Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Alex Smith And The Fantasy Football Week From Hell #NFL

I started playing Fantasy Football a couple years ago. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. In the span of the two years (not counting this year) I have played, I have won 3 rings. From around 6 leagues and made the Championship game 4 times. I'm pretty lucky I would say. 

That's all this is really. Being lucky or not. Take this week for example. 

I'm the first team (Jason Missing Finger). As you can see, I won this week and it was as hell filled as you can think. If you follow the times in which the teams played, you can see that I was blowing this dude out with the earlier games.  Thought I had this game in the bag. I just knew that Larry Fitzgerald was not going to go off again. It's no way he has two good games in a row. Shit, even one season. 

Larry went off. Larry went off to the tune of 34 points.  I guess he heard me talking and now heading into the night I am sweating like I'm a pig in the back of a truck. 

Went from being up 40 to the damn game being tied with one player each left to play. So I watched the Denver game and hoped that Emmanuel Sanders would be somebody that would be forgot about. You ever play Fantasy and think about how the game will go. Like you know the players won't be getting zero (Unless your Roddy White two fucking weeks in a row). SO I hoped for something that can be beat by one. I was hoping for six. Six was the magic number. well it was six. Till Emmanuel took that INT and made it into a catch. Hell of a catch. I looked on in amazement and turned to lay my head as my chance to win just might have left. 

I know as you read the lineup, you thinking "You have Jamal Charles, that's money".  Shit, it would be if he had a quarterback and Oline. Alex Smith, man. That muthafucker is the worst. Watching that game last night had me ready to knock somebody out. I need to hug a Chief fans if I ever see any of them. They have it bad.

The first drive was bad and the next three after it was worst. They can't buy a first down and my nerves are shot and I can't turn away from watching and I didn't wanna watch anymore. Jamal had 3 yards and the way the line was looking. I would be happy if he got 3 more. As the half started to break down. Jamal started to get loose, boom TD. With a couple yards out to match. I went into the half with him having 10 points and needing 3 more. Good lord, I'm praying for Alex Smith to throw the ball to somebody. Really anybody that wasn't the other team or the ground. 

The second half started and it all became one big blurry moment.  Jamal got me two points. TWO. Tied the game. Fuck that, I need to win. What is this shit. Alex I fucking swear.  Thank god for the Packers lack of caring anymore. Jamal got me my one point and added more to bring this to 30 points. 30. He must of felt me ready to just die from the bullshit. Three touchdowns and only 11 rushes. The fuck is Andy Reid doing? Stop being cute. Run the ball. I don't need this stress again. I mean I'll take 30 again, cool.Just get the points early in the game. My heart can't take this. 

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