Monday, September 28, 2015

The Good The Bad And The Ugly About 2K16 #2k16

As you know, the new 2K16 is coming out tomorrow. For some of us we got the game last Friday. So it has been four days I have been able to play this game, That really is around three days. As I write this I haven't played today (Monday).

As you know. I have been equally hype about the release of NBA Live 16. 

NBA Live
How long has this demo been out again? I think about two weeks. This is so good that I forgot to write a review about it. This was pretty amazing for the people that has been failing over the years. The disconnect that comes with Live is that the youth never played it. Like at all. To some it's a game that started in 14 (Started in 89). SO to have this disconnect comes problems. I give you that 2K is the better game over the years. I switched to 2K in 2000. Left Live completely in 2004. (God buying two basketball games yearly was stupid. Parents money tho). Live is behind the 8Ball this year. They can't get from behind it.  At least not this year. People hate new and while you are the older of the two. You have to win the war by keep trying.

 I had loads of fun while playing Summer League. It was fun and hard at the same time. You had to work as a team and only as a team if you were  to win against the stars of the NBA. 

They have 7 courts and plan to add more as the year goes on. This is something that 2K should do. I miss the old days of playing on different courts on the blacktop. 

This is not the reason that Live lost this year but it bugs me. I hate the way the t-shirts hang on this game. They look so odd. The tanks, as you can see above look amazing. Maybe that's cause of them being Sanquon.. 

NBA 2K16  
Now for the reason that you even started reading this post. The reason you clicked this. 2K16. The reason that Live took that L. 2k16 Took it up one this year. I have been complaining  about 2K sitting fat on the hog for years. 

This year with the fear of Live 16, 2K came to the plate with Sunday dinner. They put the good plates out this year. 

I never thought I would be saying such a thing about a basketball game. Spike Lee came in and changed the game. This is one major reason that 2K won. They're taking this to the next level. Last year story line was the oddest shit I have ever seen. At one point it started to repeat it's self and the acting was bad, Like really bad. 

Not this year. We got a true life Spike film. With us as the star. The only problem I found with this, is white people can't seem to get down with this one. Being that, your family in the story in black and they stay black no matter what color you are. You even have a sister. Twin sister. Awkward. The next problem being that you really don't get to make choices during the whole thing. This is not a spoiler, you will wish that you got to make a choice. At least two. SPIKE, let me please. When you play the game, you will understand that one. 

Other then that, you will find this to be the best basketball storyline that you have played and I know that next year will be better. Whomever they choice to bring in. The nickname they give you will also grow on you. 

This is the next game mode and last game mode I will talk about.  The rest of them have never been a issue for me and how you feel about them game modes is the same way you will feel about them now. Oh and myLeague is back to the 2k12 days.  You can do fantasy draft again. Nice. Maybe I'll do Building A Dynasty again.

Anyways. I had to do this for the post. I wanted to make sure that it was fixed and that 2K wasn't just stealing our money again. Well, they're not stealing money kinda and it's kinda better. I'll address the kinda later. 

If you was one of the people that love the cheese that was found in the game last year. You about to be mad as the hookers that can't find a John on a Friday night. 

They fixed it. They fixed it good. I played in about 10 games and people worked it. They went to do the cheese and it didn't work. You can't run back and fourth. You can't step back 10 yards and launch the three. You can do the behind the back cheese, but  you don't jump forward anymore. All that is patched. 

I played against people in the park that are already 88. Couple 88's each game. So it wasn't that at lower levels you can't cheese, At higher levels you can't cheese. I'm a 70 in-case you were wondering. I worked to that. Didn't buy VC. 

The Problems with 2k16.  (I agree with all statements)
The upgrade system for My career is honestly stupid. They started this grouping attributes in 2k15 and I have no idea why. People keep referring to earlier 2ks and how low of a overall we started but we were able to upgrade specific attributes. The fact that I cant make a spot shooter be just good a catch and shoots and not pull ups makes no sense. We used to be able to specialize our players, now we have to either be bad at everything or pretty good at everything. I just want to get my mid range up and speed. But I have to spend excess of 25000 vc on my balanced point guard just to get an average mid range, like wtf. We have to make noise about this or it will never be fixed. (via ac14m) 

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