Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekend Love #DressLikeJavaris

Anybody else starts to think about what they will be wearing on the weekend during the week days? Like around, Thursday. That's when I start to get to think about what I need to wear on that Saturday. Cause me, I would be taking about 30 minutes and still not be too sure about what I'm wearing. I change clothes too much. Guess it's cause I design them. 

Well, this weekend I actually had it on point this time. I was thinking since Thursday. I started with the Sanquon 'Pure Elegance' .  I was really feeling red since the last time I wore red. My favorite color is Navy Blue. I don't know why I own so much red. 

 I know y'all was thinking I was about to get fancy with the jeans. Nah. Maybe thought it would be the sweats, since I'm sweating the winter. Well, it's getting hot in GA and you can't really wear the sweat pants to fight this summer heat. That won't really mix. I'll find a creative way for us to not have to be so jean heavy this summer. 

Anyways, I went with the all black jeans. Keeping it clean cut. 

Normally, I would go with the grey sneaker for this type of look. My motto is to always add a color that's not in the mix.  So the grey is what I would go with. Not this weekend tho. Let's be ruthless with the red. Matching this black with the black jeans is one killer look. Like it's a uniform on the football field on Sunday's. 
 That's one ahead and close it out with some more black. I mean why not? I was thinking the silver but might as well just go all in for this one. I always have to have something on the wrist or I feel so naked. 

Well, This is my weeked look. Leave what you will be wearing in the comment section or Tweet/Instagram me. 

The Sanquon Shirt can be found here. The Jeans and band can be found here ---> (Up to 50% Off Selected Lines - Valid 4/26 - 5/3). Sneakers here

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