Monday, June 13, 2016

Ugly Betty Reunion Panel

This was one of the shows that I truly loved. I remember being so damn mad when they canceled it. I ran thorough the numbers live on air (Radio at the time) and it wasn't any dips. Not one from season to season. It's no reason that Ugly Betty shouldn't be still on or had a longer run then the four years it got. 

Let me stop, getting mad again.  

Anyways, thank you to EW for posting the full panel.  It's only nine minutes  in and I have already heard things I didn't know. That would have been odd with Ana Ortiz playing Betty, I just can't see it. Maybe it's the height. The thing about Vanessa Williams having a different assistance each episode would have been hilarious. Glad y'all didn't do it, we love Michael Urie.  

This got me to thinking, I'm probably going to do a favorite episodes post.  To go along with the My Favorite Things post from 2009.

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