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Following the introduction of the adidas Tubular Invader Strap, we see another colorway of the high-top that pulls inspiration from the Three Stripe's vast archive. For this rendition, the model boasts a tonal grey suede upper and a striking pink midsole which gives off additional flair. Though the sneaker is currently sold out online, look to pick up a pair at select adidas accounts in the coming weeks.

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I haven't watched the B.E.T in about four years. Just wasn't something I was into. It's four years later and I'm ready to give B.E.T Awards another chance. Mostly for the Prince. Hopefully they do him right. It's going to be better then that shit at that thing whom name I shall not say. Anyways. Join us tonight on The Awkward Minority twitter as I live tweet the whole thing. 

I got the gifs ready to go. 

The Y-3 Qasa silhouette has been released in a bevy of colorways such as "Triple Black" and all-white with a few other honorable mentions. Adding more fuel to the fire, Y-3 is welcoming another monochromatic colorway to the model, "Vista Grey." Staying true to the model's makeup, you'll find a sock-like upper which is complemented by plastic eyestays for its lacing system. Yohji Yamamoto embossed branding can be found on the lateral side of the forefoot alongside Y-3 branding on the plastic heel tab.

The Y-3 Qasa High in "Vista Grey" is currently available at select retailers such as Aphrodite for approximately $370 USD.


”Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don't think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.”- Bill Cunningham.

R.I.P Bill

My favorite photo from him.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

 Mocked up in a simple but endearing "Oreo" colorway is ASICS's latest rework of its coveted GEL-Lyte III model. The cookie-inspired color scheme is available in two colorways. Both boast plush leather uppers yet the first sees black overhaul the tongue, heel vamp and eyestay, contrasted by white hits at the forefoot and outsole alongside a speckled midsole. For those adhering to a darker getup, an alternative colorway leading with the lower submerged in black provides a more somber alternative. Check out the color block renditions above and look for the release of the Oreo pack at select stores such as AFew for €135 EUR, approximately $153 USD.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on the 30 for 30 documentary 'OJ:Made In America', what not to do when arrows are flying (Game Of Thrones), R.Kelly's 'Trapped In The Closet' and the greatest saga of beef ever (Mr.Biggs vs R.Kelly). Enjoy.

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The picture we talk about based on the Game Of Thrones. (Season 6 Episode 9 "Battle of the Bastards")

R.Kelly's 'Trapped In The Closet'

The R.Kelly & Mr.Biggs Saga Is The Greatest Beef Ever


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After years of holding its breath, Cleveland can finally
breathe easy.
They always knew this day would come. They just didn’t
know when.
A curse broken.
A city can rejoice.
A city can rejoice.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Having recently released in an inoffensive “Solid Grey” colorway, the adidas Originals Tubular X has been redone in a clean White/Tan get-up for a decidedly summery look. Featuring pure white Primeknit construction on the upper, the sneaker provides some subtle visual interest with a tan suede X-shaped paneling embossed with the Trefoil logo. A duotone white and translucent tan Tubular sole finishes off the silhouette. Expected to drop sometime during fall, look for the adidas Originals Tubular X Primeknit White/Tan to hit retailers such as Inflammable.

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Pretty much. Get you one for the closet. Shop here.

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Okay, let me go ahead and say this. You gonna need some big balls with a side of not giving a fuck to pull this one off. I talk about Jodeci on the last episode of The Awkward Minority. About how they were an R&B group but thanks to Puff Daddy, they had this edgy rapper look to them. Like they can sing to your girl and kick yo ass if you had an problem with it. 

That got me to thinking. I wanted to put together a look that you would see Jodeci wearing. This one is a little wild, so the full outfit had to be wore for you to see the greatness that it is. Don't worry Peta, it's Faux leather. The meat on the table at night is real tho. O.o. I really don't know why I just took that shot at Peta. Welp. Like always, everything can be found at Top Man. Click the banner  below.

 Topman US

 AAA Black Faux Leather Short Dungarees

This might actually be the most 90's thing ever. Overalls.  It's kinda like you been this farm boy all your life and now you moved to the city but want to keep the country in you. I really didn't like overalls when I was younger. I was one of the ones to flip the straps out. Drove my mom crazy. I don't want to wear this during the day. It's Faux but it will still get hot. 

Shoutout to Top Man. They have the three pack for the price of one. So if you was to wear this during the day, you can keep the backup in the car. Incase you sweat too hard. Listen, don't wear this during the day. I don't want you to pass out. 

 Black socks, I really don't need to say too much about this do I? Okay. 

Vans x Nintendo

You don't understand. Since the first time that I seen the preview for the Nintendo Vans. I have been waiting to wear them and wear them early. I didn't think that this would be the look but it just rolls so great with it. It's the little bit but the just enough at the same time. 

Playing off the black socks and breaking the rules, this is the sneaker to complete the look. 

