Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Burger King | The McWhopper Sandwich Proposal

In honor of Peace Day, September 21st, Burger King is calling for a ceasefire with McDonald’s. We’re inviting them to work with us to create the McWhopper, a combination of our respective signature sandwiches. If they say yes, this peace loving burger will be available for one day at a pop-up McWhopper shop in Atlanta, Georgia on Peace Day.

Visit to learn more about our proposal and about Peace One Day, an organization focused on campaigning to make Peace Day, an annual day of global unity. Get involved at

Big Mac is a registered trademark of McDonald’s Corporation, which has not authorized this usage nor accepted this proposal. All mentions of “McDonald’s” are references to McDonald’s Corporation. Whopper is a registered trademark of Burger King Corporation. All mentions of “Burger King” are references to Burger King Corporation. TM & © 2015 Burger King Corporation. All rights reserved.

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