Sunday, June 5, 2016

Look But Don't Touch #DressLikeJavaris

The summer brings out the time to be free with your look. Something about the misty of the heat that brings out the opening of more colors. Can't really try too much when it's winter and you too cold too think. Unless you live here in  Georgia. Then you can't make up your mind cause mother nature can't make up hers. I heard she on birth control. 

Anyways. Back to the look. This is my Farmers Market look. It's happy and free. Screams out I'm about to get me some fresh fruit and boiled peanuts. Salted boiled peanuts. This is what I will be wearing Saturday. 

I'm happy that the floral print overkill is dying. Now I can bring some of mine back out. Just enough for it to be easy on the eyes while also looking like you need to touch it to see if it feels soft. Look but don't touch. Think twice. (Sidenote: I love this Jay-Z song)

 I shall not tell a lie. I will not. I am one of the people that wears shorts with long shirts. My mother hated it when I was younger. It has nothing to do with being cold or hot. Which can be the case most of the time, your body can stay warm as long as you keep the upper body heated. So it is something to the long shirt, shorts wearing. I will be quick to wear a hoodie with some cargo's. It's just what I do. I do it for the way that it looks. It feels casual while being mildly wild. Like a mullet. The mullet of fashion: Long shirt and shorts. Only thing looks way better. WAY. 

For the people that would like to just wear pants, that's cool too. 

Now this is the part that would drive my mother off the wall. She always had to have something to say. If she reading this, she probably about to text me about it right now. I'm rolling my sleeves up with this look. Yup, I said it. 

Now if you would like to know the right way to do it, here's the chart. Share it to save a life. 

No need to be out here looking like you just worked a double. I'm rolling mine up so that I can put something on my wrist, I can't leave them naked. Ever. 

 Right now I'm leaning to the darker ones. Just something for the wrist. I don't really want it to shine. I want it to just be there. This will get the job done. 
 I told y'all that I was going to start to give the all white sneakers a try. Well, here I am giving it a another run. Is "Damn Daniel" still a thing? Anyways. I always feel that the boat shoes are a good look with the button up. Seems like the only time I can wear some without looking crazy. 

So that's my look for this weekend. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you will be wearing. All clothes can be found at Top Man (click the banner below). I have also listed the names of everything to better help you find the selection.  The sneakers can be found at Vans (Click the banner).

 Shirt: N1SQ Navy Floral Print Longline Shirt
Shorts: Mustard Stretch Skinny Chino
Bands: Mixed Metal Stretch Bracelet

 Sneakers: Vans Chauffeur SF

  Topman US

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

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