Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Don't Know How To Feel About This Finale #PrettyLittleLiars #PLL

I'm writing this right after seeing it. So that the feeling can be fresh. I really don't know what I just watched. I normally have a great title. That above is Crystal and myself face after waiting five years. You know the drill. If you haven't watched yet. This is where I leave you. 

I have so many questions. Starting with this. 

Did CeCe get a sex change or is she just a girl now? I know it's not the biggest of the deals,  but I would like to know. It's kinda like they wanted us to guess. 

Also so while all this is going down, why she just didn't kill her father? He was the worst. It wasn't that CeCe was crazy. It was her dad wanting her to be.  Why was you not watching the child. She was a child as-well she didn't  know that you can't give a bath to a baby. You should have been watching. She already tried to tell you she was crying. 

Who killed Jessica? SO we're going to just let this be another mystery in the episode of answers.   It wasn't like she wasn't a main character . What happen and who did it. 

Mona is so thug life that she just forgot to mention that she killed Bethany. Also Bethany is a nut case. Just pushed the women all the way off and felt nothing about it. 

Why did Sara have to be Red Coat? That was stupid. I don't even have anything witty to add. My fingers wrote ass at first. Sara being Red Coat is ass. 

That explains why Ali Mom had two sets of girls clothes. I forgot what season that was. We have this thought going that Ali had a twin that they sent away. It was also a theory that Charles was Transgender. Our words to that was "That would be lazy"  she wouldn't do that.  

Another question. Why was Spencer covered in blood at the doll house. 

Why did Sara team up with A? 

I started with five questions and it turned into this massive question filled mess.

I'll end it with this: I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. I liked it. If the questions above get answered soon. Then okay, cool. This wasn't the last episode so I can live with this. Actually this would have made for a nice  end. Pissing all of us off. 

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