Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Blue Collar Holla #DressLikeJavaris

Nothing gets people talking more than when you say you hate something. In a blog post about two weeks ago. I talked about how I really don't like white sneakers but was coming around to them. You would think I slapped somebody mom the way my inbox blew up. Well, hot damn. Anyways. I also got a couple emails asking about what I would wear with white sneakers. So I put together a look. 

Bleach Wash Denim Western Long Sleeve Casual Shirt
Pictured above. When it comes to the white sneaker for me, it's about the setup. I can't wear too many colors. I have to keep it in the pocket for me to feel like wearing them. This blue bleach washed shirt does just that. 

Gold Look Square Collar Tips
One reason why I love the bleach washed shirt is because of all the other things I can do with the rest of the look. One being, the collar tips. I can't really do this with too much. Maybe a couple suits but never something for the weekend. I can flawlessly add this with this look. 


It won't be me if I didn't get a little funky. I wouldn't wear the shades long since I would be wearing the tips. Just long enough to keep the sun out my face? Better yet, use this as one of the options. You can rock the shades or you can do the tips.

Blue Jeans
When it comes to wearing anything that's blue in my shirt, I always want to make sure that the pants are not even around the same blue. Since the blues won't be the same shade and then you just look like your trying so hard to match the clothes. Since the shirt is lighter blue, we go with a deeper blue.  


Air Max 90 

Everything looks great with the gum sole. I don't own the all white Air Max so this is the one I'm going with, since it's the ones I own. Anyways. It goes so well with the rest of the look. 
 You look like you about to take your grandma to lunch. Looking like a nice guy. Because you are a nice guy.  Be a nice guy. 

You should be go to go now. Just make sure to put gas in the car. All the looks can be found at Topman (Click the banner below). The sneakers can be found at Footaction (Click Here) 

 Topman US

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