see above look amazing. Maybe that's cause of them being Sanquon.. 

NBA 2K16  
Now for the reason that you even started reading this post. The reason you clicked this. 2K16. The reason that Live took that L. 2k16 Took it up one this year. I have been complaining  about 2K sitting fat on the hog for years. 

This year with the fear of Live 16, 2K came to the plate with Sunday dinner. They put the good plates out this year. 

I never thought I would be saying such a thing about a basketball game. Spike Lee came in and changed the game. This is one major reason that 2K won. They're taking this to the next level. Last year story line was the oddest shit I have ever seen. At one point it started to repeat it's self and the acting was bad, Like really bad. 

Not this year. We got a true life Spike film. With us as the star. The only problem I found with this, is white people can't seem to get down with this one. Being that, your family in the story in black and they stay black no matter what color you are. You even have a sister. Twin sister. Awkward. The next problem being that you really don't get to make choices during the whole thing. This is not a spoiler, you will wish that you got to make a choice. At least two. SPIKE, let me please. When you play the game, you will understand that one. 

Other then that, you will find this to be the best basketball storyline that you have played and I know that next year will be better. Whomever they choice to bring in. The nickname they give you will also grow on you. 

This is the next game mode and last game mode I will talk about.  The rest of them have never been a issue for me and how you feel about them game modes is the same way you will feel about them now. Oh and myLeague is back to the 2k12 days.  You can do fantasy draft again. Nice. Maybe I'll do Building A Dynasty again.

Anyways. I had to do this for the post. I wanted to make sure that it was fixed and that 2K wasn't just stealing our money again. Well, they're not stealing money kinda and it's kinda better. I'll address the kinda later. 

If you was one of the people that love the cheese that was found in the game last year. You about to be mad as the hookers that can't find a John on a Friday night. 

They fixed it. They fixed it good. I played in about 10 games and people worked it. They went to do the cheese and it didn't work. You can't run back and fourth. You can't step back 10 yards and launch the three. You can do the behind the back cheese, but  you don't jump forward anymore. All that is patched. 

I played against people in the park that are already 88. Couple 88's each game. So it wasn't that at lower levels you can't cheese, At higher levels you can't cheese. I'm a 70 in-case you were wondering. I worked to that. Didn't buy VC. 

The Problems with 2k16.  (I agree with all statements)
The upgrade system for My career is honestly stupid. They started this grouping attributes in 2k15 and I have no idea why. People keep referring to earlier 2ks and how low of a overall we started but we were able to upgrade specific attributes. The fact that I cant make a spot shooter be just good a catch and shoots and not pull ups makes no sense. We used to be able to specialize our players, now we have to either be bad at everything or pretty good at everything. I just want to get my mid range up and speed. But I have to spend excess of 25000 vc on my balanced point guard just to get an average mid range, like wtf. We have to make noise about this or it will never be fixed. (via ac14m) 


Back for a limited time. Sanquon 'Roman Zolanski'. Gold fangs dripping in blood looking for his next victim. Back into his cage after Halloween, so buy early. 

2011:  "Stop it, stop it! You’ve gone mad, mad, I tell you, mad! You and this boy Slim Shady! What’s goin’ on? They’ll lock you away! They’ll put you in a jail cell! I promise! Take your mother’s warning, Roman Pleaaaaaaase Back to bed! Run along! Let’s go! Come on! Wash your mouth out with soap, boys"

Roman Zolanski takes over Sanquon's recent design for the "Lost Files" series. "Roman Reloaded" finds Roman Zolanski gold fangs dripping in blood looking for Kim. No wait, he's not looking for Kim. Okay fuck it he's out for Kim. Maybe you ?. Who knows, Romans crazy I heard. I thought his mom told him to go to bed ? This shirt is available now. Only in Sanquon online store.

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Viciously honest commentary from two of your favorite creators, Jesus Shuttlesworth (of Planet Of The Sanquon) and Lady Godiva ( of Words By Lady G). Covering topics that are sure to touch the soul, tickle the funny bone but most important unlock the mind. Breaking you feel of the group think. Leaving you too an Awkward Minority. Click the picture above or below to subscribe for free to the Awkward Minority Podcast. 

