Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Orange Juice In The Smoothie #Foodie

I been making the same smoothie for years. Since high school I have did it one way.  It's no special recipe. Just milk, three strawberries and little bit of sugar and ice. I actually added to the recipe as it went on. Tried adding puddling and taking out the sugar. I stopped that and went with adding Banana's. That seen to be great. Lately, I have for the life of me been forgetting the ice. Totally forgetting.  I have to say that it tastes great. Now I never add the ice.  The ice and I have broken up. Peace, it was a nice run. 

I'm ready to try something different. I love Naked juice. I  was reading the side of the bottle and seen that it has Orange juice in it. The Strawberry and Banana ones. By I was reading the side of the bottle, this was years ago. I'm lazy when trying new. Anyways. How do it taste to take out the milk and add the Orange juice? If this is something you do, let me know in the comments section. I will be making a post when I try it.

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