Friday, August 28, 2015

Mc Donald's Said No

 If you remember earlier this week., Burger King issued a offer for peace. Peace for one day in the way of a super burger. This had the internet going crazy for the possible idea that this might actually happen. I know everybody have been thinking about putting the two together for years. I think I even seen this mention on ESPN. So it was about to be a pretty big moment in history. Something you would tell the grand kids about. I bet people would have traveled to Atlanta for this. 

In comes Mc Donald's. They said no. Steve the C.E.O said no. Now Mickey D's can say no if they wanted. I mean it is what it is. The way they said it was what got the internet hot. They wrote this so high and mighty no that you would think that Burger King said 'Fuck yo Momma and everybody that loves you".

It's not that deep man. They just want to make a burger with you. You said no and toss that "Can do something bigger to make a difference". It wasn't about making a different. It's just about a burger. 

What's that line from Power. The one that Ghost said "We aint making rockets, we slanging dope".  That's Burger King and Mickey D's. Y'all are slanging burgers . Average at best. You thinking too hard, Steve. You replied like Burger King killed your cousin in 94'.

To go even go more into this. You selling dollar burgers. You not using grade A meat and cheese. With the finest bread that is made fresh each morning. You know, the 10 dollar burgers from the fancy places. 

So chill out. You sound like an ass. This backfired  so fast for you. Look at the comments.  Hell, I always go to Mickey D's cause it's five minutes less of a drive from my house. I'm going to Burger King now. Cause lord y'all lame as hell. 

Again you can say no, just don't sound so high and mighty. 

Slanging burgers face ass.

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