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Why is this commercial on loop in the video? 

I remember when I used to go to my Grandma house. It would be on Fridays and I would rush home off the bus and into the house and be ready to go. Not because I loved my Grandma so much that I wanted to see her so bad. I mean I do love her. It's just I wanted to get to her house before Cat-dog came on. She had a big screen in the living room and it was about to go down. I forget the whole Friday night line up.I just remerber I had to be at her house before 8pm. I wasn't to be late.  I hated every other Friday where I didn't go to her house. My mom wouldn't let me go everyweekend ANYWAYS. 

The 90's cartoons are back and it seem like they been around since 2011. I kinda forgot that Teen Nick does the 'The 90's are all That" where they show a couple of our favitores are our childhood. It starts at 12am and ends around 4am. Such bad times. I mean I'm up then but I'll forget. 

 Now it is being re-branded to "The Splat". Been seeing the ads running for some time now, I thought it was about to be a new channel. Maybe an app.

 The Splat's rotating lineup will air from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and feature both animated and other series including, to start - All That, Angry Beavers, Are You Afraid of the Dark, CatDog, Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Arnold!, Hey Dude, Kenan & Kel, Ren & Stimpy, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats, Salute Your Shorts and The Wild Thornberrys. With more series to roll out throughout 2015. Like I said It bears some resemblance to "The '90s Are All That," a shorter programming block (midnight-4 a.m.) that began airing on TeenNick in 2011. 

 I'm happy with the starting lineup that will be ready on October 6 at 10pm on Teen Nick. The only one I never really liked was The Wild Thornberrys. I used to turn the channel so fast when that came on. As I was looking at the official twitter (The Splat ). I see they have another promo (posted below). Is that a clip from "My Brother and Me"? The clip where the kids are clapping. Yeah it is.  Dude, bruh, man. Let's go.


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Meet the Beethoven of private pathologists… From executive producer Todd Harthan (“Psych,” “Dominion”), ROSEWOOD is the story of DR. BEAUMONT ROSEWOOD, JR. (Morris Chestnut, nurse Jackie,” “The Best Man” franchise), the most brilliant private pathologist in Miami. Using his wildly sophisticated autopsy lab, he performs for-hire autopsies to uncover clues that the Miami PD can’t see. His new partner-in-crime is Detective VILLA (Jaina Lee Ortiz, “The After”), a Miami PD detective with attitude and demons to spare. While she’s impressed by Rosewood’s incredible abilities, his constant optimism is more annoying than it is infectious. But somehow, week-to-week, this unlikely tag team will solve many crimes together. Joining Rosewood in his practice are his sister and “toxicology queen,” PIPPY (Gabrielle Dennis, “The Game”); and DNA specialist TARA MILLY IZIKOFF aka TMI (Anna Konkle, “Man Seeking Woman,” “Betas”), who is Pippy’s fiancée. Plagued with his own set of medical ailments, Rosewood sees that every moment of life should be embraced and lived to the fullest. And those moments of victims’ lives that will never be are what drive him the most.


"I smoke on the mic like smokin' Joe Frazier
The hell-raiser, raising hell with the flavor
Terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan
Swinging through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman"

Today marks the first of Fall. The weather is actually changing quicker this year. Used to be around Halloween is when you had to go ahead and get the jackets out. I'm not ready. I'm never ready. I always forget to get one of the Sanquon black jackets.  Ha! Design clothes for a living and always forget to get the color jacket I love the most. 

Put together a little something for the dinner parties your girlfriend/boyfriend will be dragging you to. 

Burgundy crew neck jumper w/ Duck Boots.
This is the one up top. This is my favorite of the ones I'm posting about. I just love the switching of the colors. This would be greatly paired with some, well white pants as the picture shows.  You take that and put on some duck boots, you good to go. That's what I call them. Polo makes some pretty good ones. 

Denim and off spacedye raglan sweater

Who needs to change at night when you can just wear this one all day. Some grey mixed with some white is always good. Pair this one with some blue jeans and boat shoes. I;m even thinking to toss on a gold chain. Not the type the rappers wear, like a small, barley hangs off you neck type one. The brown boats are the way I would go. I actually need to get this one. Sold out.


