Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free Tickets To The Advance Screening Of Creed

It's been awhile since we gave out some free tickets. I'm sorry. I would give y'all flowers but you can't really put that thru the screen. So just put one hand in the air. Take the other and clap. Hi Five. From me to you. 

What's great about this ticket give away is not only the movie but the actor. Michael B. Jordan. This my guy. I don't know him or anything but, you know. I was mad as hell when he died on The Wire. Still mad thinking about it. he was just wanting to be free. Free muthafucker. The game is the game, I guess. He also was one of the stars on Friday Night Lights, in the later seasons. I love that show to death. We won't get into that. 

He has also started in two of the most underrated movies in a long time, Chronicle and Fruitvale Station (R.I.P Oscar Grant)

He's been in loads of stuff, just to list a few. Oh and some guy named Sylvester Stallone (That's a joke I know who he is) is in this one.

Anyways, click this link and enjoy the free tickets. I hope some still left in your town. 

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