Monday, August 24, 2015

Black Ink Crew Got Just Enough Ratchet For Me #BlackInkCrew

Do people still use that word? Ratchet. Doesn't matter. This show has enough to keep the word flowing. We all seen an episode of some reality Tv show. So you know how it goes. Starts off nice and it's people working to get to some kind of goal. That's the first five minutes. The next 40 in spent fighting and yelling, Yelling while fighting. I think I seen a commercial where the women was fighting, yelling and fixing her hair. That's skill if I ever seen some. That's just too much for me. Everybody loves a fight. 45 minutes of it is too much. 

Which brings me to the show with just enough ratchet for me. Black Ink Crew. I started watching this show thinking it would be like the black version of La Ink. I loved that show, It was based around tattooing and the stories behind the tattoo that the person was getting.  As the last season started to roll around. It started to become so drama filled. I wasn't happy to see it go. I also don't miss it. 

 Black Ink rushed to the drama faster then La Ink. I think it started in the middle of the first season. I kinda enjoy it. It's like watching the news and hearing about somebody stupid. Only this is weekly and video. With tattoos tossed in here and there.

The new season starts tonight at 9pm on VH1. If you want to check it out.   

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