 Navy v-neck jumper

 This might be the one to pair with the gold chain. It would look fresh with the polo laying under it. Put the gold chain under the collar. That's what I would like for you to do. Let's save some money and go back to the white pants and get it fancy with some white old school Reeboks. This might be the first time that most of y'all have seen them bad boys. 

Click below to shop the looks. Be sure to tweet me what you get.  

Topman US
Last night was the pilot episode of the show from The Muppets. For the younger readers, The Muppets are a group of puppet characters known for an absurdist, burlesque and self-referential style of variety-sketch comedy. Having been created in 1955 by Jim Henson, they are the namesake for the Disney media franchise that encompasses films, television series, music recordings, print publications, and other media associated with The Muppet Show characters.

As you can see from my twitter feed. I was enjoying the hell outta the show. It was on point. They had loads of one liners. My favorite being the one above. The full thing goes "When your online profile says "Passionate bear looking for love" you get a lot of wrong responses... well not wrong. Wrong for me - Fozzie Bear. Once my boy Fozzie dropped that line, I was sold. It was so clever. It was funny to the kids and to the adults for two different reason. I texted my friend that's a 'Bear', "Fozzie not into y'all". We laughed for about ten minutes.

I'm sure I don't have to explain it to you. Anyways, the show is based around Miss Piggy having a night show. Up Late With Miss Piggy.  Kermit is executive producer, Gonzo is head writer.  The rest of the gang has jobs too. Like finding a wire that can hold Miss Piggy up. Wrecking ball one didn't have much luck.

 So this morning I went to like The Muppets Facebook page.  You should have seen my face when the comments was filled with people with sticks up their ass. Matter fact, I got you. 

This was my face, So many mad moms.  Sensitive moms, Complaining about the show last night. Keyword being night. For one, the show comes on at 8pm. It was never marketed to the young kids. The Muppets never for kids. Even in the 70's (Video), It had smoking, drinking foul mouthing and all that good stuff. Now you want to fucking get mad cause Kermit said "My life is a, bacon wrapped Hell on Earth".. Fuck you, that's funny and kids think it's funny too. If they happen to be watching. Again, never was for kids. 

I'm getting so sick of people and feeling the need to walk around with a wet towel. We had this same problem with Black Ish last year. Y'all need to chill the fuck out. Yes, I'm using the words displayed to make you mad.  

The thing that fucks kids up is the state that the parents that live inside the house , they're so stiff.  I used to live by one dude. Let's say his name was Allen. Now Allen was a nice dude. One day Allen comes to my house and ask to borrow a tape. Being the good friend I am, I was suggesting videos. He kept saying 'I can't watch that'. I thought it was his nice way of saying he don't like that type of video. So after a couple my mom goes "What kind of video can you watch". He goes "PG". I think he said PG, maybe it was G. All I know is that it was way too low for a 17 year old. 

His parents was having him only watch movies for kids. 17 year old and he watching shit like Air Bud. Fast forward till he reach 19 and he leaves for the army. 

Allen since then has been acting all kinda crazy. Got married at 20 and that lasted for one year. In between the time that he has become 30, he been living like a music video. I'm so off topic. Point being, listen to the next podcast episode of  The Awkward Minority. I'll finish it there.

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Just like every Super Hero needs they theme music, every great brand needs a drink? Yup. That's right, Sanquon is now giving you something to remember us by during the day. With a Starbucks mix coming, our Ocean Wave should hold you over during the day as the morning slips away. 

As a child I used to love to mix the drinks that was in the fountain station. Wendy's had one but the one I loved was CiCi's Pizza.  The Wendy's one was cool but it was in the open. Everyone looking. I wanted to mix to myself. Plus I knew that my mom would start yelling 'Stop wasting soda". Mom's. 

That brings me to Ocean Waves. Ocean Waves is me just being me. I have been thinking for years about doing this. Mixing Sprite and Kool Aid singles. 

I switched out the Kool Aid and input Hawaiian Punch. 

