Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Burger King x Denny's x Krystal x Wayback Burgers x Giraffas

Looks like the table is getting bigger. After Mickey D's brought the wet blanket to the party. Other fast food chains jumped on board. This is kinda like when K-Dot made his control verse and all the rappers that wasn't mention was all in they feelings. Only this is food and the only thing that will be salty is the fries. There will be fries, right? 

Out of all the brands that was tossing they're hand in for the place on the 'Peace Burger", Burger King  comes to the table with four of them.  Denny's x Krystal x Wayback Burgers x Giraffas. I never had a burger from Denny's. I used to killed Krystal's back in 9th grade. We lived by one and that was the go to place after playing basketball all day. Wayback and Giraffas, I never heard of the two. I see that Wayback is bring it's talents to Georgia. When that Atlanta location open, I will be sure to check it out. They have a meatloaf burger, I'm feeling that. 

  Giraffas is a Brazilian fast food chain that has over 400 locations. Around five bring in Florida. I might have to check this one out also. Whenever I travel to Florida. 

Hopefully this pop up store will still be in Atlanta. Burger King said that the store is already in the making. I can already see the line for this being really long. 

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