Thursday, August 13, 2015

NBA LIVE 16 Pro-Am Reveal Trailer | The Summer Never Ends

I have never been this hype watching a trailer for a video game. This is amazing. NBA Live is stepping it up. I hope 2K is watching. Matter fact I hope that 2K is reading this. This is what we have been wanting for years (Pro-Am). This is what you took from us years ago (NBA 24/7 & the old courts). Now Live is stepping up. I love what I see and I'm pump for this demo. After playing in the 2K park today. I can really say that if Live doesn't have the cheese. Then Live is where you will find me. I'm done giving 2K my money. Only to be playing against people that cheat the system and 2K just sits back doing nothing. Why can 7'2 people play PG? You know what. I'm done asking LIVE I'm ready. 

Update: Chris Smoove with an interview. This gets me even more hype. Let's go

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