This is the first of all the ones I will be creating. So let's keep it easy. No need to measure stuff. You take a packet of the Berry Blue Typhoon and Sprite. Sanquon mug is what I use.

Mix the two together and enjoy.

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The dog days of summer is upon us. Nobody likes it. Maybe I do. I know for sure I won't be missing cutting my grass in this hot summer heat. God loves Georgia so much that he blessed us with too much sun. With the end of the heat comes the cold nights of being inside. No traveling for me. Just so happens that all the new shows come out at this time as well. This is shaping up to be one good winter. Let's jump in. 

 NCIS (CBS - September 22, 2015 8/7c)
Remember when I used to be hooked on this show? I would live for each marathon. You just couldn't pull me away. Fast forward to today. I have miss the whole last season. I haven't been into the show since Ziva left. I was kinda protesting. I got around to watching the season before last  and it was cool. I started to catch this season. Watched one episode. The problem being, when I switch from AT&T, I also lost the episodes I had saved. I see that it's now on Netflix. Hopefully they update with the new season soon.  

 NCIS follows a fictional team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service Major Case Response Team (MCRT) special agents based at the Washington, D.C. field office in Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C

 Update: Wow, I'm stupid. I was actually watching the last season. I seen 10 of the episodes. So I can take the last 14 and knock them out this weekend. I can't believe it only been 12 seasons. Seem like it's been more. 

Modern Family(ABC  September 23, 2015 9/8c)
Most of the shows that you watch nowadays, you end the 30 minute sitcom and wish that it was an hour long. The story is never rushed but you really would loved more. Modern Family just seems to hang at that 30 minutes and it's enough for everybody.  It's just the way they lay out. They get you in, give you the food and get you out. Cause you never want to feel as if you need too much more from a show. Modern Family never really follows a story line. You can miss an episode and still watch the new one and not be lost. I love that. 

Modern Family follows the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family, all of whom live in suburban Los Angeles. Pritchett's family includes his second wife, his stepson, and infant son, as well as his two adult children and their spouses and children

Empire (FOX  Wed, Sep 23, 9/8c)
I won't be watching this as it comes on as the same time as Modern Family and Black ish again this year. Actually, I might will. I don't know yet. I feel like Black Ish needs the view but I'll have to think about this for awhile. Actually, I'll watch Empire. I enjoy the live tweeting. I can catch Modern Family and Black ish on the DVR. Yeah, I really just work that out as I typed it. 

Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), a former drug dealer now turned hip hop mogul and CEO of Empire Entertainment, learns he has ALS. His life begins to cave in around him after his past sins come back to haunt him following his diagnosis. Lucious, looking to groom one of his three sons (Andre Lyon (Trai Byers), Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett), and Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Y. Gray) to take over the family business, pits them against each other. Empire also stars Taraji P. Henson as Lucious' ex-wife Cookie Lyon, the mother of his three sons who somehow is released from prison

Fresh Off The Boat (ABC September 22, 2015 8:30/7:30c)
The story follows the course of Eddie Huang's Taiwanese family as they make their way from Chinatown of Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Florida to open up a cowboy-themed steak restaurant in 1995 (with the first season being set between 1995 and 1997). His mother struggles with the culture clash of her Chinese upbringing with a Florida community that doesn't have a large Chinese population,  his father embraces the "American Dream", and Eddie struggles with assimilating into school. Eddie's brothers are the stereotypical Asian over-achievers, in an over-the-top way, but have no problems fitting in.

 How to Get Away with Murder (September 24, 2015 10/9c)
  Annalise Keating is a prominent criminal defense attorney and a law professor at Middleton University. She selects five students to intern at her firm: Wes Gibbons, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, and Laurel Castillo. They work with Annalise's employees, Frank Delfino and Bonnie Winterbottom, an associate lawyer. As Season 1 introduces occasional clients for Keating, it explores two significant murders through flashbacks: Lila Stangard, mistress of Annalise's husband Sam Keating and a student at Middleton; and then Sam Keating at the hands of Annalise's interns.


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Happy birthday to my ace, Jae. You better get off that truck so you can make it to another one.

