Friday, August 14, 2015

The Five adidas Sneakers You Need To Own #adidas

It's that time of year again. The family and friends code is live and it's great. You get 30% off your order on adidas. Naturally I have to point out the five sneakers you should get. What kinda friend would I be if I didn't. FRIENDS30 is the code. You're welcome. Ladies I got one on the list for y'all too.

Crazy 8's. 

The older people like myself, remember that Kobe used to be on adidas back when he started. We also know that this is the best sneaker that he put out while with the company. The worst was them space ships. What was up with that. 

I don't like the lighting on this one. It's a better looking sneaker in person. This for the players in the dirty south that is taking days off from pimping. That croc lining, reminding them of the days when they used to wear croc from head to toe. They're older now, so they wear it a little less. 

 Tubular Runner
I talked about this one the other day.  

X Lite TM
 I told you I had some fire for you ladies. This is the sneaker that makes it look like you work out often but also have a great feel for fashion. Wear them on your next trip to the store and have anybody looking. 

 Wings 2.0
This is for my readers with kids. I seen dudes in them and it just doesn't look good. Little too old and maybe they just couldn't pull them off. Anyways, this is great for the kids in your life. They like to be fresh too. 

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