Monday, June 6, 2016

Dungeon Family To Reunite At Atlanta's ONE Musicfest

Okay, this might be the greatest thing ever. I'm not one to go to concerts anymore. I think six years of Warped Tour have beat me to the high heavens. This lineup is what I need to move my feet to the tune of being around hella sweaty people again. It's hot in Georgia, if you didn't know. 
At first glance of this, I didn't see the Queen Erykah Badu. Maybe cause I was too busy looking at the Dungeon Family line up. Where 3 stacks? Maybe he's the special guest?  I don't know nothing but I hope that's true. 

I hope that Ice Cube brings this dirty playlist to the Dirty South. We want that. 

Who are y'all ready to see the most? Leave me know in the comment section. You can buy tickets here

Hey, this is a day after my birthday.


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