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This week on The Awkward Minority. Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on 9/11, Black Lives Matter, Jake Blake being tossed to the ground, why people need to leave the Kardashians alone and Caitlyn Jenner faking the funk. This one gets real.Enjoy

 All episodes can be downloaded on ITunes (Click the banner below)

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I was going to write about the game last night. Instead I'll just share this picture. Matter fact, I'll talk about it a little. Do ESPN not watch the per season? Like at all. They sat on the Monday Night Countdown stage in the Georgia Dome and shitted on the Falcons. 

I can handle the team being talked about like the media did at the end of the year. Last year. We were bad. Really bad. At times it seem like the team didn't want to be there. I get that. To start this new season off and not even take into account that we only have five starters still on the team from the past teams is one big slap in the face on ESPN part. 

I'm not saying you had to pick the Falcons but you didn't have to suck Chip Kelly dick for three hours. I hope you wiped your chin when you was done.  I have never in my life seen such bullshit. You wanna crown them, then crown they ass

The Falcons was all in the ass of the Eagles last night. We should have scored 50 last night. We had chances to score and one freak INT and just pissed away a couple drives. So if the Eagles are as great as the Hype. Why our 31st Defense shut that ass down? The Eagles had one quarter where they was able to bounce on us. That was it.

Y'all keep talking about the Eagles tho. Maybe we will forget what you said. You know who will remember? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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Let's fly this year. That's all I got to say.

This one goes out to all the Ducks fans—but all you really need to appreciate it is to have liked the movie Animal House.

Nike celebrates its deep ties to the University of Oregon in a new, feel-good ad—featuring a horde of notable alumni (mostly sports stars, but also Modern Family actor Ty Burrell and ESPN anchor Neil Everett)—that recreates the famous toga-party scene from the 1978 National Lampoon classic.

Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, now playing as a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, arguably has the best role, standing in for John Belushi as resident guitar smasher.

But Otis Day and the Knights, who anchored the original scene with a performance of "Shout," reprise that role in the commercial, perfectly setting the tone. (The band, originally a fiction created for Animal House, ultimately ended up touring in the wake of the movie's success, fronted by actor DeWayne Jessie.)

Wieden + Kennedy Portland created the spot, which clocks in at almost five and a half minutes—thanks in large part to the extensive freeze-frame credits, another stylistic nod to the movie (and a necessary exercise for viewers who haven't memorized the history of one college's sports heroes).

Nike released the spot to coincide with Saturday's college football game in Lansing between the Oregon Ducks and the Michigan State Spartans, who edged out the visiting team 31-28. But the ad is anything but a wasted effort, acting as a standalone paean to Nike's long history with the college.

One of the brand's two co-founders, Phil Knight, ran at the University of Oregon. The other, Bill Bowerman, coached track and field there for 24 years (including Knight). Designer Tinker Hatfield—perfectly described in the clip as the guy who created the shoes you're wearing—was a pole-vaulter at the school.

In other words, it's inside baseball, but a nice way for a huge global brand to celebrate its local heritage and make itself seem more down to earth in the process. And while Animal House also happened to be largely filmed in Eugene, where the University of Oregon is located (including scenes at the school itself), the film's pop culture clout is broad enough to draw in a wider audience beyond its cornucopia of parochial trivia.

Via. Ad Week

Williams competed in the Miss Syracuse (University) beauty pageant when a campus musical she was in was canceled in 1983. After winning the Miss Syracuse title, Williams won the Miss New York crown in 1983, and went to compete for the Miss America title at the national pageant in Atlantic City. Prior to the final night of competition, Williams won both preliminary competitions (talent and swimsuit) earlier in the week. Each day's preliminary competitions have winners announced. Therefore, there can be as many as six "prelim" winners: three each for talent and swimsuit. To win a "prelim" in both is a strong precursor to success in the finals. She was crowned Miss America 1984 on September 17, 1983, becoming the first African American to win the title. Williams' reign as Miss America was not without its challenges and controversies. For the first time in pageant history, a reigning Miss America was the target of death threats and hate mail.

Ten months into her reign as Miss America, she received an anonymous phone call stating that nude photos of her taken before her pageant days had surfaced. Williams believed the photographs were private and had been destroyed; she claims she never signed a release permitting the photos to be used.

