Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Betty Red In The Winter #DressLikeJavaris

Have I ever mention the hate that I have for the winter? Like why are you here each year and always coming with this same song and dance. This year you played with us. Guess you were too busy getting dressed. Made us think that you wouldn't be coming. Had us dancing and tweeting. Only to show up drunk a month later. I hate you and here we are. 

This is my hating the winter look

Sanquon 'Nurse Betty" 

Let's start with the shirt.  I have been watching that Showtime show 'Nurse Jackie' lately. It made me remember that I made this shirt and I need to wear it more often. The older I get the more I design and the heavier the rotation becomes. 

 Grey stretch 
 I feel like keeping this grey going. I'm never one to match the jeans and shirt and I want to switch this up. Maybe from all the color rush the NFL been doing. But I'm keeping the pants the same color as the shirt.

 Black Textured Wool Bomber
Since the cold wants to keep coming. I guess we have to put a coat on. I have been in love with the bombers. The light feel gives you the heat you need while not having to walk around with the heaviest of most jackets. Since I went grey on grey with the shirt and pants, changing the color feels like the way to go. This look feels clean. I never wear my jackets all the way zipped up. I let it hang. I didn't want to get too crazy with the jacket. It's there without being in the way as far as the look goes.

One thing I wanted y'all to see is that the bomber fits great on the body. It has the perfect hang and the button at the bottom is a nice touch. The more I look at it the more I might say to give the turtle neck a try. Wearing it under the Sanquon shirt or simply as shown in the picture above. 

Talking about the NFL color rush, how about the Vans with the old school color block?  If it's one thing I have a lot of, it's red sneakers. No, I'm not in a gang. I just like the way the color looks. Which is funny since royal blue is my favorite color and I have no blue sneakers. This red sets off on the grey and black scale that this look is made off. Being the hit of pop that the Sanquon shirt also shares, red. 

Enjoy this look and be sure to send me pictures of you rocking it. Click the Vans banner below to get the sneakers. The shirt is from my store, Sanquon so click here for the shirt and click the Top Man banner that's also below for the jacket and pants. 

Vans,a Division of VF Outdoor, Inc.

Topman US

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