Monday, August 31, 2015

Eight Hours And Running #BlackOps3

If you remember years ago, back in 2012. I made a blog post. 'I Will Never Buy A Call Of Duty Game Again I Think' . Reading back on that post, I was so mad. I touched on the topic that has hunted COD for years. Camping and bullshit. The bullets following you around the corner and the hit markers. So many hit markers. The game was getting bad and the players was getting worst. Sniping is at the start of what I thought was the highest of it back in 2012. I took a break (Black ops 2 was the last I played). I took a really long break. I had been playing COD since the first one. 

Back when you had to plug in your ethernet cable and pray that somebody was online too. The lobbies when be popping when COD 2 rolled around. Everybody would run free. It wasn't a K.D. Stats didn't save. Nobody cared about that jazz. 

Around the start of this year I came back. I missed the Zombies. My brother was still a player of COD so I used to just buy it for him. So this year I sat down and played again. I as you know, from this post, played Ghost.  That game was bullshit. Bullshit with the bold B.. 

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I gave COD another try, Ghost had problems that went beyond the players. Big ass maps. That makes the camping just spaced out. I played Advance Wafare. I liked it. I kinda liked it. It had one problem. It was too fast. I felt like I was Usain Bolt with a gun in my hand. I believe that Usain also can fly too. 

That was the only thing to me really. 

Now for why you here. 

 Call Of Duty needed this beta. For years people have been complaining about the game and stopped buying it in the huge amounts we used too. I know people (Counting myself) that has been playing Black Ops 2 and Black Ops for the last 5 years (BO) and BO2 for 3 years. Cause they hated the new ones. You know how many times that is of looking at the same thing? I know all of Black Ops maps like the back of my hands. Even after the around 3 year break. 

Call OF Duty had to give this to us. They had to show us that things are better this year and that Battle Field is fighting in the same ring now. That's the best way to bring change in business. The little game becomes an bigger game and the biggest game steps it up. 

Black Ops 3 did just that. They open the beta to the public and the public went wild. I have yet to see anybody hating hard on the game. It's smooth. The friend I was playing it with, Quit COD years ago. After playing this beta for close to two days non-stop. He per-ordered Black Ops 3. Call Of Duty is slowly getting the people back into it.

This game plays like Black Ops 2 and I rule just like it is too. I love the little top scorers at the end of the game they show. Pretty cool. I found myself filling up the Xbox social feed with me taking screen shoot after shoot. Sorry everybody.   My first person blood is back flowing and I'm ready to keep it. 

I was not ready for the running on the walls and I had the mind to hate it. I didn't really like Halo for the reason that the flying was too much. COD has the flying just right and the wall riding is beauty. I spent some time trying to get clips of me killing and wall running.  Either I'm not good at it or you can't do it. Killing another person while you both wall riding ends in you dying too. Seeing that you fall. Happen to me a couple times. I got this one by mistake while trying to get my own.

I'm enjoying this beta. I played for eight hours non-stop yesterday. I pulled away and pulled back in.  I forgot to eat all day. It was that good. 


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