Monday, April 4, 2016

Weediquette Is Must See TV #ViceLand

The truest definition of a great TV show is if you get a person that doesn't care about the subject and find them merged deeply into the plot of the show. That's me as I currently watch Vice Land 'Weediquette'. I have never smoked weed but this in-depth look at the world of laws (one man in jail till 2023 because of two joints) that surround this plant and the ways it's used to get people lifted and often medicated.  Exploring the channels in which  people seek to be free if only for a couple hours or merely a moment away from the pain of cancer,  PTSD, etc..  Fun fact, it will cost you 728 dollars and 53 cent to have your very own grow house. The legalization of marijuana is extraordinary but the great length to which one must go to even be able to obtain it in a legal state is flabbergasting.  When you get a chance, check out the show 'Weediquette' on Vice Land.The first episode can be seen above.

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