The black-and-white photos dated back to 1982 (the year before she won the Miss America Pageant), when she worked as an assistant and makeup artist for Mount Kisco, New York photographer Tom Chiapel. According to Williams, Chiapel advised her that he wanted to try a "new concept of silhouettes with two models". He photographed Williams and another woman in several nude poses.

Hugh Hefner, the publisher of Playboy, was initially offered the photos, but turned them down. Later, Hefner would explain why in People Weekly, "Vanessa Williams is a beautiful woman. There was never any question of our interest in the photos. But they clearly weren't authorized and because they would be the source of considerable embarrassment to her, we decided not to publish them. We were also mindful that she was the first black Miss America." Days later, Bob Guccione, the publisher of Penthouse, announced that his magazine would publish the photos in their September 1984 15th anniversary issue, which was the same issue that featured nude photographs of Traci Lords, later found to have been only 15 years old at the time. The cover featured a photograph of a smiling Vanessa Williams with 88-year-old George Burns and the headline, Miss America, Oh, God, She's Nude! Guccione paid Chiapel for the rights to the photos without Williams' consent. According to the PBS documentary Miss America, the Penthouse issue featuring Williams would ultimately bring Guccione a $14 million windfall. After days of media frenzy and sponsors threatening to pull out of the upcoming 1985 pageant, Williams felt pressured by Miss America Pageant officials to resign, and did so in a press conference on July 23, 1984. The title subsequently went to the first runner-up, Suzette Charles, also an African American. On September 7, 1984, Williams filed a $500 million lawsuit against Chiapel and Guccione. She eventually dropped the suit a year later, explaining that she wanted to put the scandal behind her and move on.

Although she resigned from fulfilling the duties of a current Miss America, Williams was allowed to keep the bejeweled crown and scholarship money and is officially recognized by the Miss America Organization as "Miss America 1984"; Charles is recognized as "Miss America 1984-b".

Williams' first appearance in a Miss America pageant since 1984 was on September 13, 2015, when she served as head judge for Miss America 2016.

 The pageant began with Miss America CEO Sam Haskell issuing an apology to Williams for her forced resignation as Miss America in 1984. He told Williams that although "none of us currently in the organization were involved in it, on behalf of today's organization, I want to apologize for anything that was said and done to you and to your mother, Miss Helen Williams. I want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less than the Miss America that you are and Miss America you always will be."

Saturday, September 12, 2015


We been waiting for the gameplay and now we have it. I been a fan of just good basketball and I have said that 2K haven't been giving it to me. Looks like Live will be this year. I'm loving what I seen and it's smooth and the movement is real. You know what I;m talking about. Nobody moving at the speed of light. Which makes running back and fourth, not even a thing. I'm hype about playing this on Tuesday.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Nothing like watching a master at work. Unless that master is a artist. We hate that shit. This was really cool getting to see them put things together on the fly. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


This week on The Awkward Minority. Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva talks Mc Donald's being on their high horse, Hogan Hulk being 'sorry', humans being robots and the great collection of other people with stupidity in their veins.

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Tonight is the night that we have all been waiting on. The night where all the games start to count and the fantasy points become real. The time where you have the highest hope for your team and the everlasting praying for this to be y'all year. To help kick off the new year, I put together some art work. Use it as wallpaper for whatever you like. 

You can also post it on Instagram. Just be sure to tag me (@TheSquireTales). I like to see all the people that love what I do. Good luck to everybody in Fantasy this year, unless you in my league. In that case, lose, baby just lose. 


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

You ever remember something from the past? Like every little detail about it and how it used to make you feel? Then you just can't think of the name. That's been me for around the past couple of years. I just couldn't think of this game name. This was Craig David all over again. I was able to know all the details but when it came to the name. I blanked. That was till about five minutes ago. Around the same way I went about finding him. I went to the list of Xbox games and found this. NFL Fever. 

 Madden was cool back in the day but it had nothing on Fever. Fever was where it was at.The reason as a kid I liked it so much, was because you can make yourself a player. Not just any player. You can make your player a tank. They had that option.  Another one was World Class. It had nothing on the Tank tho. 

