Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trill Down South #DressLikeJavaris #WYWT

Summer is coming to an end and that only means one thing. Free to wear black again. I don't know about where you are. Here in Georgia it's hotter then the Devil's balls in the summer. So when Summer leaves it's always met with mix feels. Can't wait to stop cutting my grass in the heat that never gives up. Let's get a jump start on the Fall clothes.

Sanquon 'Trill". 
 First thing first is the shirt. I'm wearing the Sanquon 'Trill' shirt with a familiar face on it. This is one of my favorites when it comes to the shirts I had made. It gets people to stop and look. Well mostly all Sanquon shirts get people to look.It can be found here.

I can never find the picture of jeans without them being so skinny. So I will forever state this before all jean post. I don't wear skinny jeans. My nuts like to catch some air. I can't see how people put this on. I see how girls do. They have nothing down stairs. Anyways. Pair this shirt with some black jeans. I'm normally a ripped jeans wearer but something it's nice to switch it up.

Sometime you just got to have something on the wrist.Put some gold on to go with the grill. 

It's just something about this adidas sneaker. It's nice without being to nice. It's one of the sneakers where you have to look at it for awhile before you can decide if you like it. I looked for about 10 minutes before I thought it was good.  It's kinda like a space sneaker. Walking on the moon.

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