This is all you will need for this look. No bracelets, the rings, no hats. God, no hats. Keep it clean.  

All the clothes can be found at Top Man, click the banner below. 

 Topman New Items this Week

The sneakers can be found at Vans. Click the banner below. 

  Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Tag team, back again. Looks like Sprite is ready to bring back the hip hop to the green can. If you remember last year, I was able to collect them all. It was fairly easy. I hope this year will be the same. This year, they have called upon two legends and a legend in the making. Tupac, Missy Elliot and J.Cole will be proving the 16's this summer. They should have went with Drake again and called it "Summer 16". Anyways. The special edition cans will highlight 16 influential lyrics from each of the three rappers. Just like last year, I wanna see your favorite cans. So make sure to follow me on Twitter and IG

The campaign will begin on June 20 up until August 15.


First, off. Happy birthday. What did you think I was about to say? This movie looks great and really gave me chills. The hair on the back of my neck started to stand up as it went on. I started to get nervous. They wasn't showing his face. I was worried about this till the end. I was hopping they didn't fuck this up. You can't drop the ball. The moment came. They showed his face. Good lord, this man looks just like Pac. This is about to be amazing and as somebody who have seen Tupac when he was alive. I can tell you that we probably  going to forget that he's not the real Pac. Maybe they just slipped him into the movie. Since he's really not dead.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


 I can't lie. I have really been enjoying myself during this 30 for 30. I have been live tweeting since part one and that will keep going tonight. So make sure that you have been following (@MinorityAwkward) on Twitter to join me on the action. Below are all the TV times for the series. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2016


HBO has some pretty, pretty, pretty good news for fans: Curb Your Enthusiasm — Larry David’s meta-sitcom about life’s endless annoyances — is officially returning for the long-rumored 9th season.

The Emmy®- and Golden Globe-winning comedy series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, starring Larry David, will return to HBO for its ninth season, it was announced today by Casey Bloys, president, HBO programming. Details of the new season will be announced as they are confirmed.

“We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of CURB and can’t wait to see what he has planned,” said Bloys.

Asked why he decided to come back, David said, “In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’”

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM stars “Seinfeld” co-creator David as an over-the-top version of himself in an unsparing but tongue-in-cheek depiction of his life. With 80 episodes to date, the show is HBO’s longest-running scripted comedy or drama series. David also starred in and co-wrote the 2013 HBO Films presentation “Clear History.”

Monday, June 13, 2016


This was one of the shows that I truly loved. I remember being so damn mad when they canceled it. I ran thorough the numbers live on air (Radio at the time) and it wasn't any dips. Not one from season to season. It's no reason that Ugly Betty shouldn't be still on or had a longer run then the four years it got. 

Let me stop, getting mad again.  

Anyways, thank you to EW for posting the full panel.  It's only nine minutes  in and I have already heard things I didn't know. That would have been odd with Ana Ortiz playing Betty, I just can't see it. Maybe it's the height. The thing about Vanessa Williams having a different assistance each episode would have been hilarious. Glad y'all didn't do it, we love Michael Urie.  

This got me to thinking, I'm probably going to do a favorite episodes post.  To go along with the My Favorite Things post from 2009.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on the passing of Kimbo Slice, the possibility of us winning a Grammy, the global impact of the unapologetically black Muhammad Ali outside of the boxing ring, the hamster wheel called life and how to tell your roommate, she nasty (Awkward Mail). Peta also might hate us after this one. Enjoy. 

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I talked about it on the podcast. Now y'all will get to see it. Greatest 30 for 30. I will also be live tweeting during all five parts. I just can't get enough of this case. As I type this, I'm watching The People vs O.J. Simpson. It's something about the craziness of this all that just makes you stop and look. Even if you have already seen it all and read it all. This shall be fun. 


Friday, June 10, 2016


The saying always goes 'Some day's you just feel like killing your boss". Well, I have never had that feeling before. Since I have always been my own boss. So If I was to kill me, that means that I couldn't eat tacos anymore, since, I'm dead. Yeah, I'm not feeling that at all. 

This is what 'Horrible Bosses' is all about. Wanting to kill the boss that you hate. It's kinda like "Strangers on a Train". Only these three fucks know each other. It's also only two people in SOTT . That's a pretty great movie. Hey Hitchcock. 

This movie is too funny. I don't know if it's Charlie Day voice or the fact that Jennifer Aniston plays, this women that has to be the most freakiest women alive. She likes getting pissed on. I lost it, I died laughing. She also doesn't mind some shit. It's the way she says this stuff. Like how was you able to say some of the lines. Poor Charlie, the whole movie she is throwing it at him. Literally at one point. She wanted him bad.

The best and I'm not spoiling the movie for people that haven't seen it but Jamie Foxx steals the show. First off, his name in the movie is 'Motherfucker Jones" and you have to watch the movie to find out how he got the name. He also gives the worst advice. The worst. 