I found a review of the game from 2001. 

NFL Fever 2002 is a reworked version of Microsoft's PC football title of the same name. In its current state, Microsoft NFL Fever 2002 for the Xbox is currently running at only 50 percent of its intended power. The game will have all the standard modes of play right out of the gate, such as career, dynasty, and create-a-player. The game ironically looks and feels like a mix of Madden for the PS2 and NFL 2K1 for the Dreamcast. The player models look even better than those found in Madden on the PS2, but they control with the quick and immediate response of NFL 2K1.

The visual detail of NFL Fever 2002 is really quite impressive. When checking out the players up close in the game's replay mode, gamers will be able to see the muscles of the players contract when they bend their arms, see their eyes track the ball, and even see them wince when they get tackled. The reflections on the players' helmets are unbelievably real, as are the shadows on the field. The animations of the players executing moves on the field look really good, although the transitions in between animations still need to be smoothed out. AI players will actually try to do things like drag their toes when making a reception that's headed out of bounds. In its current state, the AI of the players doesn't appear to be tuned since we were able to run more than a few touchdowns back.

We also got a chance to see some weather effects, which are pretty sharp as well. For instance, when playing a game during a snowstorm, the snow on the field will actually accumulate over the course of the game and actually affects the players' footing. Gamers will be able to easily see this since the players actually leave footprints in the snow.

Looking at the way the sports game market panned out, Microsoft should have stayed making this game. This is a video from the last one that was made. In 2003. The graphics are still great. They should bring this back. I love this game. 

Beyoncé not the only one that can drop surprise things. This is my birthday gift from me to you. The first episode of Ghadir (Lady Godiva) and I (Jesus Shuttlesworth) podcast. It's been in the making for awhile and we're finally getting to put it out. Some of you have been asking for years for me to get back to the world of all that talking (Radio). The last time I was on air was 08. That's too long to be away. I thought I was done forever. The itch has pulled me back. I feel this show will bring the blog whole. I ended my radio run at the start of me starting the magazine. I'm back. 

Viciously honest commentary from two of your favorite creators, Jesus Shuttlesworth (of Planet Of The Sanquon) and Lady Godiva ( of Words By Lady G). Covering topics that are sure to touch the soul, tickle the funny bone but most important unlock the mind. Breaking you feel of the group think. Leaving you too an Awkward Minority.

This week on The Awkward Minority. Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva talks Mc Donald's being on their high horse, Hogan Hulk being 'sorry', humans being robots and the great collection of other people with stupidity in their veins.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Fresh off the release of the “Trail End Brown” colorway, Nike Sportswear is back with a sleek rendition of the Mowabb silhouette. The sneaker receives an all-over black color treatment along its predominantly suede upper, with tonal synthetic overlays and perforations throughout. Staying true to its All conditions gear branding, a neoprene sock around the ankle offers maximum comfort and protection from wet conditions. Finished off with a subtle speckling along the midsole, the latest colorway of the Nike ACG Air Mowabb OG will be available for purchase at select Swoosh accounts including asphaltgold.

If you live in the Dirty South, or have been to the great state of Georgia. Then you know that Waffle House is like the bible around these parts.  I used to love to get the Waffles on Saturday. At the price of one dollar at the time, it was hard to turn down.  I would have loved to win this.

 Waffle House started 60 years ago (1955) in Avondale Estates in the Decatur area. During National Waffle Week, Waffle House calculated all of their sales and discovered that the legendary chain was creeping in on their 1,000,000,000th waffle.

Shanneil McCollum of Miami was graced with the billionth waffle from Waffle House this morning at 10:04am at an Atlanta location.

story via. Ga Followers
I used to wait for the first day of school while hanging on to the last days of summer. That funny feeling where all this freedom of the summer is getting boring. It's only so many times you can endlessly sweat in the heat all day. I would have that Sunday (at the time) spent picking out all the outfits for the first two weeks. Making sure I had he feel to crush the feelings of the haters that looked on as they told their friends about what they did that summer. 

I also got great grades in-case you wondering. Have fun this year at school JJ's. This the first year they will be at different schools.  Breaking up the tag team.

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