Friday, January 8, 2016

You Better Put A Coat On Boy #DressLikeJavaris

That was the words of my mother when I was younger. "You better put a coat on, boy. While you thinking you look good". That's what she would always say. It was like a broken record.I hated to hear the words as I tried to sneak out the house without been seen. I was too fresh to be wearing some coat that would cover up my brand new clothes.

Anyways. This winter has been so nice to us. Global warning is no laughing matter but, man it's been nice to us. For now. It was an nice run and have come to an end as January  has arrived to remind us who's boss.  As a person that hates coat I put together some that I wouldn't mind putting on. As always. Dress Like Javaris is sponsored by Topman and you can but everything listed by clicking the banner below.

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Black Suede Biker Jacket. 
Michael Jackson, triller. For some reason, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I seen this jacket. Shoutout to Lil Debbie, she the real star of that video. Anyways. From time to time I like to feel like I'm in a rock band. This jacket helps. It's suede, it's black and have lots of zippers. Not too many. Just enough. Put this one with Sanquon's 'Steady Mobbing" and feel like a real badass. 

Selected Home Navy Jacket
This is a everyday jacket. It moves from the day to the night to the day again, flawlessly. See what I did there? *Wink, Wink*

Rvlt Navy Short Down Jacket
Somebody told me that it gets really cold in the winter up north. I 'm never one to try and find out. I'll keep this weather down here. Snow is cool when you young. I don't have time to be shoveling the driveway. This one time it snowed so hard in Georgia that the driveway was covered. Not with regular snow. It was a heavy mix of ice. Winter wonderland my ass. After being trapped in the house for two days I was out fighting to clear the path for the car. I almost killed myself. My driveway is on a hill. I could have used this jacket that day.  

Peter Werth Grey Coat
This coat is named after Peter. Peter is apart of the PTA and likes to take his kids for Ice cream after dinner and for walks in the park after the Ice cream. He helps the kids with the homework while his wife cooks the dinner, as smooth jazz plays in the background. He loves his wife and tells her she's the sexy mom on the block. Dad jokes. But this dad is not like all the other dads. He's the dad with style. Cause he got this coat.

As stated above. All coat are available by clicking the banner. 

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