Watch the trailer for the first one and we can talk about Horrible Bosses 2. Yes, it's a 2. 


So with Horrible Bosses 2 comes a new set of problems. Let's take a moment to say "Nick Kurt Dale" out loud. You heard that? Yeah.

Nick Hendricks, Dale Arbus, and Kurt Buckman decide to start their own business after tiring of working for ungrateful bosses. Their idea is a car-wash-inspired shower head called the "Shower Buddy". They have trouble finding investors until they are approached by Bert Hanson and his son Rex. To say that this is where things get wild would be lying. This movie got wild in the opening minutes. The group therapy meeting had me crying. I was laughing so hard. 

I can't wait for Horrible Bosses 3.You know they making a three. 

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on the passing of Kimbo Slice, the possibility of us winning a Grammy, the global impact of the unapologetically black Muhammad Ali outside of the boxing ring, the hamster wheel called life and how to tell your roommate, she nasty (Awkward Mail). Peta also might hate us after this one. Enjoy. 

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I'm a sucka for gold sneakers. I must have been a pimp in my last life. With the 2016 Wimbledon championships around the corner, Nike is gearing up for the Grand Slam tournament with another tribute retro sneaker. The brand’s Air Tech Challenge III model goes for gold with a striking Metallic Gold/Metallic Gold-Ivory colorway that details the shoe with the metallic hue allover, plus a white midsole flecked with gold speckling. The brand also brings back the vintage tennis ball logo as a standout detail on the heel that illuminates in the dark.

Watch for the Nike Air Tech Challenge III “Wimbledon” to release just before the tennis tournament kicks off June 27.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Okay, this might be the greatest thing ever. I'm not one to go to concerts anymore. I think six years of Warped Tour have beat me to the high heavens. This lineup is what I need to move my feet to the tune of being around hella sweaty people again. It's hot in Georgia, if you didn't know. 
At first glance of this, I didn't see the Queen Erykah Badu. Maybe cause I was too busy looking at the Dungeon Family line up. Where 3 stacks? Maybe he's the special guest?  I don't know nothing but I hope that's true. 

I hope that Ice Cube brings this dirty playlist to the Dirty South. We want that. 

Who are y'all ready to see the most? Leave me know in the comment section. You can buy tickets here

Hey, this is a day after my birthday.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

The summer brings out the time to be free with your look. Something about the misty of the heat that brings out the opening of more colors. Can't really try too much when it's winter and you too cold too think. Unless you live here in  Georgia. Then you can't make up your mind cause mother nature can't make up hers. I heard she on birth control. 

Anyways. Back to the look. This is my Farmers Market look. It's happy and free. Screams out I'm about to get me some fresh fruit and boiled peanuts. Salted boiled peanuts. This is what I will be wearing Saturday. 

I'm happy that the floral print overkill is dying. Now I can bring some of mine back out. Just enough for it to be easy on the eyes while also looking like you need to touch it to see if it feels soft. Look but don't touch. Think twice. (Sidenote: I love this Jay-Z song)

 I shall not tell a lie. I will not. I am one of the people that wears shorts with long shirts. My mother hated it when I was younger. It has nothing to do with being cold or hot. Which can be the case most of the time, your body can stay warm as long as you keep the upper body heated. So it is something to the long shirt, shorts wearing. I will be quick to wear a hoodie with some cargo's. It's just what I do. I do it for the way that it looks. It feels casual while being mildly wild. Like a mullet. The mullet of fashion: Long shirt and shorts. Only thing looks way better. WAY. 

For the people that would like to just wear pants, that's cool too. 

Now this is the part that would drive my mother off the wall. She always had to have something to say. If she reading this, she probably about to text me about it right now. I'm rolling my sleeves up with this look. Yup, I said it. 

Now if you would like to know the right way to do it, here's the chart. Share it to save a life. 

No need to be out here looking like you just worked a double. I'm rolling mine up so that I can put something on my wrist, I can't leave them naked. Ever. 

 Right now I'm leaning to the darker ones. Just something for the wrist. I don't really want it to shine. I want it to just be there. This will get the job done. 
 I told y'all that I was going to start to give the all white sneakers a try. Well, here I am giving it a another run. Is "Damn Daniel" still a thing? Anyways. I always feel that the boat shoes are a good look with the button up. Seems like the only time I can wear some without looking crazy. 

So that's my look for this weekend. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you will be wearing. All clothes can be found at Top Man (click the banner below). I have also listed the names of everything to better help you find the selection.  The sneakers can be found at Vans (Click the banner).

 Shirt: N1SQ Navy Floral Print Longline Shirt
Shorts: Mustard Stretch Skinny Chino
Bands: Mixed Metal Stretch Bracelet

 Sneakers: Vans Chauffeur SF

  Topman US

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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