Monday, October 5, 2015

Sweat The Winter #DressLikeJavaris

As I write this, Footlocker x Foot action x Champs x Eastbay are all down.  The sites are not working, they all owned by Foot Locker btw. Well the people that own Foot Locker. Fun Fact. As I also write this, Footlocker answers the question

I had to stop writing this post that night, because I couldn't get the photos. Anyways. You know what sucks about being short? Around the only thing that really truly sucks. Clothes are never made for you. When it comes to jeans. They're all too big. ALL. Too long. 

You can never wear sneakers like you want to. The hang is just all off at most times. Either too long or too short. You swimming or you dragging. That's the two options.

So this winter, I'm sweating at all times. Unless I have to go to something really fancy. 

 Under Armour Rival Cotton Novelty Joggers 
My favorite pair of shorts is my camo ones.  Not cause I'm into the army or anything like that. Because I just like the look. So I need to pick up a pair from UA. They have been doing pretty good work as of late. They really are taking a run at Nike. 

Nike AW77 FT Shoebox Cuff Joggers 

They say that women always need to have a little black dress. I say that men always need to have a black suit and gray one as well. You never know when you need it. You might need to go to a wedding, dinner, met somebody parents. You never know, stay ready. Oh and gray suit pants are always nice as well. 

 Southpole Marl Cuff Fleece Joggers 
Who knew that Southpole was still making stuff? Who knew they would make something I would actually like. I'm feeling this two color style. 

 I made a post awhile back  'I Guess We Wearing Joggers This Weekend'. If you would like some more great joggers choices. So you too can sweat the winter. 

  Topman US

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